Math Games for Elementary School

Updated July 02, 2020

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Liven up your elementary math class with fun games and activities you can use to help your students understand basic math concepts. The chapters in this course provide detailed instructions for games that students can play in pairs or in groups.

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Math Bingo Games

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Expert Contributor: David Wood

David has taught Honors Physics, AP Physics, IB Physics and general science courses. He has a Masters in Education, and a Bachelors in Physics.

13 chapters in Math Games for Elementary School

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Math Bingo Games Text Lesson
Calculator Activities & Games Text Lesson
Math Fact Games Text Lesson
Math Journal Prompts & Ideas Video
Kindergarten Math Journals Video
Interactive Math Activities & Games Text Lesson
Homemade Math Manipulatives Text Lesson
Math Vocabulary Activities Text Lesson
Money Identification Games Text Lesson
Money Origami Instructions for Kids Text Lesson
Math Activities for Preschoolers Text Lesson
Kindergarten Math Games & Activities Text Lesson
Mean, Median & Mode: Games & Activities Text Lesson
Kindergarten Common Core Math Activities Text Lesson
Adding & Subtracting Fractions Games & Activities Text Lesson
Box-and-Whisker Plot Games & Activities Text Lesson
Prime & Composite Numbers Games & Activities Text Lesson
Math Art Projects for Elementary School Text Lesson
Working Memory Strategies for Math Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Factoring Activities for Elementary School Text Lesson
Soccer Math Games Text Lesson
Football Math Games Text Lesson
Histogram Lesson Plan for Kids Text Lesson
3D Shapes Project Ideas Text Lesson
Factors and Multiples Lesson Plan Text Lesson
Growth Mindset Math Activities Text Lesson
Adding Decimals Activities Text Lesson
Doubles Facts Activities Text Lesson
Translation, Reflection and Rotation Activities Text Lesson
Line Plot Activities Text Lesson
Estimating Products Activities Text Lesson
Compass and Protractor Activities Text Lesson
Nonstandard Measurement Activities Text Lesson
Fractions Unit Plan Text Lesson
Adding and Subtracting Fractions Project Ideas Text Lesson
Math Fair Activities and Games Text Lesson
Paper Folding Math Activities Text Lesson
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Roman Numeral Math Drills Text Lesson
Division Math Drills Text Lesson
5-Minute Multiplication Drills Text Lesson
5-Minute Math Drills Text Lesson
Subtraction Math Drills Text Lesson
Fractions Math Drills Text Lesson
Addition Math Drills Text Lesson
Multiplication Math Drills Text Lesson
One-Minute Math Drills Text Lesson
Adding & Subtracting Integers Games Text Lesson
Multiplying Integers Games Text Lesson
Integer Number Line Games Text Lesson
Integer Rules Games Text Lesson
Dividing Integers Games Text Lesson
Comparing & Ordering Integers Games Text Lesson
Missing Addend Lesson Plan Text Lesson
Fraction Wall Lesson Plan Text Lesson
Standard Form Lesson Plan Text Lesson
Powers of Ten Math Activities Text Lesson

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Course Practice Test
Math Games for Elementary School
More practice by chapter
Ch. 1
Elementary Math Games & Activities
Ch. 2
Numbers Games & Activities for Kids
Ch. 3
Arithmetic Activities & Games
Ch. 4
1st Grade Math Games & Exercises
Ch. 5
2nd Grade Math Games & Activities
Ch. 6
3rd Grade Math Games & Activities
Ch. 7
4th Grade Math Games & Activities
Ch. 8
5th Grade Math Games & Activities
Ch. 9
6th Grade Math Games & Activities
Ch. 10
Basic Math Drills for Kids Lesson Plans
Ch. 11
Elementary Math Problems & Drills
Ch. 12
Math Activities & Games with Food
Ch. 13
Holiday Math Activities