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    Education in Colonial America
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    Education in Colonial America

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If you're struggling to understand the foundations of education material covered in class, use this flexible review course to catch up. Study at your own pace with our bite-sized but informative lessons so you can get a better grade, ace quizzes and exams and complete homework assignments with ease.
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12 chapters in Foundations of Education: Help and Review

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Ch 1. History of Education in the United States: Help and Review {{cp.topicAssetIdToProgress[27044].percentComplete}}% complete
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Lesson 1 - Education in Colonial America  Take Quiz
 Take Quiz
Lesson 2 - The Law of 1642, the Old Deluder Satan Act, & U.S. Public Education  Take Quiz
Lesson 3 - Normal Schools in America: Role in Teacher Preparation  Take Quiz
Lesson 4 - Religious Foundations of Schools in Colonial Times  Take Quiz
Lesson 5 - The 14th Amendment's Impact on Education  Take Quiz
Lesson 6 - The Freedmen's Bureau's Impact on Education  Take Quiz
Lesson 7 - Education During the Progressive Era: Reform & Growth of Urban Education  Take Quiz
Lesson 8 - The Impact of Jim Crow Laws on Education  Take Quiz
Lesson 9 - The History and Impact of School Desegregation  Take Quiz
Lesson 10 - The Space Race's Impact on Math & Science Education in the U.S.  Take Quiz
Lesson 11 - Modern U.S. Public Schools: Kindergarten to High School  Take Quiz
Lesson 12 - Accountability & Standardized Testing in Education in the 21st Century  Take Quiz
Lesson 13 - Facilitator of Learning: Definition & Concept  Take Quiz
Lesson 14 - History of Technology in the Classroom  Take Quiz
Lesson 15 - Maria Montessori: Theory, Method & Quotes  Take Quiz
Lesson 16 - Pledge of Allegiance in School  Take Quiz
Lesson 17 - Pledge of Allegiance: History and Meaning  Take Quiz
Lesson 18 - The History of Technology in Education  Take Quiz
Lesson 19 - What is Cursive Writing? - Definition, History & Types  Take Quiz
Lesson 20 - What Is Academia? - Definition & Overview  Take Quiz
Lesson 21 - IDEA: Parts A, B, C & D  Take Quiz
Lesson 22 - What Is Distance Education? - Definition & History  Take Quiz
Lesson 23 - The History of Bilingual Education  Take Quiz
Lesson 24 - School Leaving Age in Britain History  Take Quiz
Lesson 25 - What is Post-Secondary Education?  Take Quiz
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Lesson 1 - Philosophy of Discipline in the Classroom  Take Quiz
Lesson 2 - Behaviorism: Overview & Practical Teaching Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 3 - Constructivism: Overview & Practical Teaching Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 4 - Critical Theory: Overview & Practical Teaching Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 5 - Humanism: Overview & Practical Teaching Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 6 - Information Processing Theory: Overview & Practical Teaching Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 7 - Jeffersonianism: Overview & Practical Teaching Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 8 - Pragmatism: Overview & Practical Teaching Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 9 - Perennialism: Overview & Practical Teaching Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 10 - Progressivism: Overview & Practical Teaching Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 11 - Realism: Overview & Practical Teaching Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 12 - Connectionism: Overview & Practical Teaching Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 13 - Classroom Norms: Setting Expectations with Students  Take Quiz
Lesson 14 - Co-Teaching: Benefits & Strategies  Take Quiz
Lesson 15 - Graphic Organizer: Definition, Types & Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 16 - Operant Conditioning in the Classroom: Definition and Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 17 - Positive Classroom Management Strategies  Take Quiz
Lesson 18 - Preschool Classroom Management Strategies  Take Quiz
Lesson 19 - Promoting Community Involvement in Schools  Take Quiz
Lesson 20 - Research on Technology in the Classroom  Take Quiz
Lesson 21 - Student Achievement: Definition, Factors & Research  Take Quiz
Lesson 22 - The Importance of Technology in the Classroom  Take Quiz
Lesson 23 - Tips for Teaching Respect  Take Quiz
Lesson 24 - What are Learning Styles? - Types & Concept  Take Quiz
Lesson 25 - What Is Collaborative Learning? - Benefits, Theory & Definition  Take Quiz
