Leadership in Organizational Behavior Chapter Exam

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Question 1 1. A leader who influences employees to conceptualize the future state of the organization is _____.

Question 2 2.

Which perspective would more than likely describe symbols of power, i.e. would literally look at each aspect of the type of office furniture that's in a manager's office, such as:

- Is a conference room table long and rectangular? Thus, the 'head' of the meeting or department sits at the head of the table.

- Is a manager's desk large and intimidating?

- Is his or her chair higher than those in front of the desk?

Question 3 3. 'Jim, I really need your help with this project to try and get corporate to give us the money to do it, and we can share in the success.' That is an example of:

Question 4 4. Which of the following statements about the MBO approach to communication is FALSE?

Question 5 5. How can a leader lose power?

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Question 6 6. 'You are my friend, we have been through a lot together, and I really need your help now.' That is an example of:

Question 7 7. All of the following statements are true about power EXCEPT:

Question 8 8. Individuals become leaders based on their _____.

Question 9 9.

Jake needs to climb a tall, steep ladder 50 feet to get to the top of the roof. Below him is his employee, Donna, who is holding the ladder in place. Without Donna holding the ladder, the ladder will slip, and Jake - well, let's just say that he's not going to be too happy hitting the ground from 50 feet up. Now, Jake is almost at the top of the ladder, and Donna calls up to him, letting him know that he has not given her an answer on her request for more money. Jake hollers back that now is not the time to talk about it, and we can talk about it later. To which Donna replies, 'If we do not talk about it now, I am quitting, and you can get someone else to hold the ladder for you!' Jake, after taking all of about 10 seconds to think about how far down the ground is, grants Donna the raise she asked for, and the ladder would stay where it is.

Now, in the case of Jake and Donna, Donna was not _ because Jake could eventually find someone else to hold the ladder, but he could not do it at the time he needed it.

Question 10 10. Mr. Rogers has been promoted to a General Manager position at local real estate agency. He has over 30 years experience and is well respected by fellow agents and former customers. Through the company's mentorship program, he is seen as a father figure to a number of the younger agents. How can Mr. Rogers BEST influence the company's agents to respect his authority?

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Question 11 11. Which of these describes the primary concern of a manager?

Question 12 12. Manager Mike offered incentives, allowed his employees to voice their opinions, and communicated positive messages. How do these actions demonstrate good leadership?

Question 13 13. Which of the following is NOT an element of emotional intelligence?

Question 14 14. Dimitri wants to present his sales proposal to the vice president of a company he hopes to do business with. Dimitri knows it will be difficult to get an appointment because the vice president's executive assistant is very particular about who gets a meeting. The executive assistant is exhibiting _____.

Question 15 15. Think about if your son or daughter came home after working hard to join a team and did not succeed. You would _ with them and help them through it.

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Question 16 16. How are managers awarded their power and authority?

Question 17 17. Jeremy is dependent upon having one of his 200 employees open up the doors to the workshop each morning. This is an essential but relatively simple task that any of the employees could perform. Each of Jeremy's employees is paid minimum wage, and Jeremy constantly receives calls from new people who would like a job. Why would Jeremy have few worries about the power that an employee chosen to open the doors holds over him?

Question 18 18. Major McCarthy shares personal stories of his first time in battle and his rate of successful missions with his nervous troops. By taking this action, he demonstrated what result of good leadership?

Question 19 19. Sam is a sales manager at a car dealership. He is instituting a salesperson of the month program where the top seller gets a plaque to hang on their office wall along with a free lunch. Sam is using _____ power.

Question 20 20. Which aspect of emotional intelligence relates to your ability to recognize your own emotions, abilities, and motives in various situations?

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Question 21 21. One individual that comes to mind is Napoleon Bonaparte. He ruled his kingdom with an iron fist and had no problems going to war to defend it or to help it grow. His management was by _ only, and if you argued with his perspective, you were not going to be around for very long.

Question 22 22. Ms. Pauline Powers has been promoted to Divisional Manager at a software development company. Ms. Powers is an internationally recognized expert in the computer language that the company uses. How can Ms. Powers influence her subordinates to respect her authority?

Question 23 23. In the military, the commanding officer (CO) holds the highest level of authority over his unit. He is in charge of everything, from deciding how to fight the enemy to overseeing the day-to-day tasks of his soldiers. Which type of leadership role is descriptive of the CO?

Question 24 24.

Now that Kelly has successfully penetrated her market, she wants to take her sales to the next level by branching into a new market. However, Kelly has never worked in this market before and understands that it is vastly different from her usual one.

Fortunately for Kelly, this was Jack's market before he was promoted to a manager, and he has some insider knowledge about how to be a successful sales person in that market. Because of Jack's _ power, Kelly will listen to all of the suggestions that Jack offers her, even those that contradict Kelly's typical sales strategies.

Question 25 25. An employee will voluntarily follow an effective leader because _____.

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Question 26 26. The main bases of positional power include:

Question 27 27. Which of the following terms BEST applies to a situation in which there is not an abundance of a resource?

Question 28 28.

True or false:

1. Management by objective (MBO) did not change the way many companies worked and functioned.

2. Communication improved dramatically with MBO.

Question 29 29. True leadership is defined by the ability to _____.

Question 30 30. When Kelly asks her manager Jack to approve her personal time off, Kelly knows that Jack has _ power to either approve or deny that request. Regardless of Jack's decision, Kelly must comply.

Leadership in Organizational Behavior Chapter Exam Instructions

Choose your answers to the questions and click 'Next' to see the next set of questions. You can skip questions if you would like and come back to them later with the yellow "Go To First Skipped Question" button. When you have completed the practice exam, a green submit button will appear. Click it to see your results. Good luck!

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