Conflict in the Workplace Chapter Exam

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Question 1 1. A consulting firm and a bank are trying to resolve issues regarding a possible breach of contract obligations. They are in the negotiation phase and have agreed that the consulting firm will withdraw its lawsuit against the bank in return for a 3-year contract, where they will receive roughly $100,000 each year. The initial offer of the bank was $75,000, but after a lengthy discussion they decided to increase it. Why is this an example of the bargaining and problem solving phase?

Question 2 2.

True or false:

1. Some conflicts simply cannot be resolved by those involved in the dispute

2. A transcript is never kept so that the arbitrator cannot review all evidence and testimony of the disputants before determining who is right or wrong and how the conflict must be settled.

Question 3 3. Which of these third-party roles is the most active role a third-party can hold whereby he or she listens to both sides of the disagreement in a casual setting to encourage a mutual understanding of the root issue?

Question 4 4. Two companies, one worth $10 million and the other worth $20 million, have started exporting products together to the European market. The company that is worth $10 million stated that the minimum price for which it would work for the larger company was $1 million. The expected profit from this joint export is $3 million. What is the bottom line in this scenario?

Question 5 5. Gary, the general manager of a baseball team, is entering contract talks with Sammy Slugger, his best player. Sammy wants more money than Gary wants to pay him, but Gary also realizes that the team is more successful with Sammy in the lineup. How will they MOST likely resolve this situation?

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Question 6 6. Why is mediation useful?

Question 7 7. Which of the following is a rule of integrative bargaining?

Question 8 8. Ninja Corporation has heard rumblings that one of the newest marketing managers is having _ with most of the employees in the department. The marketing manager can be abrupt and rude with subordinates, resulting in relationship issues. She is known to call subordinates stupid, fat and lazy. In addition, she comes to work poorly dressed and smelling of alcohol. This has caused the marketing team to become unproductive with their quarterly goals.

Question 9 9.

Violet realized that Eric's numerous issues have caused a drop in sales of 15%. She is cognizant of the fact that Eric is the one responsible and that she needs to fix this issue. In order for personalization to occur, the parties must feel that there is conflict via stress, anger or frustration, resulting in emotional involvement. Once conflict arises, individuals must make a decision on how to handle the problem.

Which stage of the conflict process is displayed?

Question 10 10. What are the three sources of conflict in an organization?

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Question 11 11. Which of the following is a profile of a person likely to use accommodation as a conflict management style?

Question 12 12. Which of these behaviors is a characteristic of functional conflict?

Question 13 13. If the parties in a conflict scenario choose the _ conflict management style, they will simply attempt to ignore the disagreement.

Question 14 14. Why might two businesses or people need to use a third party in their negotiations?

Question 15 15.

Select the type(s) of bargaining strategies that can be used depending on the situation:

1. distributive bargaining

2. dysfunctional bargaining

3. integrative bargaining

4. cohesive bargaining

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Question 16 16. Violet can use several styles to solve a conflict with Eric. If she decides to be _, she only cares about winning and is not open to any _.

Question 17 17. Cindy handled a supplier issue. One of the suppliers was delivering lower-quality napkins, and customers were complaining about it. A subordinate quickly brought the issue to Cindy, who called and complained to the supplier. Once the supplier discovered that Cindy was going to switch companies, they upgraded her napkin quality immediately, without any increase in price. Which type of conflict occurred?

Question 18 18. What are the five stages of the conflict process?

Question 19 19. What stage is where decisions to take action in a certain way occurs?

Question 20 20. What are the two types of conflict?

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Question 21 21.

Susie Steel is a vice president in a real estate development firm called Hearts Development. She has spent enormous amounts of energy cultivating a relationship with a local town regarding an available plot of land. Susie would like to purchase the land to build townhomes for sale. She has developed an excellent relationship with the town politicians and community members.

An issue has developed over the planned usage of the land, though. The town will sell the land to Susie's company but feels that townhomes would be bad for the overall community. They're concerned with the additional cost and burden of kids that the townhomes would bring into the community. Susie understands the community's concern and wants a _ situation to occur in this _ conflict.

Question 22 22. Which of the following is NOT a step in the negotiation process?

Question 23 23. A Ninja production manager wanted to assemble the martial arts knives without an additional quality check. A quality control manager who disagreed confronted the production manager and then discussed the situation. Once the production manager understood why this last quality check was so important, he backed down on his decision. Which type of conflict was present?

Question 24 24. Which of these conflict management styles attempts to resolve a conflict by finding a middle ground?

Question 25 25.

Which step of the negotiation process is represented in the following example:

Both parties will try and figure out what price should be the starting point for the negotiation. Also, demands and expectations should be disclosed up front. Lastly, the bottom line, which is the lowest price that Wet Paint Biz will provide services to Ninja Corporation for, will need to be uncovered by Ninja Corporation. Ninja will start the negotiations with an opening offer, or starting price, suggesting a price of $25,000 for the job. Both parties also agreed that the negotiations would last one day and if a price for the job was not agreed upon, then Ninja Corporation would consider a different vendor.

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Question 26 26. Which of these third-party roles listens to both sides, keeps record, examines the issue, determines who is right or wrong in the conflict, and decides how the conflict must be settled?

Question 27 27. Which source of conflict deals with disagreements on the procedure of a specific work assignment?

Question 28 28. The three workplace conflict perspectives are:

Question 29 29. Which source of conflict involves differences based on work details and goals?

Question 30 30. Why do most dysfunctional conflicts come about?

Conflict in the Workplace Chapter Exam Instructions

Choose your answers to the questions and click 'Next' to see the next set of questions. You can skip questions if you would like and come back to them later with the yellow "Go To First Skipped Question" button. When you have completed the practice exam, a green submit button will appear. Click it to see your results. Good luck!

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