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Question 1 1. OSHA is a federal administration responsible for ensuring safe and healthy work environments at businesses and worksites throughout the U.S. OSHA stands for:

Question 2 2. OSHA was enacted in:

Question 3 3. Two parties from different states are involved in a car accident in the resident state of one of the parties. Which type of jurisdiction is used to control property?

Question 4 4. Karina noticed a bug problem in her apartment. Convinced that the problem was much bigger than it looked, she set out to rid the residence of roaches. She purchased 19 cans of roach bombs and set them off in her studio apartment. The cans were labeled with clear warnings and a chart informing the customer how much to use based on the size of the space it will be used in. The fumes became so toxic that she and most neighbors became ill. In fact, many were rushed to the hospital. What is the scope of liability in this case?

Question 5 5. Manny found a stranger's blank check and decided to make it out to himself in the amount of $500.00. He then signed it with the stranger's name and went to the bank. When the owner of the check found out, he called the police. What can Manny be charged with?

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Question 6 6. Biggs, the neighborhood bully, and Mugsy, his pit bull, were strolling down the street when they came upon a much smaller man. Biggs asked the man for his money. When the man refused, Biggs commanded Musgy to bite him. The canine clamped onto the man's arm causing deep wounds. What happened here?

Question 7 7. The legislative branch of government _____.

Question 8 8. John is an alcoholic. He recently signed a contract to buy a very expensive home. Prior to signing the contract, he had six or eight cocktails. What is likely to happen with the contract?

Question 9 9. Sometimes additional or different terms are included in an acceptance. Under the UCC, these terms become part of the contract unless:

Question 10 10. When a court determines whether the terms are definite, it will look at the key elements of the offer. Which of the following is NOT usually a key element?

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Question 11 11. Which of the following is NOT an example of intangible property?

Question 12 12. The Fifth Amendment guarantees which of the following?

Question 13 13. Jane hires Julie to fix her car and Julie charges Jane $50. How can this agreement be characterized?

Question 14 14. How did the Northwest Ordinance affect the treatment of Native Americans?

Question 15 15. Parker hires Lenny to be a limousine driver for his company. While working one night, Lenny starts a fight with a passenger. Lenny pulls out a knife and threatens to stab the passenger. What is the likely legal result?

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Question 16 16. Joe is suing the car repair shop because his muffler fell off within minutes of having it installed. Prior to payment, he signed a viable document with the repair shop which gave him a 6 month guarantee, but the shop claims they never managed to process the paperwork for the contract. Why would this be a matter of contract law?

Question 17 17. Which test prods us to think about how the world would be if everyone made the same decision ?

Question 18 18. John sent Barry a written set of specific questions that are answered about the case. What did he really send him?

Question 19 19. Jurisprudence is:

Question 20 20. Sometimes the creditor can legally take the collateral in an attempt to cover the debtor's loan. This is known as:

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Question 21 21. What is an important element to support the claim of malice?

Question 22 22. As a whole, employment law is the area of law that governs:

Question 23 23. Brenda purchased all of the supplies to sew Mary's wedding dress. A few weeks before the wedding, Mary called to inform Brenda that her future husband ran off with her sister. Although Brenda was sympathetic to her heartbreak, she wanted to be paid for the stuff she purchased. So, she took Mary to court. Since the fabric wasn't cut yet, what might the judge recommend?

Question 24 24. Marvin realized late in the day that he had forgotten his friend Melissa's birthday. So he called Flowers by Flora and ordered Melissa a large bouquet of roses. He paid the flower shop and arranged for delivery to Melissa's home. Which type of party to a contract is Melissa?

Question 25 25. Joe needs to pass an electrical inspection on the first try to remain on schedule. He thinks that the inspector will probably find a few violations that will cost Joe extra time and money to address. So, Joe decides to slip the inspector a few hundred dollars. What is Joe guilty of?

