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NES Health (505): Practice & Study Guide Final Exam

Free Practice Test Instructions:

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Question 1 1. Medicare is divided into four sections. Which part of the Medicare program covers outpatient hospital care and preventative services?

Question 2 2. _____ are types of drugs which distort reality and cause one to witness things not actually present or happening.

Question 3 3. When trying to understand issues or ideas which are not black or white and may involve multiple parties arguing valid points, a human being must engage in what psychologists call _____.

Question 4 4. When people who you socialize with begin to influence your behavior by placing undue pressure upon you to act, do, think, or say specific things that you may not normally, we call this _____.

Question 5 5. In the United States, availability of information and media freedom are staples of our society. As such, the _____ guarantees citizens access to information from the federal government. The media makes use of this most for information gathering to inform news reports and specialized articles.

Question 6 6. Organic compounds attained from foods or supplements that humans need to maintain the proper functioning of their bodies are called _____.

Question 7 7. _____ is NOT an essential swimming skill.

Question 8 8. One of the two enzymes which cause the _____ virus to replicate and mature is called reverse transcriptase, which should never be found in a healthy human body.

Question 9 9. When one is seeking sound advice about improving nutrition, a reliable source would be a _____.

Question 10 10. _____ is the study of a body's mechanics, including how its muscles function with the skeleton and what effects and challenges gravity presents.

Question 11 11. Child psychologists have studied the effects of parenting on classroom performance and there is a glaring correlation. For example, the _____ parenting style will often produce students with behavioral issues that demand attention, aggression which may also simply be for attention, and a constant lack of trust in other individuals.

Question 12 12. Although a person's genetic composition will invariably influence or determine who he/she turns out to be as an adult, the environments in which we are raised or exposed to for a serious amount of time also determine the kind of adult a person grows into. Scientists refer to the environments we are exposed to after conception as _____.

Question 13 13. In the form of female sterilization known as _____ a doctor blocks the uterine tubes by inserting a micro coil or plug inside each of the uterine tubes. Once uterine tissue grows around the devices, the tubes will be totally blocked off.

Question 14 14. Track and Field is known more commonly around the world as _____, and we can trace its origins to the ancient Greek religious festivals of Olympia.

Question 15 15. The universally accepted _____ asserts that all people try to control their own behavior, try to improve themselves and their environments, take their biggest influences from healthcare professionals, and achieve essential and long-lasting behavior changes when they are self-initiated.

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NES Health (505): Practice & Study Guide Final Free Practice Test Instructions

Choose your answer to the question and click 'Continue' to see how you did. Then click 'Next Question' to answer the next question. When you have completed the free practice test, click 'View Results' to see your results. Good luck!