Organizational Behavior: Help and Review

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The engaging video lessons in this Organizational Behavior: Help and Review course review essential topics like organizational communications, workplace ethics and employee motivation. Use this course to boost your understanding of organizational behavior as you complete homework assignments or prepare for an exam.
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30 chapters in Organizational Behavior: Help and Review

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Lesson 1 - Neoclassical Theory of Management: The Human Relations Approach  Take Quiz
Lesson 2 - Behavioral Management Theory: Understanding Employee Behavior & Motivation  Take Quiz
Lesson 3 - The Hawthorne Effect: The Study of Employee Productivity  Take Quiz
Lesson 4 - The Needs Theory: Motivating Employees with Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs  Take Quiz
Lesson 5 - Theory X & Theory Y: Two Types of Managers  Take Quiz
Lesson 6 - Motivation Theory: Needs-Based & Behavior-Based  Take Quiz
Lesson 7 - The Pygmalion Effect: Influencing Employee Behavior  Take Quiz
Lesson 8 - Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory: Hygiene Factors & Motivation  Take Quiz
Lesson 9 - Alderfer's ERG Theory & Employee Motivation in the Workplace  Take Quiz
Lesson 10 - Acquired Needs Theory: Need for Achievement, Power & Affiliation  Take Quiz
Lesson 11 - Equity Theory of Motivation: Reward & Effort  Take Quiz
Lesson 12 - Vroom's Expectancy Theory of Employee Motivation  Take Quiz
Lesson 13 - Thorndike's Reinforcement Theory: Using Consequences to Motivate Employees  Take Quiz
Lesson 14 - Locke's Goal-Setting Theory: Using Goals to Advance Motivation  Take Quiz
Lesson 15 - Self-determination & Cognitive Evaluation Theories: Employee Motivation  Take Quiz
Lesson 16 - Reward Systems & Employee Behavior: Intrinsic & Extrinsic Rewards  Take Quiz
Lesson 17 - How to Empower Employees & Improve Employee Performance  Take Quiz
Lesson 18 - Employee Involvement Programs: Impacts to Organizational Behavior  Take Quiz
Lesson 19 - Long-Term Orientation vs. Short-Term Orientation: Hofstede's Definition & Concept  Take Quiz
Lesson 20 - What are Performance Goals? - Definition & Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 21 - Empowerment in Management: Definition & Explanation  Take Quiz
Lesson 22 - Escalation of Commitment: Definition & Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 23 - Extrinsic Motivation in the Workplace: Factors, Types & Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 24 - Frederick Herzberg's Theory of Motivation: Overview  Take Quiz
Lesson 25 - Goal-Setting Theory in Management: Definition & Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 26 - Positive Reinforcement in the Workplace: Definition, Examples & Effects  Take Quiz
Lesson 27 - Employee Retention: Definition & Strategies  Take Quiz
Lesson 28 - Employee Feedback Methods: Surveys & Questions  Take Quiz
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Lesson 1 - Groups in Organizations: Formation & Types  Take Quiz
Lesson 2 - Social Identity Theory: Definition and Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 3 - Stages of Group Development: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing & Adjourning  Take Quiz
Lesson 4 - Qualities of Group Members: Knowledge, Skills & Abilities  Take Quiz
Lesson 5 - Roles of Group Members: Perceptions, Expectations & Conflict  Take Quiz
Lesson 6 - How Types of Group Norms Influence Individual Behavior  Take Quiz
Lesson 7 - How Group Status Influences Individual Behavior  Take Quiz
Lesson 8 - How Size Affects Group Performance  Take Quiz
Lesson 9 - Becoming a Cohesive Group: Using Team Building to Increase Group Cohesion  Take Quiz
Lesson 10 - The Difference Between Groups and Teams: Definition & Contrasts  Take Quiz
Lesson 11 - Types of Work Teams: Functional, Cross-Functional & Self-Directed  Take Quiz
Lesson 12 - Characteristics of Effective Teams: Examples and Qualities  Take Quiz
Lesson 13 - Functional Areas of a Business: Definition & Groups  Take Quiz
