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Question 1 1. When Pamona's doorbell rang at her San Francisco, California condo and the mailman was standing there with a big box with her name on it, she could only think her boyfriend finally remembered her birthday. Much to her dismay, it was not a birthday gift from him. Rather, it was a new food processor from a company she did not recognize. What happens now?

Question 2 2. John saw an ad for a new car in Sunday's paper. He noticed the model that he was most interested in started at $15,000. Does John have a valid offer?

Question 3 3. Which is NOT an element the court will recognize as a cause for promissory estoppel?

Question 4 4. What differentiates a bilateral contract from a unilateral contract?

Question 5 5. Jacinda wants to get a bit of revenge against her roommate for stealing her boyfriend. So, Jacinda posts an ad for a room for rent. She makes appointments only when her friend is home. After several people visit the apartment, one person offers to move in. Jacinda, winking at the interested renter, says, 'sure, we have a deal, sign here.' The next day, the new renter arrived with her stuff. Jacinda and her roommate had long since made up. Jacinda tells the new roommate that she was only pretending to rent the place to get back at her roommate. Did mutual assent exist?

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Question 6 6. Dennis told his coworkers that if he wins at the casino, he will, in his own words, 'help them out financially'. What can this be considered as?

Question 7 7. Common law rests on:

Question 8 8. If Juan tells Pedro, 'I would sell you my house if you had $1,000,000 to buy it and nothing more is said or done, can Pedro sue for specific performance under mutual assent?

Question 9 9. Melissa contracted famous chef Jacques Pierre to cater her wedding reception. The contract stated that the shrimp cocktail would be made with extra large shrimp which measured 21-26 shrimp to a pound. Even though the guests did not notice and were enjoying the appetizer, Melissa suspected that the shrimp may be smaller than what she requested. She located a scale and began measuring out the shrimp. As she suspected, the count was 24-28 to a pound. What type of termination occurred?

Question 10 10. The Statute of Frauds requires that contracts be in writing when:

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Question 11 11. What is consideration?

Question 12 12. Using the mail for offer and acceptance is:

Question 13 13. Mabel asked Sally for a ride to the mall. Sally was happy to take her. When they returned home, Mabel said she would take Sally to lunch the following day to thank her for the ride. Sally showed up at noon with her appetite, but Mabel refused to take her to lunch. What will likely happen?

Question 14 14. A deposit in real estate is also known as _____.

Question 15 15. A reasonable person would believe that two parties agreed to something based on outward behavior. What is this called?

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Question 16 16. When Polly the parrot escaped her cage, her owner Melanie posted a reward for her safe and speedy return. Which type of contract did Melanie engage in?

Question 17 17. Bridget was surfing a popular marketplace website in search of a new computer. She found a vendor that was selling a brand new computer for $500.00. The ad stated that the buyer needed to email the vendor in order to complete the transaction. Brenda sent an email to the seller with her credit card information and other pertinent details like her address and phone number. After waiting several weeks for shipment, she called the vendor; they had already sold out of the computers. Which statement BEST describes this predicament?

Question 18 18. Which of the following must be part of a contract for it to be enforceable?

Question 19 19. In order to prove that there was a breach of a unilateral contract, what would one have to prove?

Question 20 20. Mabelle arrived at the clothing store with a very specific pink flowered dress in mind. When she asked for the dress in a size 18, the clerk broke the news that it was unavailable at the time. But the clerk offered to order it for delivery the next day. Mabelle agreed and made a plan with the clerk to return the next day. What type of contract did they enter into?

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Question 21 21. Don wants to buy a new car. He doesn't have enough cash to pay for it, so he decides to take out a loan. The contract states the loan amount and includes other important things like interest payments, the term of the loan and Don's signature. Which type of contract is this?

Question 22 22. Why did Labriola seek a declaratory judgment against the Pollard Group?

Question 23 23. Bill ordered a bushel of zucchini from Zeke's Farm. The order was made over the phone. Zeke delivered the vegetables the next day, and Bill paid him. What made this an enforceable contract under the Uniform Commercial Code?

Question 24 24. Employment agreements are _____.

Question 25 25. What is restitution in a quasi-contractual judgment called?

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Question 26 26. Jan noticed an ad in the paper that stated, 'Puppies for Sale.' Is this a valid offer?

Question 27 27. Alexander just bought an apartment building containing six units. Each unit collects $600 rent per month. The previous owner did not have lease agreements. Alexander was concerned that he could lose income if tenants do not pay rent. What should he do?

Question 28 28. Sally sells seashells by the seashore. A large souvenir company asked Sally to ship them several conch shells with their logo hand-painted on each one. She gave them a price of $10 a shell. The next day, she delivered the painted shells. The company refused the shipment claiming they were able to locate a cheaper version overseas. What can Sally do?

Question 29 29. Harriet lives in Ohio but she wishes to purchase property in Florida. After searching several real estate websites, she found a beautiful condominium in Boca Delray. Harriet offered the owner $150,000 for the property via US Mail. Why does the mailbox rule legitimize this offer?

Question 30 30. Which is NOT an element of a contract?

Contract Law Basics: Help and Review Chapter Exam Instructions

Choose your answers to the questions and click 'Next' to see the next set of questions. You can skip questions if you would like and come back to them later with the yellow "Go To First Skipped Question" button. When you have completed the practice exam, a green submit button will appear. Click it to see your results. Good luck!

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