Lesson Planning Ideas for Teachers

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    Brain-Based Learning Activities
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    Brain-Based Learning Activities

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It's easy to create engaging lesson plans, activities, school assemblies and more using this informative lesson planning course. Our professionally designed resources are accessible on any mobile phone, tablet or computer for convenient and flexible curriculum planning.
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9 chapters in Lesson Planning Ideas for Teachers

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Ch 1. Integrated Curriculum Resources {{cp.topicAssetIdToProgress[144603].percentComplete}}% complete
Course Progress Best Score
Lesson 1 - Brain-Based Learning Activities
Lesson 2 - Anecdotal Notes Template
Lesson 3 - First Grade Teaching Strategies Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[80487].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[80487].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[80487].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[80487].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 4 - Depth of Knowledge Sample Questions
Lesson 5 - Depth of Knowledge Activities
Lesson 6 - Growth Mindset Activities
Lesson 7 - Classroom Supplies for Teachers
Lesson 8 - Teacher Appreciation Activities
Lesson 9 - Adult Learning Games
Lesson 10 - Questions for Teachers to Ask Parents
Lesson 11 - Using Guest Speakers in the Classroom Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[182583].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[182583].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[182583].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[182583].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 12 - Constructivist Learning Activities
Lesson 13 - Outdoor Learning Activities
Lesson 14 - Experiential Learning Activities for Adults
Lesson 15 - Experiential Learning Activities for Students
Lesson 16 - Essential Questions for Kindergarten
Lesson 17 - Data Collection Tools for Teachers
Lesson 18 - Every Student Succeeds Act: Summary, Pros & Cons Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[225067].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[225067].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[225067].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[225067].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 19 - Peer Tutoring: Definition, Pros & Cons Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[298275].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[298275].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[298275].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[298275].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 20 - Teaching Peer Tutoring: Strategies & Techniques Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[298277].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[298277].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[298277].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[298277].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 21 - Classwide Peer Tutoring: Definition & Examples Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[298281].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[298281].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[298281].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[298281].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 22 - Peer Tutoring in Reading Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[298299].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[298299].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[298299].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[298299].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 23 - Reciprocal Peer Tutoring: Definition & Effects Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[298301].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[298301].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[298301].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[298301].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 24 - Reciprocal Peer Tutoring in Math Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[298303].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[298303].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[298303].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[298303].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 25 - Activities to Challenge Gifted Students
Lesson 26 - How to Challenge Gifted Students in the Classroom Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[310001].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[310001].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[310001].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[310001].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 27 - Instructional Strategies for Teaching Problem Solving Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[310003].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[310003].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[310003].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[310003].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 28 - Direct Instruction vs. Indirect Instruction Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[310013].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[310013].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[310013].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[310013].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 29 - Deductive Reasoning Activities for High School
Lesson 30 - Inductive Reasoning Activities & Games
Lesson 31 - Using Bells in the Classroom Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316739].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316739].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316739].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316739].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 32 - Activities for Substitute Teachers