Lesson 14 - What is Workforce Diversity? - Definition & Issues  Take Quiz
Lesson 15 - Identity Achievement: Definition & Example  Take Quiz
Lesson 16 - Cross-Functional Teams: Definition, Advantages & Disadvantages  Take Quiz
Lesson 17 - Forming Stage of Group Development: Definition & Explanation  Take Quiz
Lesson 18 - Performing Stage of Group Development: Definition & Explanation  Take Quiz
Lesson 19 - Personal Mastery and Peter Senge: Definition & Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 20 - Self-Directed Teams: Definition, Advantages & Disadvantages  Take Quiz
Lesson 21 - Storming Stage of Group Development: Definition & Explanation  Take Quiz
Lesson 22 - Team Building Activities for Teachers
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Lesson 1 - Organizational Structure: Definition and Influence on Organizational Behavior  Take Quiz
Lesson 2 - Organizational Design and Structure  Take Quiz
Lesson 3 - Mechanistic & Organic Organizational Business Structures  Take Quiz
Lesson 4 - Work Specialization in Organizations  Take Quiz
Lesson 5 - Authority in Centralized & Decentralized Organizations  Take Quiz
Lesson 6 - Types of Traditional Organizational Designs: Simple, Functional & Divisional Designs  Take Quiz
Lesson 7 - Types of Contemporary Organizational Designs: Matrix, Team & Network Designs  Take Quiz
Lesson 8 - Bureaucracy: Max Weber's Theory of Impersonal Management  Take Quiz
Lesson 9 - The Boundaryless Organization: Structure and Advantages  Take Quiz
Lesson 10 - Characteristics of Informal Organizations: The Grapevine & Informal Groups  Take Quiz
Lesson 11 - Organizational Downsizing: Definition, Strategies & Business Impacts  Take Quiz
Lesson 12 - Strategy and Organizational Structure  Take Quiz
Lesson 13 - The Organizational Life Cycle  Take Quiz
Lesson 14 - Technology: How Organizations Turn Inputs to Outputs  Take Quiz
Lesson 15 - Organizational Size: Impacts on Structure and Design of an Organization  Take Quiz
Lesson 16 - Lean Organizational Structure  Take Quiz
Lesson 17 - Organizational Design and Organizational Behavior  Take Quiz
Lesson 18 - E-Business Enhanced and E-Business Enabled Organizations  Take Quiz
Lesson 19 - What Is Management by Objectives (MBO)? - Definition, Advantages & Disadvantages  Take Quiz
Lesson 20 - Internal Strengths & Weaknesses in SWOT Analysis: Definition & Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 21 - What is Vertical Integration? - Definition, Examples & Benefits  Take Quiz
Lesson 22 - Reduction in Force Best Practices  Take Quiz
Lesson 23 - Reduction in Force Laws  Take Quiz
Lesson 24 - Reduction in Force: Definition & Guidelines  Take Quiz
Lesson 25 - Reduction in Force Letter Template
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Lesson 1 - Factors that Cause Change in Organizations: Planned and Unplanned  Take Quiz
Lesson 2 - The Planned Change Process  Take Quiz
Lesson 3 - Overcoming Barriers to Change in Organizations  Take Quiz
Lesson 4 - Lewin's 3-Stage Model of Change: Unfreezing, Changing & Refreezing  Take Quiz
Lesson 5 - Kurt Lewin's Force-Field Analysis Change Model  Take Quiz
Lesson 6 - Kotter's 8-Step Change Model of Management  Take Quiz
Lesson 7 - Applying Kotter's 8-Step Change Model  Take Quiz
Lesson 8 - What Is Action Research? - Executing Organizational Change  Take Quiz
Lesson 9 - What Is Organizational Development? - Executing Organizational Change  Take Quiz
Lesson 10 - Employee Behavior & Attitudes During Organizational Change  Take Quiz
Lesson 11 - Organizational Culture and Change  Take Quiz
Lesson 12 - Technological Innovation and Organizational Behavior  Take Quiz
Lesson 13 - How Internal and External Factors Drive Organizational Change  Take Quiz
Lesson 14 - Types of Internal Organizational Change: Structural, Strategic, People, and Process  Take Quiz
Lesson 15 - Creativity, Innovation, and Change and the Knowledge Economy  Take Quiz
Lesson 16 - Organizational Objectives: Definition & Examples  Take Quiz
Lesson 17 - Senge's Shared Vision: Definition & Explanation  Take Quiz

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