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Updated January 11, 2022

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Prepare for the Project Management Institute's Portfolio Management Professional® exam with this convenient and effective test prep resource. Using bite-sized lessons and practice questions, the course helps you quickly review all of the information you need to know in order to pass the test. This course was last updated in 2018.

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The Strategic Management Process

PfMP® Study Guide - Portfolio Management Professional 25K views 7 min

About this course:

4 hours of educational videos

80 self-paced lessons

9 practice tests

Expert Contributor: Rob Wengrzyn

Rob has an MBA in management, a BS in marketing, and is a doctoral candidate in organizational theory and design.

9 chapters in PfMP® Study Guide - Portfolio Management Professional

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The Strategic Management Process Video  Take Quiz
 Take Quiz
What Is Strategic Change Management? - Definition, Models & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Benefits Management in Project Management: Definition & Examples Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Demand Management: Definition & Examples Video  Take Quiz
The Business Effects of Regulatory Restrictions & Compliance Video  Take Quiz
Business Needs Analysis Video  Take Quiz
Gap Analysis: Definition & Tools Video  Take Quiz
Organization Capability Analysis in Program Management Text Lesson  Take Quiz
What Is Contingency Planning in Business? - Definition, Example & Importance Video  Take Quiz
Business Portfolio Analysis: Definition & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Business Portfolio Management: Definition & Example Video  Take Quiz
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Identifying & Evaluating Organizational Strategic Goals Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Portfolio Management Planning: Prioritization & Analysis Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Identifying Existing & Potential Portfolio Components Text Lesson  Take Quiz
What Is Business Analysis? - Process, Methods & Example Video  Take Quiz
What Is an Options Analysis? Video  Take Quiz
What is a SWOT Analysis? Video  Take Quiz
Financial Statement Analysis: Definition, Purpose, Elements & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Risk Analysis Plans for Businesses: Techniques & Examples Video  Take Quiz
What is What-If Analysis? - Definition & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Making Rational Trade-Offs in Business Decisions Video  Take Quiz
Payoff Matrix in Economics: Theory & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Variances in Budgets: Definition, Calculations & Analysis Video  Take Quiz
How to Recommend Portfolio Scenarios Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Building a Portfolio Roadmap Text Lesson  Take Quiz
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Portfolio Initiation & Performance Measurement Video  Take Quiz
Monitoring Portfolio Performance: Techniques & Importance Video  Take Quiz
Change Management Techniques for Portfolio Management Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Resource Allocation in Management: Methods, Process & Strategy Video  Take Quiz
What is Benefits Realization Management? Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Benefits Realization - Metrics & Monitoring Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Updating Program Benefits Realization Plans Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Scenario Analysis in Portfolio Management Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Using Change Analysis to Refine Portfolio Roadmaps Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Records Management Process in Organizations Video  Take Quiz
Total Quality Management (TQM): Definition, Principles & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Implementing Total Quality Management (TQM) in an Organization Video  Take Quiz

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