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This Into to Sociology Syllabus Resource & Lesson Plans course is a fully developed resource to help you teach sociology. You can easily adapt the video lessons, transcripts, and quizzes to take full advantage of the comprehensive and engaging material we offer. Make planning your course easier by using our syllabus as a guide.
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13 chapters in Intro to Sociology Syllabus Resource & Lesson Plans

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Lesson 1 - Economics and Health: Healthcare, Medical Issues & Income  Take Quiz
Lesson 2 - Family and Kinship: Patrilocality, Matrilocality & Neolocality  Take Quiz
Lesson 3 - Family Life Stages and Traditions: Courtship, Marriage, Child Rearing & Aging  Take Quiz
Lesson 4 - Functions of School: Socialization, Cultural Transmission, Integration & Latent Functions  Take Quiz
Lesson 5 - Health Challenges in America: Smoking, Obesity, STDs & Eating Disorders  Take Quiz
Lesson 6 - Monotheism: Islam, Judaism & Christianity  Take Quiz
Lesson 7 - Nontheism: Hinduism, Buddhism & Confucianism  Take Quiz
Lesson 8 - Religion and Social Change in Protestantism and Liberation Theology  Take Quiz
Lesson 9 - Religion: Key Concepts and Definitions  Take Quiz
Lesson 10 - Religiosity, Secularization & Civil Religion: Applications on Individuals & Cultures  Take Quiz
Lesson 11 - Religious Views: Atheism, Agnosticism & Theism  Take Quiz
Lesson 12 - School Controversies: Self-Fulfilling Prophecies and Tracking  Take Quiz
Lesson 13 - Schooling: Cultural Differences in Schooling Theory  Take Quiz
Lesson 14 - Social Constructions of Health: Sick Role, Physician's Role & Profit Motive in Medicine  Take Quiz
Lesson 15 - Types of Health Care: HMOs, PPOs, Socialized Medicine & Direct-Fee System  Take Quiz
Lesson 16 - What Is a Non-Traditional Family? - Definition of Options  Take Quiz
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Lesson 1 - C. Wright Mills: Sociological Imagination and the Power Elite  Take Quiz
Lesson 2 - Charles Horton Cooley: Looking Glass Self and the Effect of Primary Groups  Take Quiz
Lesson 3 - Emile Durkheim: Society, Integration Level & Suicide Study  Take Quiz
Lesson 4 - Emile Durkheim's Theories: Functionalism, Anomie and Division of Labor  Take Quiz
Lesson 5 - Erving Goffman's Theories: Impression Management, Dramaturgy & Symbolic Interaction  Take Quiz
Lesson 6 - Gerhard Lenski's Theories of Sociocultural Evolution, Social Stratification & Technology  Take Quiz
Lesson 7 - Harriet Martineau: Theories and Contributions to Sociology  Take Quiz
Lesson 8 - Herbert Spencer: Theory & Social Darwinism  Take Quiz
Lesson 9 - Karl Marx on Religion: How Religion Affects Social Inequality  Take Quiz
Lesson 10 - Karl Marx: Theory of Class Consciousness and False Consciousness  Take Quiz
Lesson 11 - Karl Marx's Theories: Class Differentiation and Revolution, Socialism & Capitalism  Take Quiz
Lesson 12 - Robert K. Merton: Theories and Functionalism  Take Quiz
Lesson 13 - W.E.B. Du Bois: Theories, Accomplishments & Double Consciousness  Take Quiz
Lesson 14 - Bureaucracy: Max Weber's Theory of Impersonal Management  Take Quiz
Lesson 15 - Hofstede's Uncertainty Avoidance Index: Definition & Example Cultures  Take Quiz
Lesson 16 - Impression Management in Sociology: Theory, Definition & Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 17 - Sick Role Theory in Sociology: Definition & Overview  Take Quiz

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