ICAS Science - Paper F: Test Prep & Practice

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Get ready for the ICAS Science - Paper F exam with this simple and convenient test prep course. The course's video lessons and self-assessments can help you review and remember all of the scientific concepts you'll be tested on.
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7 chapters in ICAS Science - Paper F: Test Prep & Practice

Week {{::cp.getGoalWeekForTopic(1, 7)}}
Course Progress Best Score
Lesson 1 - Solar System, Galaxy, & Universe: Definitions & Difference Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[28124].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[28124].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 2 - What is a Solar System? - Planets & Model Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[4536].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[4536].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 3 - The Continental Crust: Definition, Formation & Composition Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[9446].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[9446].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 4 - Oceanic Crust: Definition, Composition & Facts Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[7714].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[7714].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 5 - Earth's Mantle: Definition & Facts Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[9477].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[9477].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 6 - Core of the Earth: Facts, Composition, Layers & Temperature Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[16970].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[16970].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 7 - Inner Core of the Earth: Definition, Composition & Facts Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[9425].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[9425].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 8 - Types of Rocks: The Three Major Rock Groups Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[9096].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[9096].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 9 - What is the Hydrosphere? - Definition & Examples Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[7708].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[7708].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 10 - The Lithosphere: Definition & Composition Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[3259].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[3259].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 11 - What is Atmosphere? - Layers, Gases & Pressure Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[4559].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[4559].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 12 - Interpreting Diagrams of Earth's Spheres Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[304659].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[304659].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Week {{::cp.getGoalWeekForTopic(2, 7)}}
Course Progress Best Score
Lesson 1 - Renewable & Non-Renewable Resources: Definition & Differences Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[12047].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[12047].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 2 - What Are Fossil Fuels? - Definition, Advantages & Disadvantages Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[4823].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[4823].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 3 - Shale Gas: Hydraulic Fracturing and Environmental Concerns Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[8862].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[8862].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 4 - What is Solar Power? - Uses, Advantages & Disadvantages Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[12468].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[12468].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 5 - Wind as a Renewable Energy Resource: Advantages & Disadvantages Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[12048].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[12048].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 6 - Hydroelectric Energy: Definition, Uses, Advantages & Disadvantages Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[12049].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[12049].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 7 - Tidal Energy: Advantages and Disadvantages Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[10330].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[10330].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 8 - Geothermal Energy: Advantages and Disadvantages Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[9625].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[9625].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 9 - Biomass for Renewable Energy: Pros and Cons Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[9623].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[9623].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Week {{::cp.getGoalWeekForTopic(3, 7)}}
Week {{::cp.getGoalWeekForTopic(6, 7)}}

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