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Question 1 1. According to Erik Erikson, psychosocial identities involve the interplay between our _____.

Question 2 2. Most antipsychotics

Question 3 3. Gustav Fechner's work in psychophysics involved exploring

Question 4 4. Why did doctors use radical therapies, such as psychosurgery, on their patients?

Question 5 5. According to Freud, the phases of Psychosexual Development establish our _____.

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Question 6 6. Which of the following is an example of how a person would behave if their id went unchecked?

Question 7 7. People with eating disorders, like anorexics, have _____ as their cause.

Question 8 8. Philip Zimbardo's Stanford Prison Experiment wouldn't be approved today because it _____.

Question 9 9. According to the opponent-process theory, how are colors processed?

Question 10 10. What conclusion might we take away from case studies like that of Phineas Gage?

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Question 11 11. Why are the brains frontal lobes removed in a lobotomy?

Question 12 12. Psychological development is influenced by

Question 13 13.

Bill, 22 years of age, is a native of Chicago and is currently following a three year Bachelor Degree in Biology at the University of Philadelphia. Bill is an evangelical and his family has always supported the Republican party.

Who among the following will most likely be a friend to Bill?

Question 14 14. Geneticist Dmitri Belyaev's experiments with selective breeding has shown that aggression is _____.

Question 15 15. On the first day of kindergarten Mrs. Rose's class appears nervous. Mrs. Rose allows the children to have free time to color and play with clay. Each day during the first week of school, Mrs. Rose allows the children free time. By the end of the first week, the children appear calm and enter the room with happy faces. For the children, the kindergarten classroom has become the

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Question 16 16. Emotions can help us with _____ communication.

Question 17 17. In what area would someone who is an avid daydreamer, voracious reader, and rock climber most probably have a high score?

Question 18 18. John has been experiencing symptoms of irritation along with feelings of worthlessness and sadness. Why would doctors diagnose him with bipolar disorder?

Question 19 19. George Miller's study concluded that our short-term memory can hold

Question 20 20. One conclusion of Albert Bandura's experiment is that _____.

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Question 21 21. When examining a person's behavior, why would Kurt Lewin have been interested in knowing about that person's culture and community?

Question 22 22. Keller and Marian Breland's raccoon experiment showed that:

Question 23 23. Fishing, in which you may catch something after 15 minutes, then another 45 then two hours, is an example of a

Question 24 24. Which of the following is the BEST explanation for why Phineas Gage behaved so differently after his accident?

Question 25 25. While deciding on how to approach a battle, an army unit that is exhibiting groupthink might _____.

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Question 26 26. According to the scarcity principle, we more likely to buy something when _____.

Question 27 27. Jim displays primarily negative symptoms with his schizophrenia, including emotional flatness. How might a psychiatrist categorize Jim's type of schizophrenia?

Question 28 28. How does anxiety manifest physically?

Question 29 29. With regards to taste, infants

Question 30 30. How are Henry Goddard's test, and more modern tests such as the SAT, similar?

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Question 31 31. The story of Phineas Gage is a good example of a case study because:

Question 32 32. In Stanley Milgram's experiment on obedience and authority, the participants believed the responsibility for the shocks fell to:

Question 33 33. Why might someone feel unsure that they chose the right job after making a choice between two offers?

Question 34 34. Which of the following BEST explains the impact of Freud's theories of psychosexual development?

Question 35 35. How is REM sleep identified?

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Question 36 36. Subliminal advertising is proven to have

Question 37 37. When does the use of a substance become abuse?

Question 38 38. A professional football player who plays better when his games are nationally televised is exhibiting _____.

Question 39 39. The human nose can differentiate among approximately _____.

Question 40 40. In psychology, what does the term misattribution refer to?

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Question 41 41. Amanda is at home, relaxing and enjoying a happy movie. How is her autonomic nervous system responding to this situation?

Question 42 42. How is the situation of the Cold War similar to that of the hypothetical scenario presented in the prisoner's dilemma?

Question 43 43. An action potential occurs when a _____.

Question 44 44. Which of the following is the BEST explanation of the purpose behind Merrill Flood and Melvin Dresher's game theory experiments:

Question 45 45. Therapists with the highest rates of success with their patients tend to be _____.

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Question 46 46. Psychologists use statistical analysis to _____.

Question 47 47. Why might someone in Japan want to know your blood type if they are curious about your personality?

Question 48 48. Unlike MAOIs and tricyclics, SSRIs

Question 49 49. What does the term neuroplasticity refer to?

Question 50 50. What happens when someone has a stroke?

Introduction to Psychology: Tutoring Solution Final Exam Instructions

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