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Updated May 12, 2022

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If you're seeking project management certification for project management, use this study guide course to become fully prepared. These short video and text lessons present thorough overviews of the concepts on which you can expect to be tested.

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Components of the Project Initiation Phase

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About this course:

4 hours of educational videos

56 self-paced lessons

6 practice tests

Expert Contributor: Gail Raynor

Gail is a PMP Charterholder and currently works as Director of Continuing Professional Development.

5 chapters in Project Management Study Guide

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Components of the Project Initiation Phase Text Lesson  Take Quiz
 Take Quiz
Key Steps in Initiating a Project Video  Take Quiz
Key Deliverables in Project Management: Definition & Steps Video  Take Quiz
What Is Needs Assessment? - Definition & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Project Stakeholders: Definition, Role & Identification Video  Take Quiz
Project Management Communication Plan: Definition & Example Video  Take Quiz
Risks in Project Management: Types & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Project Feasibility Study: Definition & Steps Video  Take Quiz
What is a Project Charter? - Elements & Example Video  Take Quiz
Understanding & Using Cost-Benefit Analysis Text Lesson  Take Quiz
The Project Alignment Process Text Lesson  Take Quiz
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Key Steps in Planning a Project Video  Take Quiz
Project Scope Statement: Definition & Components Video  Take Quiz
Project Cost Management: Planning & Estimation Video  Take Quiz
Project Management Scheduling: Tools & Techniques Video  Take Quiz
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS): Example & Definition Video  Take Quiz
Project Team Member Roles & Responsibilities Video  Take Quiz
Project Resource Management Plan: Definition & Importance Video  Take Quiz
Procurement & Supplier Selection Process Video  Take Quiz
Creating a Quality Plan for a Project Video  Take Quiz
What Is Strategic Change Management? - Definition, Models & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Risk Planning for Project Management Video  Take Quiz
Stakeholder Management Plan: Definition & Example Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Stakeholder Approval in Project Management Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Kickoff Meeting in Project Management: Purpose & Agenda Video  Take Quiz
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Important Processes in Project Execution Video  Take Quiz
Using HR & Procurement Management Plans to Meet Project Requirements Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Leading Task Execution in Project Management Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Project Quality Management: Process & Metrics Video  Take Quiz
Project Procurement Management: Importance & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Project Time Management: Definition, Process & Techniques Video  Take Quiz
Steps & Approaches to Project Schedule Control Video  Take Quiz
Project Change Management: Plan & Components Video  Take Quiz
Project Communications Management: Benefits & Importance Video  Take Quiz
Statement of Work in Project Management: Definition & Example Text Lesson  Take Quiz
What is Project Risk Management? - Definition, Process & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Maintaining Stakeholder Relationships During Project Execution Text Lesson  Take Quiz
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Project Control Process: Definition & Function Video  Take Quiz
Project Management Metrics: Definition & Examples Video  Take Quiz
Project Management Tools for Systems Development Video  Take Quiz
How to Manage Alterations to the Scope of a Project Video  Take Quiz
Updating the Project Schedule & Dealing with Change Video  Take Quiz
Project Issue Management: Process & Importance Video  Take Quiz
Monitoring & Responding to Risk Exposure in Project Management Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Assessing Earned Value to Track Progress & Measure Risk Video  Take Quiz
Quality Tools: Process Flowcharts, Pareto Analysis & More Video  Take Quiz
What is Continuous Quality Improvement? - Definition & Process Text Lesson  Take Quiz
Monitoring Project Procurement Activities Text Lesson  Take Quiz

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