Praxis Music: Content Knowledge (5113): Practice & Study Guide

Updated September 17, 2022

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The New Mexico Teacher Assessments (NTMA) Music exam has been replaced by the National Evaluation Series (NES) Music teacher certification test. Work through this course at your own pace to study essential music concepts and get fully prepared for the exam.

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Music Notation: History & Theory

Praxis Music: Content Knowledge (5113): Practice & Study Guide 19K views 7 min

About this course:

14 hours of educational videos

141 self-paced lessons

16 practice tests

Expert Contributor: Greg Simon

Greg is a composer and jazz trumpeter. He has a doctorate from the University of Michigan and has taught college and high school music.

16 chapters in Praxis Music: Content Knowledge (5113): Practice & Study Guide

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Music Notation: History & Theory Video  Take Quiz
 Take Quiz
Musical Notation Symbols: Note Head, Stem & Flag Video  Take Quiz
Grand Staff in Music: Symbols & Notation Video  Take Quiz
Understanding Lines in Musical Notation Video  Take Quiz
How to Read Notes on the Treble Clef Staff Video  Take Quiz
How to Read Notes of the Bass Clef Staff Video  Take Quiz
Sharps and Flats: Reading and Identifying Sharp and Flat Notes in Music Video  Take Quiz
Figured Bass Notation: Principle & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Figured Bass Realization: Methods, Rules & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Roman Numeral Notation in Music Theory Video  Take Quiz
Nonstandard Musical Notation Symbols Video  Take Quiz
Dynamics in Music: Piano, Forte and Why They Are Important Video  Take Quiz
Interpreting Articulation, Dynamic & Expression Symbols Video  Take Quiz
Lead Sheet: Function, Elements & Notation Video  Take Quiz
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Melody vs. Harmony: Definitions and Examples Video  Take Quiz
Understanding and Building Musical Scales: Definitions & Types of Scales Video  Take Quiz
Chromatic Music: Definition, Scale & Harmony Video  Take Quiz
Key Signature in Music: Definition & Concept Video  Take Quiz
How to Determine Major Key Signatures in Music Video  Take Quiz
How to Determine Minor Key Signatures in Music Video  Take Quiz
Understanding the Circle of Fifths: Explanation & Chord Progression Video  Take Quiz
Major Scale: Definition & Intervals Video  Take Quiz
Minor Scale: Patterns, Chords & Intervals Video  Take Quiz
Octatonic Scale: Definition & Properties Video  Take Quiz
Pentatonic: Definition, Scales & Songs Video  Take Quiz
Modality: Definition, Principle & Effect Video  Take Quiz
What Is a Tetrachord? - Definition & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Melodic Contour: Definition & Examples Video  Take Quiz
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Rhythm & Meter: Terms & Styles Video  Take Quiz
Irregular Rhythms: Definition & Types Video  Take Quiz
Syncopation: Definition & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Rhythm: Quarter Notes, Eighth Notes, Rests & Other Basic Rhythms Video  Take Quiz
Rhythm: Recognizing Syncopation, Dotted Notes & Ties Video  Take Quiz
Tempo: Definition and Uses in Musical Forms Video  Take Quiz
Time Signature in Music: Definition and Examples Video  Take Quiz
Meters and Time Signatures in Musical Forms Video  Take Quiz
Duple Meter: Definition & Example Video  Take Quiz
Diminution: Definition & Value Video  Take Quiz
Augmentation in Music: Definition & Value Video  Take Quiz
Accents in Music: Definition & Types Video  Take Quiz
Hemiola: Definition, Rhythm & Examples Video  Take Quiz
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The Oratorio: Composers, Definitions & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Decorative and Ornate Music of the Baroque Era Video  Take Quiz
Baroque Composers: Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Pachelbel & More Video  Take Quiz
Baroque Opera Composers: Monteverdi & Lully Video  Take Quiz
The Organ: Instrument Characteristics and History Video  Take Quiz
Harpsichord: Definition & History Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Counterpoint in the Baroque Period: Definition, Harmony & Examples Video  Take Quiz
The Fugue: Bach, Definition & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Antonio Vivaldi and Henry Purcell: Baroque Composers in Italy and England Video  Take Quiz
Bach: Important Works, Organ, Fugues and Solo Works Video  Take Quiz
Handel: Major Works & Oratorio Video  Take Quiz
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