Praxis School Psychologist (5402): Practice & Study Guide Final Exam

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Question 1 1. Ms. Jamison, a middle school teacher, is known for her ability to foster good behavior in her classroom by openly complimenting students who consistently do the right thing. What type of positive reinforcement is Ms. Jamison putting into action?

Question 2 2. Why is curriculum-based assessment effective?

Question 3 3. Robert is a counselor at an elementary school. In his room, he has several centers set up where children can play independently or with each other in small groups. When Robert has students play during a counseling session, what strategy is he employing?

Question 4 4. The learning environment of a classroom is established by the teacher, and it has an observable impact on student performance. Out of the choices below, which is NOT a factor that is encouraged by a positive learning environment?

Question 5 5. Oftentimes, educators are required to write SMART goals for students. What is a SMART goal?

Question 6 6. Kira is not a special education student, but she has a learning disability and every year a plan for her learning accommodations is updated and reviewed. What type of plan is being used to make sure that Kira receives the classroom support that she needs?

Question 7 7. Jean Piaget defined four levels of cognitive development. Select the choice that describes the preoperational stage.

Question 8 8. What is the name of the organization that periodically reviews, changes, and amends the code of ethics that governs and guides the conduct of school psychologists across the country?

Question 9 9. A teacher understands that children have different strengths as learners. She observes that some students express themselves well using visual tools such as diagrams, while other students have strong mathematical, linguistic, or kinesthetic skills. What theory is this teacher well-versed in, based on the given example?

Question 10 10. There are many different types of research that can be conducted. Select the choice that names the type of research that studies people over an extended period of time.

Question 11 11. Mrs. Waters is a fourth grade teacher. She knows how important it is to eliminate bad behaviors in her classroom so that more time can be spent teaching. One of the behavior management techniques that she implements is a classroom cash system, in which students earn paper money to be used on prizes. Students earn classroom cash for good behavior. What technique is Mrs. Waters using to promote positive behaviors?

Question 12 12. James Marcia's identity theory states that there are four major identity statuses. When a person has decided what he or she believes and wants, but has not taken the time to really think about these decisions, what stage of the identity theory is this person in?

Question 13 13. A school counselor needs to develop a plan of action to solve a problem, and he assembles together a committee of various people including himself, the school principal, two classroom teachers, a special area teacher, and two parents. What school consultation model is being implemented?

Question 14 14. A local school district recognizes how important it is to provide their students' families with the resources needed in order to help students find success in the classroom. The district assessed the needs of the student population and put together a list of resources for students at both the elementary and the secondary levels. The district carried out the process of _____.

Question 15 15. What is the purpose of conducting a clinical interview?

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Praxis School Psychologist (5402): Practice & Study Guide Final Free Practice Test Instructions

Choose your answer to the question and click 'Continue' to see how you did. Then click 'Next Question' to answer the next question. When you have completed the free practice test, click 'View Results' to see your results. Good luck!

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