French Revolution Study Guide

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This French Revolution Study Guide course is the simplest way to master the French Revolution. Use video lessons and interactive quizzes to quickly review the most important topics of the French Revolution. When you have completed this course you will be better prepared for your world history class or exam.
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3 chapters in French Revolution Study Guide

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Course Progress Best Score
Lesson 1 - Phases of the French Revolution: Overview & Events Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[15516].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[15516].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 2 - The Ancien Regime: Structure, Politics & Powers Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[15517].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[15517].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 3 - The Storming of Bastille & the Great Fear Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[15520].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[15520].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 4 - The Constitutional Monarchy: Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen & the Civil Constitution Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[15521].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[15521].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 5 - Europe Reacts to the French Revolution Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[15523].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[15523].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 6 - Political Factions in the French National Convention Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[15524].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[15524].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 7 - The Reign of Terror in the French Revolution: Definition, Summary & Timeline Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[13670].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[13670].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 8 - The Directory (1795-1799): First, Second & the Coup of 18 Fructidor Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[15525].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[15525].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 9 - The National Assembly of France: Creation, History & Impact Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[13669].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[13669].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 10 - Tennis Court Oath: Definition & Summary Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[181631].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[181631].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 11 - Tennis Court Oath Painting by David: Meaning & Analysis Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[181633].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[181633].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Week {{::cp.getGoalWeekForTopic(2, 3)}}
Course Progress Best Score
Lesson 1 - Marie Antoinette: History, Life & Fate Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[15518].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[15518].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 2 - Assembly of Notables and the Estates General Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[15519].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[15519].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 3 - The End of the Monarchy: Count of Artois, Jacobin, Girondins, Duke of Brunswick Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[15522].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[15522].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 4 - Napoleon Bonaparte: Rise to Power and Early Reforms Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[13671].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[13671].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 5 - The Fall of Napoleon & the Congress of Vienna: Definition & Results Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[13673].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[13673].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 6 - The Napoleonic Empire: Military & Economic Expansion Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[13672].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[13672].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional

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