Sexual Harassment in the Workplace for Employees Chapter Exam

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Question 1 1. John is the perpetrator of sexual harassment at his job in a retail store. The harassment was reported, and John suffered several ramifications. Which of the following is the most likely PROFESSIONAL consequence for perpetrators of workplace sexual harassment?

Question 2 2. Mark is being sexually harassed by a co-worker at the restaurant where he works. Like many victims of sexual harassment, the situation has deeply affected Mark. Which of the following is NOT a probable effect on the victim of sexual harassment?

Question 3 3. Sabrina believes she experienced sexual harassment while at work. As a victim, Sabrina can file a charge of workplace sexual harassment with which of the following federal organizations?

Question 4 4. Susan is the managing partner of a medium-sized law firm. She just found out one of the attorneys has been sexually harassing one of the paralegals for several months. She wants to fully address the situation with everyone affected, but isn't sure who that is. Which of the following is typically NOT affected by workplace sexual harassment?

Question 5 5. Which of the following is not true of recent trends in workplace sexual harassment charges filed with the EEOC?

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Question 6 6. Samantha filed a sexual harassment claim with the EEOC, but then she quit her job and moved to another state. She did not follow-up with the EEOC, so the EEOC eventually closed her case. About how many EEOC claims are administratively closed without resolution?

Question 7 7. What do we call the voluntary and informal process facilitated by the EEOC to try to resolve a charge after a reasonable cause determination has been made?

Question 8 8. Cassandra believes she has been sexually harassed by her co-worker, Charles. She filed a complaint with the EEOC, but after an investigation the EEOC determined that there was no reasonable cause to support Cassandra's claim. Cassandra wonders if this is a common result. About what percentage of EEOC claims end in a determination of no reasonable cause?

Question 9 9. Which of the following cannot be sexual harassers under the law?

Question 10 10. Jack is a frequent customer at the restaurant where Diane works. Jack often gets 'grabby' with Diane, which Diane does not enjoy. Must Diane put up with Jack's behavior?

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Question 11 11. Jill is the leader of Jack's team and has repeatedly asked Jack to go out on a date even though Jack has declined. Jill gave Jack a poor team member appraisal out of spite, which was reviewed by Jack's direct supervisor. Jill is best described as which of the following?

Question 12 12. Elton is a homosexual male whose lunch is disturbed daily by Glen's derogatory jokes about homosexuals. Glen is Elton's co-worker from an entirely different department of the company and doesn't know Elton at all. What's the best explanation of this situation?

Question 13 13. Tess is a barista. On her day off, she stops by her coffee shop for a cup of coffee. She's sexually harassed by a customer while drinking her coffee and reading the newspaper at the shop. Does this constitute workplace sexual harassment?

Question 14 14. Which one of the following is a location where workplace harassment cannot occur?

Question 15 15. Calvin is attending a week long conference in New York as part of his job responsibilities. He's been continually sexually harassed by one of the presenters at the conference. Is Calvin a victim of workplace sexual harassment?

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Question 16 16. Nathan is being sexually harassed by a client during a business lunch at a local restaurant. Does this constitute workplace harassment?

Question 17 17. Carla just learned that one of her employees, Cal, has been accused of sexual harassment. Carla needs to know how this accusation might affect her company. In the employment context, Carla should know that the following statement is NOT correct:

Question 18 18. Evan's small business recently experienced a sexual harassment claim. Evan's attorney told Evan that he should expect to hear from the federal government. This sounds very intimidating to Evan! Which government agency investigates charges of sexual harassment, and can bring enforcement actions against noncompliant employers?

Question 19 19. Jane works for a small retail store owned by Dick who constantly sexually harasses Jane. In fact, Jane's work environment is so hostile and offensive she quits. What is the most relevant doctrine that applies to this situation?

Question 20 20. Bill runs a small business. He's just learned that one of his employees, Brandon, was sexually harassed by another employee. Bill looked into the incident and determined Brandon was, in fact, sexually harassed. What duty does Bill now have?

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Question 21 21. Which of the following is a key indicator that flirting has crossed the line into sexual harassment?

Question 22 22. Anne starts to flirt with Mike. Mike tells Anne that he's married and not interested. Anne stops. Which of the following best describes this situation?

Question 23 23. A victim of sexual harassment may file a charge with which of the following federal agencies?

Question 24 24. Allan flirts with Beth. Beth tells him to stop, but Allan keeps flirting over several weeks. Which of the following is the best description of this situation?

Question 25 25. Angela is a human resource manager who was asked to attend a seminar about sexual harassment in the workplace. Angela learned many interesting points at the seminar that she plans to share with the employees at her company. Which of the following is NOT true regarding sexual harassment, and therefore should NOT be one of the items that Angela will share?

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Question 26 26. Will's job is to gather and investigate all types of employee complaints at his company. Upon further investigation by Will, which of the following complaints does NOT turn out to be an example of sexual harassment?

Question 27 27. Which of the following is true in regards to a hostile work environment as it relates to sexual harassment.

Question 28 28. Rachael believes that she has been the victim of sexual harassment at her workplace. What should be her next course of action?

Question 29 29. How may an observer of sexual harassment be emotionally affected by sexual harassment?

Question 30 30. Adam filed a sexual harassment complaint with the EEOC. In the meantime, Adam's employer fired the employee who harassed Adam, and gave Adam a week of paid vacation. What does the EEOC call this type of resolution?

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace for Employees Chapter Exam Instructions

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