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Question 1 1. Which type of credit involves the bank allowing a borrower to borrow money on an as needed basis up to a preset maximum?

Question 2 2. Each column in a database table is also called _?

Question 3 3. How is advertising described compared to public relations?

Question 4 4. What function does a wholesaler serve in product distribution?

Question 5 5. How can a sales force utilize an IMC message?

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Question 6 6. All of the workers at Ted's Emporium have been shown the cold warehouse where employees who break any of the company rules are sent to work. Just thinking about the possibility of being sent into such a bleak work setting keeps most new employees from even considering breaking a rule. In this situation, management is successfully using the technique of _____ in order to encourage good behavior.

Question 7 7. Which of the following is an example of how a company would use advocacy advertising?

Question 8 8. Internal environment factors include changes to:

Question 9 9. Kathleen has a difficult time submitting project objectives and results to her supervisor in a clear and concise format. Her supervisor feels her reports are confusing. In order to improve Kathleen's skills in writing reports, her supervisor might recommend _____ training.

Question 10 10. Your company is experiencing some financial difficulties and needs to increase its profits soon. Which of the following should it NOT do in order to increase profits?

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Question 11 11. Which of these bond types allow the issuer the opportunity to retire a bond at a stated dollar amount before reaching maturity?

Question 12 12. IMC is an acronym for _____

Question 13 13. Monica reads in the newspaper that in the year ended December 31, 2015, Profit For Two Inc made $1 million profit. Monica wants to confirm for herself that this is really the case. What financial statement of Profit For Two Inc should Monica read to confirm the newspaper report?

Question 14 14. Which of the following best describes advergaming?

Question 15 15. What will happen if the Federal Reserve sells a significant amount of government securities in the open market?

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Question 16 16. Which of the following is the set of instructions written to direct the computer to execute specific tasks?

Question 17 17. Danisha is a manager at a furniture manufacturing company. She is currently planning employees' schedules and deciding which positions they will cover on the factory line. What type of planning is Danisha engaged in?

Question 18 18. In Tara's performance review, her boss points out Tara's positive ranking when it comes to meeting deadlines for key projects. In terms of organizational goals, why is sharing this information so important in the performance review?

Question 19 19. How does having a top-level executive impact divisional structures?

Question 20 20. The raw materials are late for delivery, shutting down production. How would an entrepreneur most likely deal with the situation?

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Question 21 21. What document is used to govern the operations of a limited liability company?

Question 22 22. Which of the following statements is TRUE of philanthropic characteristics in a leader?

Question 23 23. Easy access to shipping lanes is an example of a _____ factor that impacts a country's ability to participate in the global market.

Question 24 24. Which of the following elements is NOT involved in the controlling process?

Question 25 25. When GDP is rising, money demand will most likely

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Question 26 26. Behavior-based motivation says employees can be driven by _____.

Question 27 27. What type of pricing strategy offers one price and avoids constant sales discounts and price changes?

Question 28 28. Which of the following factors of production is most relevant to entrepreneurship?

Question 29 29. A bank has demand deposits of $50,000 and actual reserves of $5,000. If the reserve requirement is 10%, what is the maximum the bank can loan out at this time?

Question 30 30. What is a limited introduction of a product and marketing program to determine whether or not the product/service will be successful with the target market?

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Question 31 31. Which of the following statements is false with respect to distributed databases?

Question 32 32. Which of these best describes the proposal step of the collective bargaining process ?

Question 33 33. What is directly connected with borrowing for private investment in the market for loanable funds?

Question 34 34. How does the economy change every time banks loan out excess reserves?

Question 35 35. If 35 Euros buys 70 US dollars, what is the exchange rate from dollars to Euros?

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Question 36 36. What is the result when the marginal cost (MC) is less than the average variable cost (AVC)?

Question 37 37. Direct compensation is in the form of:

Question 38 38. Organizational changes are generally:

Question 39 39. Why might some people see preferred stock as being the BEST option?

Question 40 40. Task-oriented leaders are more likely to take control of a process because they _____.

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Question 41 41. Tina, a new small business owner, has robust revenue that are paid six months after the sale. Her business plan does not have an exit strategy. Which of the following is a reason that her business may fail?

Question 42 42. An exchange is when:

Question 43 43. A team designing their company's new marketing strategy has shown loyalty by refusing to accept a job offer from a competing firm. They have shown great knowledge, skill and enthusiasm because they have a belief that they are growing as people within their current job. Which of the following from the above scenario is NOT an input?

Question 44 44. How does the internal social environment of a business differ from its external social environment?

Question 45 45. Why is it important for marketers who are introducing a new product to understand the product adoption lifecycle?

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Question 46 46. Why is it important for a manager to include his employees when setting goals that are part of their performance appraisals?

Question 47 47. Which of the following statements about the Great Recession is TRUE?

Question 48 48. What term best describes the advanced Internet technologies and applications that enable collaboration and information sharing?

Question 49 49. If you are calling sales prospects in hopes of selling a product, what type of non-store retailing are you engaged in?

Question 50 50. Which type of discount helps to create a steady demand stream of product for the manufacturer?

Intro to Business: Help and Review Final Exam Instructions

Choose your answers to the questions and click 'Next' to see the next set of questions. You can skip questions if you would like and come back to them later with the yellow "Go To First Skipped Question" button. When you have completed the practice exam, a green submit button will appear. Click it to see your results. Good luck!

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