Foundations of Individual Behavior Chapter Exam

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Question 1 1. Samuel is very good at paying attention to other people's cues and actions and then changing his own behavior accordingly. For example, if he is talking to a shy, reserved individual, he will notice that person's reserved nature and immediately tone down his own speaking style. In such instances, Samuel is demonstrating his ability for _____.

Question 2 2.

Messy Chocolates has incorporated information into their hiring practices. They prefer not to recruit employees right out of high school or college for their management program. Instead, they prefer to recruit experienced workers from other industries or competitors.

They are diversifying using:

Question 3 3. How does Hofstede view Masculinity in a given society?

Question 4 4. Specific patterns of behavior that exist within an individual, such as a tendency to procrastinate, are called _____.

Question 5 5. What is an ability?

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Question 6 6. Susie knows she excels in math and analytical abilities, so she feels she is an excellent problem solver. This is an example of a(n):

Question 7 7. What term refers to an individual's attitudes about themselves that, in turn, can be molded via managerial or coworker feedback?

Question 8 8. John is a fine watchmaker and jeweler for the expensive brand, Faklex Company. John most likely is characterized by this physical ability:

Question 9 9. Rodney came up with an idea at a weekly meeting to make a chocolate bar with potato chip pieces embedded. He felt that his analysis showed a growing trend of sweet and salty treats. His bar was produced for the market and ended up being one of Messy Chocolates' best-selling candy bars. Rodney displayed:

Question 10 10. Messy Chocolates' marketing research department released a study that the Hispanic market should be the next target market to sell their candy to this year due to a growing population. Thankfully, the company has Hispanic employees on staff who helped create and market the product. The chocolate bar has a hint of cinnamon and chili flavor. The bar was a huge success due to Messy Chocolates' emphasis on _ diversity.

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Question 11 11.

An employee who has low self-esteem (negative) tends to have the following organizational traits:

1. Does not have confidence in work abilities

2. Self acceptance

3. Not affected by other individual's views

Question 12 12. Define Uncertainty Avoidance in Hofstede's cultural dimensions.

Question 13 13.

Zach, who was recently hired, barely spends six hours a day on the job. He does not work hard at learning his new job and would be defined as having low _.

Zach does not believe that hard work and his abilities will pay off with success. In other words, he lacks _.

Question 14 14. Which of the following is NOT a source of self-efficacy?

Question 15 15. Japan looks for a more harmonious world where everyone works together, but Americans are fine being the hero. This is descriptive of:

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Question 16 16. Rodney is able to communicate with the shy vendor and also the outgoing sales reps. Although he can be unpredictable, Rodney is an excellent manager, as he is able to identify and adapt to many different types of worker personalities. Rodney also wanted to fit in with his fellow managers so he also this to ensure that he presented himself as an accomplished manager. Rodney practices _.

Question 17 17. How do race and culture play a part in developing worker relationships?

Question 18 18. Define Long-term versus Short-term orientation

Question 19 19. What is another term for self-efficacy?

Question 20 20. Research has identified which correlation between employee age and work life?

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Question 21 21. Jana thinks of herself as a diligent worker and believes that diligence is very important on the job. Due to these thoughts and beliefs, Jana works diligently at any task that is given to her and can always be counted on to finish a job well. In terms of self-concept, how can you BEST describe this relationship between Jana's thoughts, beliefs, and behavior?

Question 22 22. How would the Power Distance dimension apply within a given organization?

Question 23 23. All of the following are evidence of negative self-esteem EXCEPT _____.

Question 24 24. What is tenure?

Question 25 25. How could you examine someone's self-concept?

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Question 26 26. Ludwig has been composing music since he was five years old and has a keen ear for melodies. He displays physical ability with his _____, which are based on _____.

Question 27 27. Why is Hofstede's cultural dimensions theory relevant to the business market today?

Question 28 28. Examples of intellectual abilities include all of the following, EXCEPT _____.

Question 29 29. Why would it be important for a jeweler to have good psychomotor skills?

Question 30 30. Relative to Japan, the U.S. has a low score for _. Basically, we are okay with ambiguity and not knowing everything for certain. On the other hand, Japan is very high on this scale, and they do not want uncertainty; they want facts.

Foundations of Individual Behavior Chapter Exam Instructions

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