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Updated September 23, 2022

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It's fun and easy to get ready for the PLACE Marketing Education exam with the engaging material offered in this practice course. Our short video and text lessons are accessible from any mobile device or computer, giving you a comprehensive study guide you can utilize anytime and from anywhere.

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Introduction to Marketing: Definition and Applications

PLACE Marketing Education: Practice & Study Guide 184K views 5 min

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24 chapters in PLACE Marketing Education: Practice & Study Guide

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Marketing Research: Definition, Purpose and Role in Marketing Strategy Video  Take Quiz
Consumer Behavior Theory and Marketing Strategy Video  Take Quiz
Understanding the Consumer Decision-Making Process: A Marketing Must Video  Take Quiz
Market Supply Schedule Video  Take Quiz
Market Demand Schedule Video  Take Quiz
How Changes in Supply and Demand Affect Market Equilibrium Video  Take Quiz
How to Calculate Market Equilibrium Video  Take Quiz
Financial Markets & Goods Markets Video  Take Quiz
Strategies of Market & Non-Market Business Environments Video  Take Quiz
Ethical Behavior in Marketing: What Are Marketing Ethics? Video  Take Quiz
Ethics and Cause-Related Marketing Video  Take Quiz
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Understanding Bar Graphs and Pie Charts Video  Take Quiz
What Is The Order of Operations in Math? - Definition & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Solving Problems using Fractions and Mixed Numbers Video  Take Quiz
Solve Problems Using Percents Video  Take Quiz
How to Calculate Percent Increase with Relative & Cumulative Frequency Tables Video  Take Quiz
Solving Problems Using Decimal Numbers Video  Take Quiz
Proportion: Definition, Application & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Ratios & Rates: Definitions & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Calculations with Ratios and Proportions Video  Take Quiz
Financial Ratio Calculation and Analysis Video  Take Quiz
Mean, Median, Mode & Range Video  Take Quiz
Calculating the Standard Deviation Video  Take Quiz
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Marketing Channel: Definition and Function in the Marketplace Video  Take Quiz
Channel Intermediaries: Definition and Function in Business Video  Take Quiz
Marketing Utilities Performed by Intermediaries Video  Take Quiz
Types of Wholesale Intermediaries Video  Take Quiz
Retail Distribution Strategies Video  Take Quiz
Non-Store Retailing: Types, Trends & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Channel Conflict: Horizontal & Vertical Conflict Video  Take Quiz
Systems That Influence Cooperation in the Supply Channel Video  Take Quiz
Service Distribution: Central Place Theory & Market-Area Analysis Video  Take Quiz
Supply Chain Management: Technology, Measurement, Relationship & Material Integration Video  Take Quiz
Logistics of Goods and Services Video  Take Quiz
Physical Distribution in Marketing: Definition, Functions & Importance Video  Take Quiz
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Relationship Selling vs. Traditional Methods: Definition and Purpose Video  Take Quiz
Personal Selling: The Steps of the Selling Process Video  Take Quiz
Promotion and the Consumer Communication Process Video  Take Quiz
Goals of Promotion and the Marketing Mix Video  Take Quiz
Consumer Awareness of Promotion: The AIDA Acronym Video  Take Quiz
The Promotional Mix: Target Markets, Buying Decisions & More Video  Take Quiz
Web-based Sales Promotion: Definition & Basic Strategies Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Sales Promotion in the Promotional Marketing Mix Video  Take Quiz
Trade Sales Promotion and the Promotional Marketing Mix Video  Take Quiz
Consumer Sales Promotion: Definition and Purpose Video  Take Quiz
Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Technology Video  Take Quiz
Types of Advertising: Institutional and Product Advertising Video  Take Quiz
How Public Relations Is Different from Advertising Video  Take Quiz
Why Companies Use Public Relations Video  Take Quiz
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What is an Entrepreneur? - Definition, Characteristics & Examples Video  Take Quiz
What is a Sole Proprietorship? - Definition, Advantages, Disadvantages & Examples Video  Take Quiz
The Basics of Partnerships: Types & Examples Video  Take Quiz
