Perception and Attribution Chapter Exam

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Question 1 1. Barb watches her colleague Jim give a speech on nuclear disarmament and is very impressed with his expertise and calm speaking style. Based on that experience, she asks Jim to speak to her local pet rescue group when they need an inspirational speaker. Jim gives a half-hearted speech and doesn't appear to know what he is doing. Barb's judgement in this situation was clouded by _____.

Question 2 2. Two people speak to a poorly performing football team. The first is the coach. He yells and uses profanity. The second is the owner. She calmly lays out consequences if the losing continues. Attribution theory would say the coach and owner have _____.

Question 3 3. Joel works on night shift at Betty's Books with a crew of five other employees. He has been working there the longest and other employees often come and ask him what to do, despite the fact that they are all in the same position. What type of power does Joel have?

Question 4 4. Ken and his supervisor were interviewing candidates for an open position on their team. Ken's supervisor really liked one of the candidates in particular, a woman named Julia. Ken did not feel that there was anything special about Julia, but he knew that he could work with her. When Ken's supervisor asked him his thoughts on Julia, he agreed that she was an excellent candidate and should be the one who they extend the employment offer to. Ken has taken on the role of a _____ in this example.

Question 5 5. What is the difference between a sycophant and a goodie two-shoes?

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Question 6 6. If a person is in a meeting at work and is talking a lot, and we put them in another group of people outside of work and they continue to talk a lot, they are _ in their behavior.

Question 7 7. The boss reprimands a production worker for poor performance. He says the employee is lazy and inattentive. He fails to consider the employee works with an old machine that is constantly breaking down. Which of these best describes the mistake in the boss's reasoning?

Question 8 8. How are messages expressed in a low context culture?

Question 9 9. Which of the following is an example of stereotyping?

Question 10 10. If someone takes their driving test and passes the first time, with _ they would attribute that to their hard studying and their ability to drive. If, however, they fail their test, they will attribute that to the test being too hard or the traffic being heavy that day.

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Question 11 11. What should company managers making decisions about employees do to remove attributional biases from their thinking?

Question 12 12. Boy, Bill, this one really got me upset. Yesterday, I gave you five different tasks to do, and you only did the last one I spoke about. You were exhibiting the _ effect.

Question 13 13. Mary is confrontational with her mother, but then goes out a few hours later with friends to laugh and have a good time. This means Mary's _____.

Question 14 14. Bob was recently promoted to lead teller at the bank. He has which type of power over the other tellers?

Question 15 15. An example of a culture with high context communication would be _____.

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Question 16 16. If you are in a restaurant at 8:00 AM and you see someone drinking a beer and having a steak, your perception could be that this is the wrong time of day to be doing that. What factor is influencing your perception?

Question 17 17. When we are talking about the act of perception, we have a _, or a person who becomes aware of things or events through their senses, and the _, which is the target individual or situation that is being viewed and influences our thought patterns of perception.

Question 18 18. Mark walks into the office break room at 8:15 am and sees two employees fully engaged in a friendly card game. Why would Mark perceive this as odd?

Question 19 19. Why would an American company with a multicultural mix of employees from Asia, North America, and South America expect varying perceptions about power distance?

Question 20 20. _ will manage the information a person receives with the intent of not hurting another individual. For example, they might not tell their boss something about a coworker, as it will get them in trouble. If the boss asks, they might shade the truth some or not give all the details. Their intent is to not hurt anyone, but, in the end, they are sometimes the victim as they were not honest when asked for information.

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Question 21 21. Japan is a _-context culture, where there is more of a quiet understanding of what is going on and less is said about it, as in the end we should be just 'understood'.

Question 22 22. How should a manager handle a situation where there are employees from low as well as high context cultures?

Question 23 23. Carla is always cheerful and positive at work regardless of the situation. Which term best describes her behavior?

Question 24 24. Which term describes the cause of Joe's behavior when he arrives at work in an unusually foul mood because of traffic delays on the way in?

Question 25 25. The district manager sees that sales figures have declined at a store for three straight months. He decides to replace the store manager. Which of these best describes the error in the district manager's thinking?

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Question 26 26. At the last training session we had, Bill, you mentioned that the average test grades for your team were good. You looked at the average results of your team but didn't realize that meant that some did poorly and needed help, while others did very well and should have been praised. _ is distorting your perception.

Question 27 27. How people interpret events and, in their minds, relate them to the way they think or behave is called _____.

Question 28 28. Julia, a new employee, is forming opinions about other workers in the office. In this situation, her previous work experience, motivations, and attitude toward managers would all be considered _____.

Question 29 29. Countries such as those in Latin America subscribe to this, as they see work and life as complete circles that are intertwined together.

Question 30 30. When individuals make an assumption about others without having all the data they need to be accurate, this is called:

Perception and Attribution Chapter Exam Instructions

Choose your answers to the questions and click 'Next' to see the next set of questions. You can skip questions if you would like and come back to them later with the yellow "Go To First Skipped Question" button. When you have completed the practice exam, a green submit button will appear. Click it to see your results. Good luck!

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