Fundamentals of Early Childhood Special Education

Updated September 24, 2022

Course Summary

The lessons and teacher resources in this course can help you better understand the fundamentals of early childhood special education. Use this course to develop quality lesson plans, learn helpful teaching strategies and enhance the learning experience for your young students.

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History of Early Childhood Education

Fundamentals of Early Childhood Special Education 38K views 3 min

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9 hours of educational videos

127 self-paced lessons

14 practice tests

Expert Contributor: Dana Dance-Schissel

Dana teaches social sciences at the college level and English and psychology at the high school level. She has master's degrees in applied, clinical and community psychology.

13 chapters in Fundamentals of Early Childhood Special Education

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Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP): Purpose & Goals Video  Take Quiz
Individualized Education Plan (IEP): Function, Purpose & Guidelines Video  Take Quiz
Components of a Legally-Defensible Individualized Education Program Video  Take Quiz
Measurable Goals in an IEP: Examples & Definition Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Sample Behavior Goals for IEPs Text Lesson
Incorporating Parental Input in Individualized Education Programs Video  Take Quiz
The Differences Between IEPs & 504 Plans Video  Take Quiz
What Are Section 504 Regulations & Accommodations in Public Schools? Video  Take Quiz
504 Plan Eligibility Requirements Text Lesson  Take Quiz
What Is Response to Intervention (RTI)? - Tiers & Strategies Video  Take Quiz
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Early Childhood & Preschool Assessment Procedures Video  Take Quiz
Forms of Assessment: Informal, Formal, Paper-Pencil & Performance Assessments Video  Take Quiz
Student Assessment in the Classroom: Tools & Methods Video  Take Quiz
Using Direct Observation to Assess Student Learning Video  Take Quiz
The Standards for Education & Psychological Testing Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Student Learning Outcomes: Examples & Assessments Video  Take Quiz
Use and Misuse of Assessments in the Classroom Video  Take Quiz
Special Education and Ecological Assessments Video  Take Quiz
Assessing Social & Emotional Needs in Children Video  Take Quiz
Involving Family & Other Professionals in Child Assessments Text Lesson  Take Quiz
How to Report Learning Progress to Students & Parents Video  Take Quiz
Using Data to Inform Instruction Video  Take Quiz
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Educating Students with Special Needs Video  Take Quiz
Developing Measurable Learning Objectives Video  Take Quiz
Making a Curriculum Accessible to Students with Disabilities Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Supplementary & Functional Curriculum: Selection & Implementation Video  Take Quiz
Instructional Strategies: Hands-On, Interactive, Expository & Collaborative Video  Take Quiz
Direct Instruction & Discovery Instruction: Definition & Differences Video  Take Quiz
Cooperative and Collaborative Learning in the Classroom Video  Take Quiz
What is Universal Design for Learning? Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Use of Universal Design in Special Education Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Accommodation vs. Modification: Definition & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Accommodations for Special Education Students Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Modifications for Special Education Students: Definition & Checklist Video  Take Quiz
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Creating a Respectful Learning Environment Video  Take Quiz
Safe & Supportive Learning Environments: Design & Maintenance Video  Take Quiz
How to Create a Challenging Classroom Environment Video  Take Quiz
Differentiated Instruction: Adapting the Learning Environment for Students Video  Take Quiz
Least Restrictive Environment: Benefits & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Managing the Physical Space for Early Childhood Learning Video  Take Quiz
Materials & Resources for an Early Childhood Classroom Video  Take Quiz
Managing Classroom Behaviors of Young Children Video  Take Quiz
Establishing Daily Classroom Routines Video  Take Quiz
Helping Students with Disabilities Participate in the General Classroom Video  Take Quiz
Using Children's Interests & Experiences to Promote Learning Video  Take Quiz
Methods & Considerations for Disciplining Students with Disabilities Text Lesson  Take Quiz
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Is Autism a Learning Disability? Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Behavioral Characteristics of Children with Asperger Syndrome Video  Take Quiz
What Is Autism? - Spectrum, Symptoms & Treatment Text Lesson  Take Quiz
What Is Asperger's Syndrome in Children? - Symptoms, Definition & Treatment Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Sample IEP Goals for Students with Autism Text Lesson
Accommodations for Students with Autism Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Classroom Modifications for Autism Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Assistive Technology for Students with Autism Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Group Activities for Kids with Autism Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Teaching Social Cues to Students with Autism Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Autism & Aggressive Behavior Text Lesson  Take Quiz
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Stages of Language Development: Pre-Linguistic and Symbolic Language Video  Take Quiz
The Nativist Perspective and Language Development Video  Take Quiz
The Effects of Environment and Culture on Language Development Video  Take Quiz
Acquired vs. Developmental Language Disorders Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Speech and Communication Disorders: Instructional Strategies for Speech Sound Errors Video  Take Quiz
Teaching Students with Phonological Processing Disorders Video  Take Quiz
Early Intervention Speech Therapy Activities Text Lesson
Speech Therapy Activities & Games for Preschool Text Lesson
Teaching Strategies for Students with Expressive Language Disorders Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Language-Based Learning Disability Interventions Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Assistive Technology for Nonverbal Students Text Lesson  Take Quiz
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Physical Development in Early Childhood Video  Take Quiz
What Are Locomotor Skills? - Definition, Instruction & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Teaching Progressions for Motor Skill Attainment Video  Take Quiz
Body Awareness: Definition & Explanation Video  Take Quiz
What is Biomechanics? - Definition & Applications Video  Take Quiz
Flexibility in Fitness: Definition, Stretches & Exercises Video  Take Quiz
What Is Hand-Eye Coordination? - Definition, Skills & Development Video  Take Quiz
Current Trends in Physical Education Video  Take Quiz
What is Physical Education? - Definition & Overview Video  Take Quiz
Health-Related & Skill-Related Physical Fitness Video  Take Quiz
Components of Exercise Programs: Aerobics, Strength Training & Stretching Video  Take Quiz
The Teacher's Role in Elementary & Secondary Physical Education Text Lesson  Take Quiz
How Physical Activity Impacts Childhood Development Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Physical Activity: Health, Fitness and Performance Video  Take Quiz

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