The Basics of LLCs: Limited Liability Companies Video  Take Quiz
Corporations: Types, Advantages, Disadvantages & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Franchises: Opportunities and Challenges Video  Take Quiz
Business Plans: How to Develop a Business Mission Statement Video  Take Quiz
What Is Capital? - Definition & Concept Video  Take Quiz
What Is Working Capital? - Definition & Formula Video  Take Quiz
Start-Up Budget: Definition & Example Video  Take Quiz
Microfinance for Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses Video  Take Quiz
Managing a Small Business Video  Take Quiz
Entrepreneurship & the Economy: Definition & Importance Video  Take Quiz
Small Business in the American Economy Video  Take Quiz
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What Is Accounting? - Purpose, Importance & Relationship to Business Video  Take Quiz
The Fundamental Principles of Accounting Video  Take Quiz
External and Internal Users and Uses of Accounting Video  Take Quiz
The Differences Between Accrual & Cash-Basis Accounting Video  Take Quiz
Periodic Reporting & the Time Period Principle Video  Take Quiz
What Is GAAP? - The Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Video  Take Quiz
Using the Accounting Equation: Analyzing Business Transactions Video  Take Quiz
The Accounting Cycle: Definition, Steps & Examples Video  Take Quiz
The Importance of Ethics in Accounting Video  Take Quiz
Technology in Accounting: The Growing Role of Technology in Accounting Video  Take Quiz
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The Modern Economy: Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Sectors Video  Take Quiz
Forms of Economic Distribution & Exchange within Society Video  Take Quiz
Economic Systems: Definition, Types & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Economic Systems: Formal & Substantive Approaches Video  Take Quiz
Capitalism and the Free Market: Definition & Limitations Video  Take Quiz
Competition Within Free Markets: Types & Summary Video  Take Quiz
How The Competitive Environment Affects Business: Examples & Importance Video  Take Quiz
Foreign Currency Exchange: Supply and Demand for Currency Video  Take Quiz
Exchange Rate: Determination and Conversion Across Countries Video  Take Quiz
How Fiscal and Monetary Policies Affect the Exchange Rate Video  Take Quiz
Understanding the Challenge of Resource Allocation Video  Take Quiz
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Microeconomics vs. Macroeconomics Video  Take Quiz
Gross Domestic Product: Definition and Components Video  Take Quiz
Defining and Measuring the Unemployment Rate Video  Take Quiz
Inflation: Definition, Types, Causes & Effects Video  Take Quiz
Understanding the Demand Curve in Microeconomics Video  Take Quiz
The Supply Curve in Microeconomics Video  Take Quiz
Market Equilibrium from a Microeconomics Perspective Video  Take Quiz
Circular Flow of Economic Activity: The Flow of Goods, Services & Resources Video  Take Quiz
Microeconomic Resources: Scarcity & Utility Video  Take Quiz
Economic Scarcity and the Function of Choice Video  Take Quiz
The Importance of Consumer Choice in Economics Video  Take Quiz
Opportunity Cost: Definition & Examples Video  Take Quiz
How to Calculate Opportunity Cost Video  Take Quiz
Applying the Production Possibilities Model Video  Take Quiz
Shifts in the Production Possibilities Curve Video  Take Quiz
What is a Monopoly in Economics? - Definition & Impact on Consumers Video  Take Quiz
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Week {{::cp.getGoalWeekForTopic(14, 24)}}
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What Is Human Capital? - Importance to An Organization Video  Take Quiz
The Hiring Process: How Human Resource Managers Recruit and Hire Employees Video  Take Quiz
Global Staffing Approaches: Ethnocentric, Regiocentric, Polycentric, and Geocentric Video  Take Quiz
Human Resource Interactions with Host, Parent & Third-Country Nationals Video  Take Quiz
Understanding Employee Compensation Video  Take Quiz
Retirement Compensation Systems: 401(k) and Pensions Video  Take Quiz
Assessing Training Needs of an Organization Video  Take Quiz
Types of Employee Training Programs Video  Take Quiz
Team Conflict and the Work Process Video  Take Quiz
Major Job Attitudes: Satisfaction, Commitment, Engagement & More Video  Take Quiz
Job Dissatisfaction: Causes, Reasons and Employee Responses Video  Take Quiz
Performance Appraisals: Benefits and Challenges Video  Take Quiz
Terminating an Employee: Process & Best Practices Video  Take Quiz