Lesson 33 - Closing Strategies In The Classroom Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316745].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316745].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316745].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316745].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 34 - Instructional Strategies for Whole Group Discussion Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316757].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316757].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316757].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316757].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 35 - Substitute Teaching Tips for Elementary School Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316765].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316765].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316765].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316765].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 36 - Active Learning Strategies for Adults Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316761].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316761].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316761].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316761].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 37 - Focus Games for Adults
Lesson 38 - Spatial Reasoning Games for the Classroom
Lesson 39 - Authentic Assessment: Tools & Strategies Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[334471].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[334471].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[334471].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[334471].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 40 - Movement Activities for the Classroom
Lesson 41 - Jeopardy Games for the Classroom: Rules & Template
Lesson 42 - Integrated Curriculum Lesson Plan
Lesson 43 - Importance of Including Assessments in Lesson Planning Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[49613].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[49613].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[49613].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[49613].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 44 - Effective Lesson Plans: Characteristics & Elements Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[48209].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[48209].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[48209].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[48209].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 45 - How to Write a Lesson Plan Objective Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[140066].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[140066].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[140066].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[140066].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Week {{::cp.getGoalWeekForTopic(1, 9)}}
Ch 2. Lesson Plan Templates & Examples {{cp.topicAssetIdToProgress[144576].percentComplete}}% complete
Course Progress Best Score
Lesson 1 - Reading Workshop Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 2 - Physical Education Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 3 - Mini Lesson Plan Format & Template
Lesson 4 - How to Create a Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 5 - Layered Curriculum Template
Lesson 6 - Substitute Teacher Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 7 - Universal Design for Learning Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 8 - Charlotte Danielson Lesson Plan Format
Lesson 9 - 5 Step Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 10 - Backward Design Lesson Plan Example
Lesson 11 - Standards-Based Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 12 - Seven Step Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 13 - Cooperative & Collaborative Learning Lesson Plan
Lesson 14 - How to Create a Lesson Plan for Adults Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[177411].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[177411].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[177411].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[177411].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 15 - Workshop Model Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 16 - EEI Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 17 - ASSURE Model Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 18 - Tiered Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 19 - 5E Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 20 - 5E Lesson Plan Template for Science
Lesson 21 - 5E Lesson Plan Template for Math
Lesson 22 - RTI Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 23 - Constructivist Lesson Plan Example
Lesson 24 - Differentiated Instruction Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 25 - EATS Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 26 - Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 27 - SIOP Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 28 - Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan Example for Math
Lesson 29 - Curriculum Models Lesson Plan
Lesson 30 - How to Write a Nursing Teaching Plan: Template & Example
Lesson 31 - Nursing Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 32 - High School Physics Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 33 - Language Arts Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 34 - Co-Teaching Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 35 - Music Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 36 - Direct Instruction Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 37 - Cooperative Learning Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 38 - 6 Point Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 39 - 4As Lesson Plan Sample
Lesson 40 - Dialectical Journal: Format & Template
Lesson 41 - Balanced Literacy Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 42 - Action Plan Template for Teachers
Lesson 43 - CALLA Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 44 - Lesson Plan Format
Lesson 45 - Toddler Lesson Plan Template & Example
Lesson 46 - Backward Design Lesson Plan Template & Example
Lesson 47 - Sample Lesson Plan for Preschool
Lesson 48 - PreK Lesson Plan Template & Example
Week {{::cp.getGoalWeekForTopic(2, 9)}}
Ch 3. Common Core Lesson Plan Templates & Resources {{cp.topicAssetIdToProgress[447487].percentComplete}}% complete
Course Progress Best Score
