MTTC Social Studies (Elementary): Practice & Study Guide Final Exam

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Question 1 1. Proportional representation in each district is possible in what type of system?

Question 2 2. The U.S. Attorney General at the time of the Red Scare was

Question 3 3. Which is NOT true about the Köppen Climate Classification system?

Question 4 4. Who did the United States support in post-World War II conflicts in Latin America? Why?

Question 5 5. What is moksha to the Hindu faith?

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Question 6 6. What international organization oversees the rules of trade between nations?

Question 7 7. Neutrality is

Question 8 8. What are the two main branches of geography?

Question 9 9. How did the Wabash Case impact the series of state-level regulations benefiting farmers known as Granger laws?

Question 10 10. How does the Miranda v. Arizona decision affect the behavior of police?

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Question 11 11. Which of these is NOT an argument against economic globalization?

Question 12 12. Who is considered the father of Judaism?

Question 13 13. Samantha is finally old enough to vote but she really has no interest in the political process. She thinks one person's vote can't really make a difference and doesn't even plan to vote in the upcoming presidential election. Samantha is displaying _____.

Question 14 14. Which refers to using a show of naval force and the threat of war to accomplish foreign policy aims?

Question 15 15. In what case should a man only marry one wife?

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Question 16 16. Who formulated the concept of tabula ras and helped develop the social contract theory?

Question 17 17. How were the states described in the Articles of Confederation?

Question 18 18. Which of these was NOT a consequence of US involvement in Latin America?

Question 19 19. Which of the following was the most important god of the Sumerian pantheon?

Question 20 20. Why did President Lincoln's support for General Grant and his aggressive stance on pursuing the war hurt him politically?

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Question 21 21. Which of the following best illustrates the Spartan agoge?

Question 22 22. How did the American public react to the Lewis and Clark Expedition?

Question 23 23. Under the guidelines of the Berlin Conference, which rivers were to remain neutral and open to trade shipments?

Question 24 24. How does an embargo differ from a tariff?

Question 25 25. An agreement, or contract, that people agree to is called

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Question 26 26. Which of the following should you do as you read an informational text?

Question 27 27. Which of these explorers did not sail for Spain or Portugal?

Question 28 28. Purchasing stocks with money borrowed from a broker is called:

Question 29 29. Which type of projection projects points from a globe onto a piece of paper that touches the globe at a single point?

Question 30 30. Greek sculpture surpassed that of previous cultures because

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Question 31 31. In what year did the Yellow River flood killing nearly a million people?

Question 32 32. Which is NOT a reason some people opposed the Mexican-American War?

Question 33 33. You have a list of people that includes some of their most basic traits. Which of the following individuals is most likely to be a supporter of the Democratic Party?

Question 34 34. What is defined as each member of the trade agreement making economic gain from the agreement?

Question 35 35. Which of the following was NOT a motivation for New Imperialism?

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Question 36 36. Why did King Leopold II set up the Congo Free State?

Question 37 37. Which of the following lists places the styles of Greek pottery in correct chronological order?

Question 38 38. With which statement would Radical Republicans have most likely agreed?

Question 39 39. An organization of producers of goods or service that attempt to fix prices is known as which of the following?

Question 40 40. How did Tyler's view of the annexation of Texas differ from Van Buren's position?

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Question 41 41. Which of the following BEST describes a foreign subsidiary?

Question 42 42. Who pioneered the development of the modern telescope, and was condemned as a heretic by the Catholic Church for supporting heliocentrism?

Question 43 43. Which is true of Johnson's impeachment?

Question 44 44. Renaissance art re-introduced the cultures of

Question 45 45. Which of the following is NOT a factor in the spread of languages over time?

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Question 46 46. Which caliph built the Dome of the Rock?

Question 47 47. Which of the following was NOT linked to American industrialization in the late 19th century?

Question 48 48. Which of these is NOT true of Hinduism?

Question 49 49. If you were an attorney working on the Brown v. Board of Education case, you would need to refer to the previous U.S. Supreme Court ruling on school segregation, which was _____.

Question 50 50. In what country is homosexual activity now punishable by death?

MTTC Social Studies (Elementary): Practice & Study Guide Final Exam Instructions

Choose your answers to the questions and click 'Next' to see the next question. You can skip questions if you would like and come back to them later with the "Go To First Skipped Question" button. When you have completed the practice exam, a green submit button will appear. Click it to see your results. You will lose your work if you close or refresh this page. Good luck!

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