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Question 1 1. Why did William James object to Wundt's method?

Question 2 2. Which of the following is true of biology's effect on intelligence?

Question 3 3. Behavior-based motivation says employees can be driven by _____.

Question 4 4. Which of the following structures is/are involved in the process of accommodation?

Question 5 5. Which of the following is NOT an example of an outward sign of learning?

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Question 6 6. Which of the following would be the best example of a case study?

Question 7 7. The idea that people are searching for the meaning of life is central to which type of psychology?

Question 8 8. A test that compares a person's answers to the answers of other test-takers in the same group is called _____.

Question 9 9. Which of the following is NOT one of the three intelligences proposed by Sternberg?

Question 10 10. A researcher is doing a statistical analysis of his data and has concluded that the variables 'time spent during training' and 'company revenue' have a correlation of r=1, thus concluding that there is a positive perfect correlation between these two variables. Why did the researcher likely make a mistake?

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Question 11 11.

Chelsea frequently over indulges in her food choices, which leaves her feeling ashamed of the possible weight she could gain. In order to not worry about the excessive amount of calories she has consumed she makes herself throw up.

Which of the following eating disorders does Chelsea suffer from?

Question 12 12. How are habituation and dishabituation different?

Question 13 13. Which of the following is a premise of the sociocultural model of abnormal psychology?

Question 14 14. Sarah was assigned a topic of study in her research methods class. She discovered that the topic has been studied numerous times by respected institutions. Sarah used complex statistics to sum up the effects of the studies conducted in the last 20 years. What kind of research did Sara engage in?

Question 15 15. What is the goal of a study?

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Question 16 16. A veteran chef may chop an onion by relying on her:

Question 17 17. Clinton is dying and praying for a recovery. He promises that if he lives, he will appreciate his family more. Which stage of grief is he in?

Question 18 18. When Jude is asked for her opinion about bees, she talks about the process of pollination and the benefits of eating honey. It seems that her attitude about bees is _____ based.

Question 19 19. George was asked by his administrator to provide some statistics for their school's enrollment trends. To do this, he accessed the last 50 years of enrollment data from the school and summarized the information into a concise report. What kind of research was George doing?

Question 20 20. Exploring a person's unconscious through spontaneous word association is known as:

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Question 21 21. How is REM sleep identified?

Question 22 22. Which of these is an example of an internal attribution?

Question 23 23. Scholastic aptitude is another name for _____.

Question 24 24. Why is it important that a researcher avoid skipping steps in the scientific method process?

Question 25 25. Vera has been holding onto some deep anger that is affecting her life after a good friend let her down during a recent health crisis. Vera is having a hard time moving past this experience, since she keeps having negative thoughts related to it. Vera decides that she wants to learn how to change her thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. What can help her do this?

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Question 26 26. What does rational intervention involve?

Question 27 27. The goal of a descriptive study is to:

Question 28 28. Janet has very little regard for others but a high regard for herself. This sounds like _____.

Question 29 29. There is evidence that certain aspects of facial beauty are universal. For example, most people prefer _____ faces to _____ faces.

Question 30 30. What type of symptoms does schizophrenia involve?

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Question 31 31. How well a person does on an intelligence test is related to his or her _____ age.

Question 32 32. IQ stands for:

Question 33 33. Brianna's parents often fight and are obviously miserable in their marriage. However, they have decided to stay together for the sake of their daughter. What is Brianna most LIKELY to learn about marriage from her parents' example?

Question 34 34. An experience can put a particular mental category at the forefront of our mind. When this influences our judgments and decisions, it is _____.

Question 35 35. Emma (a 17-year-old girl) mentions that she would like to lose weight and eat healthier. She does some research, and selects a diet and workout program to follow for the next month. Emma is going to take measurements and weigh herself at the beginning and at the end of her program. Which of the following best describes Emma?

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Question 36 36. Why was the first intelligence test designed?

Question 37 37. The main effects hypothesis states that _____.

Question 38 38. How can playing a musical instrument impact the brain?

Question 39 39. Meeting the client where he 'is at' is a premise of which theory?

Question 40 40. Secondary, or conditioned, reinforcement is:

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Question 41 41. In order to be diagnosed with major depressive disorder, the symptoms have to have been present for how long?

Question 42 42. Why is the successful completion of the trust versus mistrust stage important?

Question 43 43. A teacher wants to compare the reading comprehension skills of children with learning disabilities and children without learning disabilities. Which statistical test should she use to make this comparison?

Question 44 44. Which of the following involves coercive persuasion?

Question 45 45. You set a goal to exercise more to lose weight. During your workout at the gym you write down the machines that you used, along with the pounds of weight that you lifted and the number of repetitions. This is an example of which of the following?

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Question 46 46. If you were being chased by a lion, which of the following would release adrenaline?

Question 47 47. Which of the following refers to the way environment or behavior can affect a person's brain?

Question 48 48. A child would be more successful in an algebra class if she had reached which stage of cognitive development?

Question 49 49. A decrease in response to a stimulus after repeated exposure to the same stimulus is called:

Question 50 50. According to Kohlberg's Theory of Moral Development, which of the following is NOT true regarding the postconventional morality stage?

Glencoe Understanding Psychology: Online Textbook Help Final Exam Instructions

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