Lesson 26 - Socioeconomic Status & Education: Statistics & Impact  Take Quiz
Lesson 27 - Whole Brain Teaching: Rules & Strategies  Take Quiz
Lesson 28 - What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?  Take Quiz
Lesson 29 - Educating the Whole Child: Approach & Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 30 - Evidence-Based Practice in Education  Take Quiz
Lesson 31 - What Is Lifelong Learning? - Definition & Benefits  Take Quiz
Lesson 32 - Gregorc Learning Styles  Take Quiz
Lesson 33 - Teachers' Beliefs & Differentiated Instruction  Take Quiz
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Lesson 1 - A Nation At Risk: Summary & Effects on Education  Take Quiz
Lesson 2 - Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas: Definition, Decision & Significance  Take Quiz
Lesson 3 - Education for All Handicapped Children Act: Summary & Impact  Take Quiz
Lesson 4 - Goals 2000: Summary & End  Take Quiz
Lesson 5 - IDEA: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act - History and Summary  Take Quiz
Lesson 6 - Morrill Land-Grant Acts: Impact on the Growth of Colleges & Universities  Take Quiz
Lesson 7 - No Child Left Behind: Summary, Pros & Cons  Take Quiz
Lesson 8 - Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District: Impact on Free Speech in Schools  Take Quiz
Lesson 9 - Title IX & Gender Equity: Definition & Facts  Take Quiz
Lesson 10 - The Bilingual Education Act of 1968: Creation & 1974 Expansion  Take Quiz
Lesson 11 - Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) Court Cases  Take Quiz
Lesson 12 - History of No Child Left Behind  Take Quiz
Lesson 13 - No Child Left Behind & Special Education  Take Quiz
Lesson 14 - No Child Left Behind: Facts, Results & Effects  Take Quiz
Lesson 15 - No Child Left Behind vs. Race to the Top  Take Quiz
Lesson 16 - Least Restrictive Environment Court Cases  Take Quiz
Lesson 17 - FERPA for Teachers: Laws & Guidelines  Take Quiz
Lesson 18 - Teacher Contract Negotiation Strategies  Take Quiz
Lesson 19 - Teachers' Rights in the Classroom  Take Quiz
Lesson 20 - What is a Probationary Teacher?  Take Quiz
Lesson 21 - Legal Responsibilities of Teachers  Take Quiz
Lesson 22 - Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP): Definition & Status  Take Quiz
Lesson 23 - Education Reform Movements in America: Definition & Leaders  Take Quiz
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Week {{::cp.getGoalWeekForTopic(6, 12)}}
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Lesson 1 - Individualized Education Plan (IEP): Function, Purpose & Guidelines  Take Quiz
Lesson 2 - What Are Section 504 Regulations & Accommodations in Public Schools?  Take Quiz
Lesson 3 - How Students Qualify for Special Education Services  Take Quiz
Lesson 4 - Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT): Theory, Research & Strategies  Take Quiz
Lesson 5 - What Is Response to Intervention (RTI)? - Tiers & Strategies  Take Quiz
Lesson 6 - Improving Gender Equality in Education  Take Quiz
Lesson 7 - Classroom Accommodations for ADHD: Examples & Concept  Take Quiz
Lesson 8 - Current Trends in Special Education  Take Quiz
Lesson 9 - Empowering Students with Technology  Take Quiz
Lesson 10 - Jigsaw Activities: Examples & Classroom Applications  Take Quiz
Lesson 11 - Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) in Special Education: Definition & Law  Take Quiz
Lesson 12 - Strategies for Scaffolding Reading Instruction  Take Quiz
Lesson 13 - Strategies for Teaching ELL Students  Take Quiz
Lesson 14 - What are Cognitive Disabilities? - Definition, Types & Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 15 - How to Write a Social Story: Examples & Ideas  Take Quiz
Lesson 16 - Teaching Diversity in the Classroom  Take Quiz
Lesson 17 - Teaching Students with Special Needs in Inclusive Settings  Take Quiz
Lesson 18 - Teaching Young Children in Multicultural Classrooms  Take Quiz
Lesson 19 - What is Blended Learning? - Definition & Models  Take Quiz
Lesson 20 - Inclusive Classroom: Definition, Strategies & Environment  Take Quiz
Lesson 21 - Rehabilitation Act Section 504: Accommodations & Regulations  Take Quiz
Lesson 22 - Group Activities for Kids with Autism  Take Quiz
Lesson 23 - Transitional Bilingual Education Programs: Pros & Cons  Take Quiz
Lesson 24 - What is Bilingual Special Education?  Take Quiz
Lesson 25 - Models of Bilingual Education Programs  Take Quiz
Lesson 26 - Evidence-Based Practice in Special Education  Take Quiz
Lesson 27 - IEP Mediation for Resolving Disputes  Take Quiz
Lesson 28 - ADA & Private Schools  Take Quiz
Lesson 29 - Differentiated Instructional Strategies for Social Studies  Take Quiz

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