Business 107: Organizational Behavior Final Exam

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Question 1 1. When Cal has success selling a vehicle, he attributes it to his preparation and superior selling skills. When he fails, he usually blames it on the customer. Which of these best describes the type of error Cal is making?

Question 2 2. Cultures that follow _____ don't see a work schedule as a way of living their lives.

Question 3 3. The cognitive component of attitudes _____.

Question 4 4. Julie has worked in the same position for a financial firm, doing the same job, for six years. She is generally happy, but would like a new challenge. After two years, a new position finally becomes available and she applies for it. She is qualified, but is rejected in favor of Karen, an outsider with more experience. What can company management expect from Julie?

Question 5 5. Which of the following best describes a workplace team with good emotional intelligence skills?

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Question 6 6. Sally's personal life was in shambles last year when her husband passed away. She had to go to work and be polite to customers, but inside she was devastated and depressed. This situation could lead to:

Question 7 7. What is involved during participatory research?

Question 8 8. Which of the following steps in Kotter's change model involves the change leader selecting and recruiting a team of individuals who will be capable of carrying out the change?

Question 9 9. Jackie has a sense of loyalty to her company now that it is paying for her graduate tuition. This is an example of _____.

Question 10 10. In which of the following cases would a company MOST benefit from a job rotation program?

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Question 11 11. A manager who uses anchoring bias to make decisions is guilty of doing what?

Question 12 12. Jane, the CEO of a company, is trying to resolve how a new marketing strategy should be conducted. She is taking into account the long-term future of the company, brainstorming with her team, and providing them all with key information. Which type of decision making style is she using?

Question 13 13. An employee will follow an effective leader because _____.

Question 14 14. Omar is unhappy with his job and is contemplating resigning from the company. He asks his coworker what she thinks he should do, and she suggests that being optimistic and self-confident would help him feel positive about his job. Omar decides to remain with the company and work on improving his attitude. His decision is a result of his coworker's _____.

Question 15 15. What is the goal of diversity in organizations?

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Question 16 16. Which of the following statements about the demographic makeup of the U.S. labor market by 2030 is MOST likely to be correct?

Question 17 17. What is an ability?

Question 18 18. Jana thinks of herself as a diligent worker and believes that diligence is very important on the job. Due to these thoughts and beliefs, Jana works diligently at any task that is given to her and can always be counted on to finish a job well. In terms of self-concept, how can you BEST describe this relationship between Jana's thoughts, beliefs, and behavior?

Question 19 19. Ellen in the Los Angeles, California office is frustrated over a teleconference meeting she had with Donald and James from the London, England office. Because this meeting necessitated the use of Skype, Ellen tried to push aside her preference for a face-to-face discussion and focus on the task at hand, but the meeting was cut short when the Skype connection was lost, adding to Ellen's frustration. Ellen MOST likely experienced what barrier(s) in this scenario?

Question 20 20. Communication between a sales associate and which of the following parties would NOT represent an example of external communication?

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Question 21 21. Alderfer's ERG theory implies that employees are concerned with fulfilling three basic needs. These needs include:

Question 22 22. To effectively empower employees, employers must do all of the following EXCEPT:

Question 23 23. A company seeking ideas for new products wants to generate as many ideas as possible from a group. Which group decision technique will they MOST likely use?

Question 24 24. Which of the following best describes group decision making?

Question 25 25. This series of activities focuses on design and production improvement as well as providing services or goods which keep customer approval in mind.

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Question 26 26. Which type of boundary impedes communication and interaction between organizational members who operate at different levels within an organization?

Question 27 27. Which of the following scenarios depicts a situation in which the culture of a company would be likely to become a barrier to change?

Question 28 28. A group of people may feel that they belong to a subculture within an organization when they _____.

Question 29 29. Which item is most closely associated with the famous 1927 Hawthorne experiment?

Question 30 30. Why might a company be interested in investing in positive organizational scholarship?

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Question 31 31. What leadership philosophy best encompasses the statement 'Friday is Save the Whales Day, and I would like us all to wear orange in support of this great cause.'?

Question 32 32. Supportive leaders are most likely to _____

Question 33 33. Which of the following are reasons to measure the performance of your team?

Question 34 34. Why is diversity important in a team?

Question 35 35. John is the head of the accounting team and Thomas is the head of the marketing team. During their joint collaboration on a new product line, they argued so much the firm sent them to the HR department. After going through the conflict process, Thomas quit the company and started a blog about the organization's dysfunction. This is an example of which type of outcome?

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Question 36 36. Why is the fourth step of resolving a conflict the most difficult?

Question 37 37. Which category of roles does Sara the store manager use when she makes up the weekly schedule for her employees?

Question 38 38. _____ is often called the fifth function of management. It involves the evaluation, recruitment, selection, training and placement of individuals in specific job roles.

Question 39 39. How might job rotation benefit a company?

Question 40 40. Julio is a teller at the bank. He will be given the opportunity to work with new customers at the business development desk every Friday. Which job enrichment approach is Julio involved in?

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Question 41 41. Mac is very committed to the success of his company. He wants to ensure that all decisions made for the firm are well-thought out. Mac has learned to adopt a moderate stance on taking risks. Concerning risk taking, what kind of manager is Mac?

Question 42 42. Which of the following characteristic is common in low Machs?

Question 43 43. Which of the following BEST describes why power type is important to an organization?

Question 44 44. Which of the following is there a relationship between?

Question 45 45. Which of the following is NOT an element of emotional intelligence?

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Question 46 46. A mortgage company updated its system to follow new mortgage recording rules. Jack, who has been working with the company for over ten years, was very angry about the change and started to talk negatively about the implementation of the new software to his peers. What behavioral action did Jack display?

Question 47 47. Which type of training would MOST likely result in employees becoming more willing to work together and trust their coworkers?

Question 48 48. Another phrase for intuition is _____.

Question 49 49. The CEO of a large company tells his employees what he expects them to do to increase revenue in the next quarter. He specifically explains an algorithm he purchased which should help their company. He gives his employees details on how to use the algorithm and he has a comprehensive list of assignments for them. How is this an example of guiding employees?

Question 50 50. Sarah and the staff in her area have been asked to attend a training seminar to learn proper etiquette, appropriate terminology, improvement of communication skills, anti-bullying management styles and how to eliminate sexual harassment within a company. What is this type of training?

Business 107: Organizational Behavior Final Exam Instructions

Choose your answers to the questions and click 'Next' to see the next set of questions. You can skip questions if you would like and come back to them later with the yellow "Go To First Skipped Question" button. When you have completed the practice exam, a green submit button will appear. Click it to see your results. Good luck!

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