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Types of Regulation, Privatization, & Deregulation Video  Take Quiz
Major U.S. Federal Regulatory Agencies in Business: Types, Functions & Authority Video  Take Quiz
The Cost and Benefits of Regulation in Business Video  Take Quiz
Business Strategies for Influencing Congress & Regulatory Agencies Video  Take Quiz
Contract Law Terms: Definitions & Contract Types Video  Take Quiz
What Is Consumer Protection? - Product Liability, Laws & Rights Video  Take Quiz
What is Employment Law? - An Introduction to Employment Law Video  Take Quiz
Employment Discrimination: Definition and Laws Video  Take Quiz
What Is Workers' Compensation? - Laws and Purpose Video  Take Quiz
Closed vs. Open Shops in Labor Relations & Impacts on Human Resource Management Video  Take Quiz
Employer Restrictions and Rights in Unionizing Process & Collective Bargaining Video  Take Quiz
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Week {{::cp.getGoalWeekForTopic(17, 24)}}
Course Progress Best Score
Computer System Components: Computer Parts & Functions Video  Take Quiz
The Components of a Telecommunications System Video  Take Quiz
Telecommunications Hardware: Routers, Modems, Switches, Bridges, and Gateways Video  Take Quiz
Computer Operating Systems: Managing Hardware and Software Resources Video  Take Quiz
OS Functions: Security, System Management, Communication and Hardware & Software Services Video  Take Quiz
Application Software for Personal, Enterprise & Workgroup Objectives Video  Take Quiz
Microsoft Office and Open Office: Office Suite Applications Video  Take Quiz
Presentation Software & Graphic Suites: Purpose & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Database and Spreadsheet Software: Tools & Management Video  Take Quiz
Workgroup Application Software for Business Teams Video  Take Quiz
World Wide Web: How the Web Works Video  Take Quiz
Internet Connectivity and Communication Standards Video  Take Quiz
Computer Networks and Distributed Processing: PAN, LAN, WAN, MAN Video  Take Quiz
Communication & Wireless Computing Devices: GPS, PDA, Cellular & Satellite Video  Take Quiz
Week {{::cp.getGoalWeekForTopic(18, 24)}}
Course Progress Best Score
What Is an Information System? Video  Take Quiz
Input, Processing, Output & Feedback: Information System Components Video  Take Quiz
Information Systems Resources: Networks, Hardware, Software, Data & People Video  Take Quiz
What Are Specialized Information Systems? - Decision Support Systems for Business Video  Take Quiz
Decision Support Systems: How Managers Analyze Internal and External Data with DSS Video  Take Quiz
Management Information Systems (MIS): Manager Decision-Making Tools Video  Take Quiz
Applications of Management Information Systems (MIS): Financial, Marketing, Manufacturing & Human Resources Video  Take Quiz
Business Intelligence (BI): Organizing, Categorizing and Accessing Data Video  Take Quiz
Executive Information Systems (EIS): Upper Management Decision-Making Tools Video  Take Quiz
Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS): Improving the Group-Decision-Making Environment Video  Take Quiz
Geographic Information System (GIS): Using Maps & Locations to Make Decisions Video  Take Quiz
Intranet and Extranet: Comparing Information and Data Dissemination Video  Take Quiz
Week {{::cp.getGoalWeekForTopic(19, 24)}}
Course Progress Best Score
The Communication Process Video  Take Quiz
Organizational Communication Video  Take Quiz
Elements of Effective Communication in the Workplace Video  Take Quiz
Barriers to Effective Communication: Definition & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Cross-Cultural Communication: Definition, Strategies & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Persuasive Strategies in Business Communication Video  Take Quiz
Determining the Purpose of Your Message: Inform, Persuade & Good Will Video  Take Quiz
Choosing Your Channel of Communication: Oral, Written, Visual & Electronic Video  Take Quiz
Analyzing Your Audience and Adapting Your Message: Purpose, Process & Strategy Video  Take Quiz
Crafting Strong and Coherent Paragraphs in Business Communication Video  Take Quiz
Legal and Ethical Communication: Description & Importance Video  Take Quiz
Using Nondiscriminatory Language in Business Communication Video  Take Quiz
Writing Effective Emails in the Workplace: Formality, Content, Language and Format Video  Take Quiz
The Role of Social Media in Business Communication Video  Take Quiz
Blogs, Podcasts, and Wikis in Business Communication Video  Take Quiz
Week {{::cp.getGoalWeekForTopic(23, 24)}}

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