Business 107: Organizational Behavior Final Exam

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Question 1 1. Which of the following BEST represents cultural diversity in the workplace?

Question 2 2. At a local law firm, all of the women feel that there is an invisible barrier that keeps them from rising above the position of Assistant Executive Attorney. What is this barrier called?

Question 3 3. How can a company improve the internal self-view of its workers?

Question 4 4. Sarah works as a sales representative for a pharmaceutical company. In the past quarter, she has managed to sell 30 percent more than what the company expected her to sell. Based on the SIP theory, how should her manager react?

Question 5 5. Don is a 50-year-old repair technician for a computer hardware company. He notices that all of the recent promotions have gone to younger techs with more recent college degrees. What point in his career has Don MOST likely reached?

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Question 6 6. Why can job rotation be harmful to the productivity of a company?

Question 7 7. Identify the true statement concerning horizontal and internal communication.

Question 8 8. Which effective listening technique is the ability to attain more information by asking questions?

Question 9 9. Sally's personal life was in shambles last year when her husband passed away. She was so devastated that she could not control her emotions and could not provide positive customer service at her workplace. What type of emotional labor did she fail to accomplish?

Question 10 10. What does the type of emotional labor called 'surface acting' involve?

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Question 11 11. An employee will follow an effective leader because _____.

Question 12 12. All of the following statements are true about power EXCEPT:

Question 13 13. A mortgage company updated its system to follow new mortgage recording rules. Jack, who has been working with the company for over ten years, was very angry about the change and started to talk negatively about the implementation of the new software to his peers. What behavioral action did Jack display?

Question 14 14. Which of the following phrases best describes organizational development?

Question 15 15. During the second stage of the conflict process, the perception that there is a conflict arises between the two parties. This stage is called _____

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Question 16 16. Zack Sinker was the top pitcher in his league last season. He is in a conflict with team management about how much of a pay raise he should get. An impartial third party has been called in to lead the discussion between the two sides. This party helps both sides understand one another and does not have the authority to dictate the final salary. The third party is a _____

Question 17 17. Which of the following is NOT a source of self-efficacy?

Question 18 18. Samuel is very good at paying attention to other people's cues and actions and then changing his own behavior accordingly. For example, if he is talking to a shy, reserved individual, he will notice that person's reserved nature and immediately tone down his own speaking style. In such instances, Samuel is demonstrating his ability for _____.

Question 19 19. The management group at Arrow Consulting contains many adventurous members who enjoy extreme sports and like to take risks in their everyday life. When they meet to decide on the direction for their new marketing campaign, the group comes up with an extremely risky approach that will either make the company millions or bankrupt them. How does this situation reflect group polarization?

Question 20 20. Which of the following best describes group decision making?

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Question 21 21. How is the personality-job fit theory, or person-environment (P-E) fit, used for the benefit of organizations?

Question 22 22. Misty enjoys working with her peers. She always tries to find variety in her workday. What scale from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Instrument test is Misty demonstrating?

Question 23 23. Why is it important for a company to adhere to a culture of spirituality?

Question 24 24. The sales force at Grandma's Apple Pies belongs to a subculture based on the shared experience of not working in the office every day and traveling to make sales calls. This is a subculture that formed due to which area of differentiation?

Question 25 25. Cognitive, affective, and behavioral components are examples of which of the following?

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Question 26 26. The cognitive component of attitudes _____.

Question 27 27. A corporate officer who deals with large risks everyday would MOST likely want to use which leadership style?

Question 28 28. What is most important to a transactional leader when delivering rewards or punishment to subordinates?

Question 29 29. How does a mechanistic structure differ from an organic structure?

Question 30 30. Assigning employees to be specialists has advantages and disadvantages. Employers need to carefully weigh the pros and cons of such an organizational structure. Which of the following illustrates balancing an advantage with a disadvantage when employees are specialized?

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Question 31 31. An individual with the _____ will desire agreement and compliance.

Question 32 32. Terri is taking a new job as an elementary school teacher. Her job requires her to join the teachers' union. Which of the three inherent psychological needs does this satisfy for Terri?

Question 33 33. A manager who uses anchoring bias to make decisions is guilty of doing what?

Question 34 34. Anchoring, confirmation, hindsight, and availability are referred to as _____.

Question 35 35. If you are filtering what you see and hear to suit your own needs, you are using _____.

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Question 36 36. How would a manager effectively deal with different concepts of time in their workplace?

Question 37 37. Why is the perception of events so important?

Question 38 38. Jake determines that Mary, one of his team members, is consistently not achieving goals based on various measurements. As a manager, what should Jake do?

Question 39 39. The _____ can be broken down into three categories: technical, human and conceptual.

Question 40 40. Human skills include _____

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Question 41 41. How does the evidence-based management study differ from the systematic study?

Question 42 42. What do managers who favor intuition study use to evaluate employees?

Question 43 43. What is the ratio of male to female CEOs in the modern workforce?

Question 44 44. Sally, a supervisor, has been getting lots of feedback lately from employees about the business. She would like to get these suggestions on an ongoing basis. Which job enrichment method should Sally use?

Question 45 45. Joan has been a store manager for six years. She loves her job and is not interested in a job as regional manager because she would have to move to another city. Which stage of the career model is Joan in?

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Question 46 46. An organization can use various means to eliminate physical barriers between employees, even when an organization operates in different geographical locations. Which of the following is an appropriate method to remove these physical barriers?

Question 47 47. Which of the following best describes a workplace team with good emotional intelligence skills?

Question 48 48. Mr. Rogers has been promoted to a General Manager position at local real estate agency. He has over 30 years experience and is well respected by fellow agents and former customers. Through the company's mentorship program, he is seen as a father figure to a number of the younger agents. How can Mr. Rogers BEST influence the company's agents to respect his authority?

Question 49 49. Which step in the action research process looks at alternative paths of action?

Question 50 50. A manager with an open door policy for employees to share problems they see within the organization is an example of which conflict perspective?

Business 107: Organizational Behavior Final Exam Instructions

Choose your answers to the questions and click 'Next' to see the next question. You can skip questions if you would like and come back to them later with the "Go To First Skipped Question" button. When you have completed the practice exam, a green submit button will appear. Click it to see your results. You will lose your work if you close or refresh this page. Good luck!

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