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Question 1 1. Penny thought it would be funny to place a plastic snake in her roommate Brad's sock drawer. When he opened the drawer, he shrieked and then began laughing. The next day, Penny uploaded a video of the incident on a social networking website and tagged Brad. Brad filed suit for intentional infliction of emotional distress. Can he do this?

Question 2 2. Ziggy and Daniel were arguing when Ziggy picked up a rock and hurled it at Daniel's head. Who is Ziggy in this scenario?

Question 3 3. John was driving down the road when he came upon a flashing yellow light and did not stop. Sandy was also driving down the road at the cross street. She too saw a flashing yellow light and also did not stop. What category of comparative negligence will likely apply?

Question 4 4. A couple of characters working at the grocery store want to play a trick on their co-worker. The pranksters peel a banana and toss the peel on the market floor. A co-worker slipped and fell on the peel. As he fell, his head hit several shelves causing deep wounds. What happened here?

Question 5 5. Bernie punches Ray in the nose for parking too close to his car. Ray's injury causes him to take time off from work. What type of damages can Ray sue for?

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Question 6 6. Identify which of the following is NOT an example of a public policy.

Question 7 7. Tommy is a taxi driver and Patty is his passenger. Tommy is talking to Patty and is distracted when he drives over a curb. Patty bumps her head as a result. Tommy is found liable. What is this an example of?

Question 8 8. Brandy was eating peanuts at a local restaurant where it is common practice to throw the shells on the floor. There are warning signs everywhere informing diners to be careful when walking around the restaurant. Brandy got up and slipped on a pile of shells. What category of comparative negligence will likely be used?

Question 9 9. What is the most important connection in proximate cause?

Question 10 10. Darren is a distracted driver. While checking messages and drinking a large cup of coffee, he runs a stop sign and hits Hillary. Hillary's car is totaled and she has a sprained neck. She'd like to sue Darren. Would Darren have any defense under the rules covered within this lesson?

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Question 11 11. Shelly is a bartender at a local golf club. Oftentimes, when players lose, they are rude to the servers. One day, a man asked for a bottle of beer and did not thank her for the service. Fed up, Shelly cracked the bottle over his head. Who is responsible for the damages?

Question 12 12. Heather hires Bob to fix the tile in her bathroom. The tile has been falling off in big chunks, but she hadn't yet told Bob that. When Bob enters the bathroom he's hit on the head by falling tile. Heather is found liable. What is this an example of?

Question 13 13. Melinda was watching a juggler at a street show. As the juggler juggled more and more balls, the crowd cheered. Finally, as his last act, the juggler juggled balls and a chainsaw. The chainsaw slipped through his hands and scraped the side of Melinda's head causing much of her hair to be cut off. How will a court view this case?

Question 14 14. Barry moved from a big city to a small town in the Midwest. It was apparent by his dress and accent that he wasn't from the area. Neighbors, convinced that Barry is part of the witness protection program, began telling everyone in town that Barry is in the Mafia. They spread rumors all over town that Barry is a murderer and a thug. He couldn't get a job or even get a seat at the local saloon. When he heard about the rumors, he went straight to court. What type of claim would he likely be able to make?

Question 15 15. Tommy the orange farmer was angry because Fran, another orange farmer, had many more customers. Tommy made up a story and started telling people that Fran used dangerous pesticides that might make people sick. What is Tommy guilty of?

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Question 16 16. Carla is driving her car with Paul as a passenger. Carla is talking to Paul and is distracted when she drives over a curb. Paul bumps his head as a result. This is an example of:

Question 17 17. The local fire department is conducting a few drills to prepare them for the upcoming dry season when many fires break out. As part of their drill set, they plan on driving on the highway at a rate of speed higher than the speed limit while spraying their fire hoses at the shoulder of the road. If a passerby is injured as a result, what will the court look at?

Question 18 18. Eddie is the class clown. One day, his teacher was getting ready to sit in a chair to help a struggling student when Eddie decided to pull the chair from under her for a laugh. When the teacher fell, she suffered a broken hip and needed extensive medical treatment. What happened here?

Question 19 19. The Ginsbergs were fast asleep in bed when they heard glass break and footsteps approaching their bedroom. Old Man Ginsberg reached for his Colt 45 and waited in the dark. The burglar opened the bedroom door brandishing a shiny rifle. Ginsberg pumped him full of lead leaving the burglar wriggling in pain. Was Ginsberg justified?

Question 20 20. Lionel likes to joke about the competition. When he and his competition were working a festival, Lionel told people to put their food to the test and compare him against his competition. Both parties had the same amount of sales. What type of tortuous behavior occurred?

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Question 21 21. Sara's son is sixteen. He's having a party in her garage and several minors are drinking alcohol. Sara knows there's a party but doesn't check to see what the kids are doing. While walking home, one of the intoxicated kids trips on a curb and breaks her arm. Sara is found liable. What is this an example of?

Question 22 22. Karina noticed a bug problem in her apartment. Convinced that the problem was much bigger than it looked, she set out to rid the residence of roaches. She purchased 19 cans of roach bombs and set them off in her studio apartment. The cans were labeled with clear warnings and a chart informing the customer how much to use based on the size of the space it will be used in. The fumes became so toxic that she and most neighbors became ill. In fact, many were rushed to the hospital. What is the scope of liability in this case?

Question 23 23. During the holiday shopping rush, two customers vying for the same talking doll bump into one another. One shopper sustained serious injuries because a display of plastic ponies fell on her head. Would this situation be considered battery?

Question 24 24. The Great Flying Carmelo has a high wire act in a local casino. He suspends himself over the casino floor and does very dangerous tricks. On the weekends, he practices in the yard of his rented house. This particular weekend, he fell and injured his back and neck. What is the scope of liability for Carmelo's landlord?

Question 25 25. Misty was driving on the highway when a police cruiser with his lights on speeds by. Frightened by the sirens, she slams on her brakes and skidded across several lanes to land in a shallow canal. Upset by the incident, she claimed that the officer caused her emotional distress. What will likely happen?

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Question 26 26. Jason is a jogger and accidentally trips in front of Howard's house. Howard sees the accident and goes out to help Jason, but Howard drops Jason and breaks Jason's arm. Jason wants Howard to pay his medical expenses. This is an example of:

Question 27 27. Which of the following scenarios would the 'But For Test' be most useful in?

Question 28 28. What best translates the Latin term, 'Respondeat superior'?

Question 29 29. Geneva and her friends were celebrating her 30th birthday. After a few too many glasses of champagne, Geneva climbed on a monument in the town center and sang a few verses of Happy Birthday to herself. A crowd gathered and several photojournalists got some pretty incriminating shots. The next day, she saw several social media sites posted her untouched-up photos online. Angered, she cried defamation and initiated a lawsuit. What will likely happen?

Question 30 30. Excited about that Fourth of July, Perry lit a pack of firecrackers, yelled a warning to those nearby and threw them into the air. Unfortunately, the explosives landed in Maria's hair and created several large burns on her scalp. What happened here?

Torts in Business Law: Help and Review Chapter Exam Instructions

Choose your answers to the questions and click 'Next' to see the next set of questions. You can skip questions if you would like and come back to them later with the yellow "Go To First Skipped Question" button. When you have completed the practice exam, a green submit button will appear. Click it to see your results. Good luck!

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