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Question 1 1. A former employee sued his company for patent infringement. He claimed that they were trying to establish a monopoly and that they cost him his life's savings. The jury ruled in his favor and decided the company needed to pay him $20 million. The court chose to use a provision of the Clayton Act called treble damages, meaning that the company had to pay _____.

Question 2 2. Landon buys a new particular type of lawnmower after the salesperson suggested it due to the type of grass in Landon's lawn. However, when Landon uses the mower it doesn't cut the grass. Instead, it just pushes the grass blades to the side. What is this an example of?

Question 3 3. One of the most important purposes of the Sherman Antitrust Act is to:

Question 4 4. The theory of product liability which assumes the existence of a contract between the parties is called _____.

Question 5 5. The act of both parties agreeing to carry out their promise is which element of a contract?

Question 6 6. Shelly wants to open a smoothie shop in her neighborhood. She hires Wayne to do market research for her. Wayne is obligated to research the need for a smoothie shop in that neighborhood. Wayne conducts the research and delivers his report to Shelly, along with a bill for $1000. Shelly reviews the research and discovers that Wayne accidentally researched the wrong neighborhood. Shelly sues Wayne for breach of contract. The court should enforce a remedy suitable for which type of contract breach?

Question 7 7. When Justin collapsed after a workout, he was lucky that a doctor was on hand to help him. The doctor provided immediate medical care and sent Justin the bill afterwards. Justin refused to pay because he did not ask for medical care from the doctor. Justin is obligated to pay because:

Question 8 8. A young student having difficulty deciding on the loans to take out for college could MOST likely receive aid from the _____.

Question 9 9. What are five consumer rights?

Question 10 10. Jorge hires Glenn to cater his parent's anniversary party. They agree that Glenn will provide barbecue pork ribs, smoked chicken, coleslaw, baked beans and a cake that will serve 60 people. Jorge will pay Glenn $500. Glenn provides the food for the party. However, the meats were partially raw, he forgot the side dishes and the cake was decorated with Happy Birthday. Jorge had to go to the grocery at the last minute to buy a new cake and he also found enough fried chicken to serve all the guests, the cost was significantly higher: $850. Of the remedies ordered below, which would be the appropriate enforcement for this type of contract breach?

Question 11 11. Which of the following does the right to safety NOT include?

Question 12 12. Of the following statements, which one BEST explains how the theory of negligence differs from the theory of strict liability?

Question 13 13. Randy buys a bushel of raspberries from the farmer's market. He tells the salesperson that he intends to squish the berries and make dye to be used in his organic artwork. The salesperson tells Randy he's never heard of that, but hopes it works. Randy makes the dye, but it's not exactly the color he wanted. It's a little too light. This is an example of:

Question 14 14. When does the UCC require a security interest to be in writing?

Question 15 15. Bonnie wants to buy a new bookcase to store her collection of antique pewter vases. She tells this to the furniture salesperson, specifying that her vases are large and heavy. The salesperson suggests a particular bookcase, which she buys and brings home. However, upon placing the vases on it the bookcase collapses. This is an example of _____.

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Business Law in Sales Final Free Practice Test Instructions

Choose your answer to the question and click 'Continue' to see how you did. Then click 'Next Question' to answer the next question. When you have completed the free practice test, click 'View Results' to see your results. Good luck!

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