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Question 26 26. A delegatee is liable for:

Question 27 27. Ralph, a local real estate agent, was meeting Mary, a first-time home buyer, to discuss an offer on a condo. Mary asked to meet Ralph at The Silver Fox Saloon to discuss the contract. When Ralph arrived, Mary was drinking a glass of Merlot. Ralph requested lemon water, and the negotiations ensued. Mary offered $50,000 above market value for the condo in question. Ralph promptly presented the offer and it was accepted. Several days later, Mary wanted out of the contract, claiming she was intoxicated at the time of the agreement and that Ralph should have known that. What will happen?

Question 28 28. In what way is the Supreme Court similar to early English tribal leaders?

Question 29 29. Who files a complaint?

Question 30 30. A Michigan citizen publishes a news pamphlet criticizing the governor. State officials demand that he cease publishing his pamphlets. He refuses, claiming the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects his rights in this case. Which of the following would likely happen if this case were brought before The Supreme Court of the United States?

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Question 31 31. Under the UCC, a sale of goods is defined as the:

Question 32 32. Mary's three-year old daughter Megan competes in pageants. Mary buys a new curling iron to style Megan's hair. The first time she uses it, Megan's hair is melted and her skin is burned. Mary calls the company to complain and they tell her the curling iron is designed only for use on adult hair. This is an example of _____.

Question 33 33. Land ownership is unique, because it usually includes many different types of rights. This is known as:

Question 34 34. Lucille comes up with an innovative way to market to her clients. This business secret is likely something that can be protected by:

Question 35 35. A presidential nominee is talking about how he will completely reform the U.S. He has stated that he will propose a federal budget which will decrease the deficit by 50% in the next year, and that he will encourage a constructive relationship with China. He further states that he will recommend a law to increase pensions by 30%, and that he will retire all of the Supreme Court Justices and name new ones. Why are his remarks unconstitutional?

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Question 36 36. Executive orders may involve ceremonial announcements. These are called:

Question 37 37. An agent can completely escape personal liability for a contract made with the authorization of the principal, as long as the principal:

Question 38 38. Bernard thought long and hard about whether to save a buck by dumping his used cooking oil in the local lake. He knows kids swim there. He thought about his own kids and whether they would like swimming in rancid oil. What model of ethical decision making was Bernard using?

Question 39 39. Which of the following situations is specifically listed in Article II of the U.S. Constitution?

Question 40 40. How did the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan differ?

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Question 41 41. Preponderance of evidence requires:

Question 42 42. Brandon works for his dad on his family farm. He breeds bulls. Brandon was kicked by a bull and suffered a severe injury to his face. This is an example of:

Question 43 43. Which of the following hypothetical candidates meets the constitutional qualifications for president?

Question 44 44. Which of the following is NOT a category of discrimination covered under Title VII?

Question 45 45. The first privileges and immunities clause is included in the text of the Constitution. Where is it found?

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Question 46 46. Molly agrees that she'll order all of the ink she needs for her printing shop from Max, as long as Max agrees not to sell blue ink to anyone else in town. Molly agrees to pay Max $1000 per month for the next year. After 11 months, Max sells blue ink to another store in town. Molly is still obligated to pay Max for the previous months. This is an example of:

Question 47 47. Which of the following case involved abuse of discretion?

Question 48 48. Maribel was reading the local paper when she came across an ad for a puppy. She called the owner and he said he would deliver the pup to her home. She gave the seller her credit card information over the phone and rushed out to purchase a few chew toys, a bed, and some food. When the doorbell rang, the owner had not delivered a puppy but a large dog with a greying chin and a few loose teeth; Maribel was shocked to find that the canine was not a puppy at all but an old dog named Puppy. Why is Maribel permitted to cancel the agreement under the mirror image rule?

Question 49 49. A country's economic growth is best reflected by:

Question 50 50. Lawyers assembled a group of potential jurors. Each juror is asked a series of questions to detect biases. This step in the legal process is:

Business Law: Tutoring Solution Final Exam Instructions

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