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Science 101: Intro to Life Sciences

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Updated October 24, 2022

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Science 101: Intro to Life Sciences has been evaluated and recommended for 3 semester hours and may be transferred to over 2,000 colleges and universities. When you're finished with the course, you can apply for transfer credit, which can save you time and money on earning your degree.

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Scientific Ways of Thinking

Science 101: Intro to Life Sciences 39K views 6 min

About this course:

17 hours of educational videos

150 self-paced lessons

16 practice tests

3 transferable credit hours

Expert Contributor: Rebecca Gillaspy

Dr. Gillaspy has taught health science at University of Phoenix and Ashford University and has a degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic.

16 chapters in Science 101: Intro to Life Sciences

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Osmosis, Diffusion and Saturation Video  Take Quiz
Passive Transport in Cells: Simple and Facilitated Diffusion & Osmosis Video  Take Quiz
Active Transport in Cells: Definition & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Endocytosis and Exocytosis Across the Cell Membrane Video  Take Quiz
Structure of the Nucleus: Nucleolus, Nuclear Membrane, and Nuclear Pores Video  Take Quiz
The Ribosome: Structure, Function and Location Video  Take Quiz
The Endomembrane System: Functions & Components Video  Take Quiz
The Cytoskeleton: Microtubules and Microfilaments Video  Take Quiz
Mitochondria Structure: Cristae, Matrix and Inner & Outer Membrane Video  Take Quiz
Chloroplast Structure: Chlorophyll, Stroma, Thylakoid, and Grana Video  Take Quiz
Plant Cell Structures: The Cell Wall and Central Vacuole Video  Take Quiz
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Introduction to Organic Molecules I: Functional Groups Video  Take Quiz
Introduction to Organic Molecules II: Monomers and Polymers Video  Take Quiz
Nucleic Acids: Function & Structure Video  Take Quiz
DNA: Chemical Structure of Nucleic Acids & Phosphodiester Bonds Video  Take Quiz
DNA: Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine, Thymine & Complementary Base Pairing Video  Take Quiz
Differences Between RNA and DNA & Types of RNA (mRNA, tRNA & rRNA) Video  Take Quiz
Structure and Function of Carbohydrates Video  Take Quiz
Chemical Properties of Carbohydrates Video  Take Quiz
Structure and Function of Lipids Video  Take Quiz
Proteins I: Structure and Function Video  Take Quiz
Proteins II: Amino Acids, Polymerization and Peptide Bonds Video  Take Quiz
Proteins III: Structure and Characteristics of the 20 Amino Acids Video  Take Quiz
Proteins IV: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Quaternary Structure Video  Take Quiz
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Genetics: Heredity, Traits & Chromosomes Video  Take Quiz
Properties of Alleles Video  Take Quiz
Mendel's First Law: The Law of Segregation Video  Take Quiz
Mendel's Second Law: The Law of Independent Assortment Video  Take Quiz
Protein Synthesis in the Cell and the Central Dogma Video  Take Quiz
Transcription of Messenger RNA (mRNA) from DNA Video  Take Quiz
How An Operon Controls Transcription in a Prokaryotic Cell Video  Take Quiz
Examples of Transcription Regulation in Eukaryotes Video  Take Quiz
What Is the Genetic Code That Translates RNA Into Amino Acids? Video  Take Quiz
Making Sense of the Genetic Code: Codon Recognition Video  Take Quiz
The Role of Ribosomes and Peptide Bonds in Genetic Translation Video  Take Quiz
Translation of mRNA to Protein: Initiation, Elongation & Termination Steps Video  Take Quiz
What is a Point Mutation? - Definition, Causes & Types Video  Take Quiz
Effects of Mutations on Protein Function: Missense, Nonsense, and Silent Mutations Video  Take Quiz
Mutagens: How the Environment Affects Mutation Rates Video  Take Quiz
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Week {{::cp.getGoalWeekForTopic(6, 16)}}
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Classification of Vascular, Nonvascular, Monocot & Dicot Plants Video  Take Quiz
Structure of Plant Stems: Vascular and Ground Tissue Video  Take Quiz
Structure of Leaves: The Epidermis, Palisade and Spongy Layers Video  Take Quiz
Primary Root Tissue, Root Hairs and the Plant Vascular Cylinder Video  Take Quiz
Root System Growth: The Root Cap, Primary Roots & Lateral Roots Video  Take Quiz
Flowers: Structure and Function of Male & Female Components Video  Take Quiz
Seasonal Growth Cycles: Perennial, Annual and Biennial Plants Video  Take Quiz
What is Plant Physiology? - Definition & Experiments Video  Take Quiz
Xylem: The Effect of Transpiration and Cohesion on Function Video  Take Quiz
Phloem: The Pressure Flow Hypothesis of Food Movement Video  Take Quiz
Cytokinins in Plants: Function & Concept Video  Take Quiz
Lateral Meristem: Definition & Concept Video  Take Quiz
Plant Photoreceptors: Definition, Types & Function Text Lesson  Take Quiz
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What Is an Organ System? - Definition & Pictures Video  Take Quiz
Skeletal System and Muscular System Video  Take Quiz
The Integumentary System: The Epidermal Layer Video  Take Quiz
The Integumentary System: The Dermal Layer Video  Take Quiz
Compare & Contrast Open & Closed Circulatory Systems Video  Take Quiz
Circulatory System I: Types of Circulatory Systems Video  Take Quiz
Circulatory System II: The Human Vascular System Video  Take Quiz
Circulatory System III: The Heart Video  Take Quiz
Circulatory System IV: Red Blood Cells Video  Take Quiz
Gas Exchange in the Human Respiratory System Video  Take Quiz
Complete vs. Incomplete Digestive Systems Video  Take Quiz
Digestive System I: The Upper Gastrointestinal Tract Video  Take Quiz
Digestive System II: The Lower Gastrointestinal Tract Video  Take Quiz
Excretory System Video  Take Quiz
Functions of the Nervous System Video  Take Quiz
The Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems Video  Take Quiz
The Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems Video  Take Quiz
The Cerebral Cortex: Brain Structures and Functions Part II Video  Take Quiz
Functions of the Lymphatic System Video  Take Quiz
Structures & Functions of the Endocrine System Video  Take Quiz
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