Lesson 1 - Common Core State Standards Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 2 - Common Core ELA Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 3 - Common Core Math Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 4 - Common Core Social Studies Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 5 - How to Write a Lesson Plan for Elementary School Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[80622].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[80622].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[80622].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[80622].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 6 - How to Write a Lesson Plan for High School Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[59942].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[59942].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[59942].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[59942].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 7 - How to Write a Lesson Plan for Infants Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[144225].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[144225].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[144225].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[144225].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 8 - How to Write a Lesson Plan for Preschool Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[59943].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[59943].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[59943].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[59943].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 9 - How to Write a Lesson Plan for Middle School Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[59944].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[59944].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[59944].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[59944].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 10 - How to Develop Lesson Plans Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[80627].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[80627].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[80627].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[80627].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 11 - Madeline Hunter: Lesson Plans, Model, and Templates Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[48063].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[48063].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[48063].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[48063].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 12 - Components of a Good Lesson Plan
Lesson 13 - Fun Lesson Plan Ideas
Week {{::cp.getGoalWeekForTopic(3, 9)}}
Ch 4. Movie Lesson Plans & Classroom Resources {{cp.topicAssetIdToProgress[447489].percentComplete}}% complete
Course Progress Best Score
Lesson 1 - Teaching with Movies in the Classroom Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[354411].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[354411].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[354411].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[354411].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 2 - Teaching Movies as Literature Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[354415].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[354415].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[354415].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[354415].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 3 - Movie Activities for the Classroom
Lesson 4 - Film Music Lesson Plan
Lesson 5 - Music in Films: Importance & Purpose Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[452841].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[452841].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[452841].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[452841].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 6 - Toy Story Lesson Plan
Lesson 7 - The Truman Show Lesson Plan
Lesson 8 - Heart of Darkness vs. Apocalypse Now Lesson Plan
Week {{::cp.getGoalWeekForTopic(4, 9)}}
Ch 5. Bell Ringer & Exit Slip Resources {{cp.topicAssetIdToProgress[316735].percentComplete}}% complete
Course Progress Best Score
Lesson 1 - What Is A Bell Ringer Activity? Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316737].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316737].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316737].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316737].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 2 - 3-2-1 Exit Slip Strategy Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316741].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316741].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316741].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316741].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 3 - Exit Ticket Teaching Strategy Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316743].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316743].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Score: {{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316743].bestScoreCorrect}}/{{cp.lessonAssetIdToProgress[316743].bestScoreQuestions}}  Take Quiz Optional
Lesson 4 - Bell Ringer Activities for Middle School
Lesson 5 - Bell Ringer Activities for Elementary School
Lesson 6 - Bell Ringer Activities for Computer Classes
Lesson 7 - Bell Ringers for Middle School Grammar
Lesson 8 - Bell Ringers for Middle School Social Studies
Lesson 9 - Bell Ringers for Middle School Science
Lesson 10 - Bell Ringers for Middle School Language Arts
Lesson 11 - Bell Ringers For Middle School Reading
Lesson 12 - Grammar Bell Ringers For High School
Lesson 13 - Bell Ringers for Middle School Math
Lesson 14 - Math Bell Ringers High School
Lesson 15 - Earth Science Bell Ringers
Lesson 16 - Bell Ringers for High School Social Studies
Lesson 17 - Journalism Bell Ringers
Lesson 18 - Physical Science Bell Ringers
Lesson 19 - Health Science Technology Bell Ringers
Lesson 20 - US History Bell Ringers
Lesson 21 - Vocabulary Bell Ringer Ideas
Lesson 22 - Geography Bell Ringers
Lesson 23 - AP World History Bell Ringers
Lesson 24 - Texas History Bell Ringers
Lesson 25 - Bell Ringers for High School Business
Lesson 26 - Middle School Health Bell Ringers
Lesson 27 - Bell Ringers for High School Health
Lesson 28 - Figurative Language Bell Ringers
Lesson 29 - Geometry Bell Ringers
Lesson 30 - Sociology Bell Ringers
Lesson 31 - Bell Ringers for High School Spanish
Lesson 32 - World Geography Bell Ringers
Lesson 33 - Bell Ringers for High School World History
Lesson 34 - AP Biology Bell Ringers
Lesson 35 - Environmental Science Bell Ringers
Lesson 36 - Bell Ringers for Driver's Education
Lesson 37 - Algebra Bell Ringers
Lesson 38 - French Bell Ringers
Lesson 39 - Exit Ticket Ideas For Social Studies
Lesson 40 - Exit Ticket Ideas For Science
Lesson 41 - Exit Tickets for Music Class
Lesson 42 - Exit Tickets for Reading Comprehension
Lesson 43 - Exit Tickets for Physical Education
Lesson 44 - Math Exit Ticket Rubric
Lesson 45 - Algebra Exit Tickets
Lesson 46 - Place Value Exit Ticket
Week {{::cp.getGoalWeekForTopic(6, 9)}}
Ch 7. Back to School Activities {{cp.topicAssetIdToProgress[159273].percentComplete}}% complete
Week {{::cp.getGoalWeekForTopic(8, 9)}}
Ch 9. School Assembly & Event Ideas {{cp.topicAssetIdToProgress[237123].percentComplete}}% complete

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