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Question 1 1. Which factor would lead to a wide span of management control?

Question 2 2. Which of these is the process of letting a third party decide a labor dispute between a football team and its star player?

Question 3 3. To get in depth information from a job applicant, which type of question should be used?

Question 4 4. Which of these are classifications of the Boston Consulting Group's Matrix?

Question 5 5. When individual productivity is of primary importance, which job redesign method can be used?

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Question 6 6. Which of these best describes a simulation?

Question 7 7. A hierarchy of needs theory was developed by which management thinker?

Question 8 8. Which of these management theorists was a pioneer in the field of scientific management?

Question 9 9. A leader who motivates her employees by using her own personal traits is following which style of leadership?

Question 10 10. Legitimate power is based on:

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Question 11 11. When a group has high group cohesiveness and positive group performance norms, it is a(n) _____ situation for the leader?

Question 12 12. Which situation is an example of a company using a polycentric approach to operations?

Question 13 13. Which of these best describes a cause and effect diagram?

Question 14 14. Which of these is an example of a standing plan for a corporation?

Question 15 15. Controlling must be closely related to which other management function to work effectively?

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Question 16 16. Mr. Rogers has been promoted to a General Manager position at local real estate agency. He has over 30 years experience and is well respected by fellow agents and former customers. Through the company's mentorship program, he is seen as a father figure to a number of the younger agents. How can Mr. Rogers BEST influence the company's agents to respect his authority?

Question 17 17. Which of these power bases is the result of knowing or understanding how to do job-related tasks that subordinates need to know?

Question 18 18. Which of the following is NOT correct regarding the attribution theory of leadership?

Question 19 19. Why are there opposing views on how the leadership of an organization should be conducted?

Question 20 20. Tom is the manager of a sales team. Becky is one of his employees with a need for affiliation. What type of work environment would be most beneficial to Becky?

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Question 21 21. The 'ERG' in Alderfer's ERG Theory stands for:

Question 22 22. Which of these describes the purpose of planning?

Question 23 23. Why do managers create contingency plans?

Question 24 24. A CEO of a company and a few members of upper management decided on the budget for the company and have stated there will be no changes of it based on the feedback of their subordinates. In which of the following cases is such action a good idea?

Question 25 25. If your company's assets are $100,000 while it's shareholders' equity is $70,000, what is the value of your company's liabilities?

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Question 26 26. How should a company focus on customer needs?

Question 27 27. Tom is a manager at a large firm. He has worked for the firm for a very long time and has spent much of his time focusing on the company's budget. Aside from that, he is also responsible for determining the 10-year goals of the company, one of which, is that every employee needs to have access to healthcare. Why is Tom an example of a top-level manager?

Question 28 28. Which of the following best describes an instance of a manager using the avoidance style of management?

Question 29 29. Donald is an office manager. In his youth, he found that other kids of a certain nationality were quarrelsome and hard to get along with. When an applicant from the same nationality applied for an opening in Donald's office, Donald dismissed him because he didn't feel the applicant would get along with existing staff. Donald is using _____

Question 30 30. Twain Electronics designs a unique product that nobody else on the market has. Which of the following would be an example of licensing in this case?

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Question 31 31. How can a joint venture be profitable to both parties involved?

Question 32 32. Organizations consistently go through several different changes. What environmental forces drive an organization to make changes?

Question 33 33. Approximately 70 workers are employed at an IT firm called Johnson Incorporated. All of these workers are used to checking in with their supervisors five minutes before starting to work. In case an employee has a good idea, he doesn't have to worry about channels but can go straight to the CEO. The environment is very casual here. Why are these things examples of organizational culture?

Question 34 34. The Human Resources Manager will choose internal recruiting when the company wants to _____

Question 35 35. The employee handbook contains information about _____.

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Question 36 36. Marcy gets orders to work on clients from her supervisor. When her supervisor is away and an important decision needs to be made, Marcy is authorized to make it. Marcy works _____.

Question 37 37. Which of the following is a characteristic of a mechanistic structure?

Question 38 38. You work in a small company that is currently in the planning process. Which of the following steps is the first one your company needs to take?

Question 39 39. Which of the following best defines payback analysis?

Question 40 40. Pick the answer choice that represents an example of organizing:

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Question 41 41. Daniel manages a team that has missed their production goals for the past three months. After reviewing each employee's performance record, Daniel adjusted the sales goal to take additional quality control measures into consideration. Why is this an example of controlling?

Question 42 42. Management oftentimes want to make decisions in an organization to help employees become more efficient. If a manager decides to make a decision that focuses primarily on his employees' needs and satisfaction, what principle of management does he intend to implement?

Question 43 43. Unlike Tom, who is a Theory X manager, Jenny is a Theory Y manager. Which best represents what Jenny believes about her employees?

Question 44 44. Which statement best identifies a group displaying group-thinking?

Question 45 45. The king of a small country wants to go to war. Everyone agrees with him in an attempt to gain his favor, even though they would be attacking a much larger nation. This an example of:

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Question 46 46. According to Max Weber, how should consistency and accountability be maintained in a bureaucratic structure?

Question 47 47. How would a pizza restaurant illustrate group network management?

Question 48 48. Behavioral aspects are considered in _____.

Question 49 49. Which of the following is considered only by the quantitative school of management?

Question 50 50. Which personality trait best describes the autocratic leader?

CLEP Principles of Management: Study Guide & Test Prep Final Exam Instructions

Choose your answers to the questions and click 'Next' to see the next set of questions. You can skip questions if you would like and come back to them later with the yellow "Go To First Skipped Question" button. When you have completed the practice exam, a green submit button will appear. Click it to see your results. Good luck!

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