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Torts in Business Law Chapter Exam

Exam Instructions:

Choose your answers to the questions and click 'Next' to see the next set of questions. You can skip questions if you would like and come back to them later with the yellow "Go To First Skipped Question" button. When you have completed the practice exam, a green submit button will appear. Click it to see your results. Good luck!

Page 1

Question 1 1. Excited about that Fourth of July, Perry lit a pack of firecrackers, yelled a warning to those nearby and threw them into the air. Unfortunately, the explosives landed in Maria's hair and created several large burns on her scalp. What happened here?

Question 2 2. In the tort of , the defendant intentionally interferes with the plaintiff's economic future. To say it a different way, if a defendant takes purposeful action against the plaintiff that places the plaintiff's future income or revenue at risk, this may be interference with prospective advantage.

Question 3 3. Jim had a few too many drinks at the social mixer. A woman asked him to sit in her car so they could be alone. Jim accepted the offer with plans to just have a conversation, but the woman began groping him. Jim felt trapped so he went along with the acts. The next day, he alleged sexual assault. What defense might the defendant use to avoid liability?

Question 4 4. Jason is a jogger and accidentally trips in front of Howard's house. Howard sees the accident and goes out to help Jason, but Howard drops Jason and breaks Jason's arm. Jason wants Howard to pay his medical expenses. This is an example of:

Question 5 5. Briny Boat Charters set sail with several charter boat passengers on board. One of the amateur fishermen cast his fishing line. Unfortunately, it caught the skin of a fellow passenger and tore his skin. Angry and upset, he sued Briny's for not providing a safe environment. What type of defense will likely apply?

Page 2

Question 6 6. Brenda is a junior stock broker at a trading house. Her boss asked her to secretly move client money to his private account. She did not want to do it but he demanded that she do so or he would take care of her. She moved the money as requested. Then, he asked that she shred all evidence of the transactions and call the clients to report that their accounts were hacked by someone in another country. Finally, he asked that she book him a flight to Cuba and ditch the car. Because of the stress her boss put on Brenda, she became physically ill, suffered panic attacks, hair loss and paranoia. She was hospitalized as well. Can she sue?

Question 7 7.

In Byrne v. Boadle (1863), plaintiff Byrne was strolling down a Scotland street when, unexpectedly, a barrel of flour fell upon his head, causing serious injury to the plaintiff. The courts applied the elements and favored on behalf of the plaintiff, Byrne. They looked at each element on its face. The flour barrels were within the control of the defendant. Flour barrels were carelessly stored on windowsills where they have the potential to fall. Finally, the plaintiff in no way contributed to the injury.

This is known as:

Question 8 8. In many states, a dog owner is responsible for any injury resulting from the dog biting another person. If the defendant's dog has a predisposition to snap or act aggressively toward people, or has been known to attack without provocation and bites a person, the owner can be for the actions of the dog.

Question 9 9. Heather hires Bob to fix the tile in her bathroom. The tile has been falling off in big chunks, but she hadn't yet told Bob that. When Bob enters the bathroom he's hit on the head by falling tile. Heather is found liable. What is this an example of?

Question 10 10. Ziggy and Daniel were arguing when Ziggy picked up a rock and hurled it at Daniel's head. Who is Ziggy in this scenario?

Page 3

Question 11 11.

Generally speaking, a per se case, or one that is on face value, can be fairly easy to prove using the following elements:

1. Defamatory statements were published or broadcast to a wide audience.

2. The statements were true.

3. The false information caused injury to the plaintiff.

Question 12 12.

In order for a court to determine whether an employee acted within the scope of employment, the court will look at a few things:

1. The act or action occurred while the employee was at the workplace and within the hours of the employee's schedule.

2. The employer must have employed the employee at the time of the incident. In other words, employee had a reason to be at work at the time.

3. The injury was a result of the act or actions of the employee in the capacity that the employee was hired (a waitress is hired to serve coffee, amongst other things).

Question 13 13. Which of the following scenarios would the 'But For Test' be most useful in?

Question 14 14. Two drivers who ignore a four-way stop and collide is a good example of:

Question 15 15. There are two parties to a civil tort action. What are they?

Page 4

Question 16 16. Tommy the orange farmer was angry because Fran, another orange farmer, had many more customers. Tommy made up a story and started telling people that Fran used dangerous pesticides that might make people sick. What is Tommy guilty of?

Question 17 17. Billy borrowed Tony's car. When Billy showed up to get the keys, he was visibly upset. He was punching trees and yelling loudly. Billy's girlfriend had just broken up with him. Tony knows that Billy has been in trouble with the law before for speeding and reckless driving. Should something happen to Tony's car while in Billy's possession, what did Tony enter into?

Question 18 18.

A pretty brunette sits alone at the bar. A lonely gentleman approaches her and asks, 'What brings you here, lovely lady?' Before the woman could utter a word, the man is picked up by his shirt collar and sent sliding across the bar. Sounds like the makings of a crime story.

This is known as:

Question 19 19. Melinda was watching a juggler at a street show. As the juggler juggled more and more balls, the crowd cheered. Finally, as his last act, the juggler juggled balls and a chainsaw. The chainsaw slipped through his hands and scraped the side of Melinda's head causing much of her hair to be cut off. How will a court view this case?

Question 20 20. Barry is the owner of a used car dealership. His new salesperson left a car in gear and walked away. The car rolled down the street and hit several pedestrians in a crosswalk. What type of negligence occurred?

Page 5

Question 21 21. What is the legal definition of reasonable force?

Question 22 22. During the holiday shopping rush, two customers vying for the same talking doll bump into one another. One shopper sustained serious injuries because a display of plastic ponies fell on her head. Would this situation be considered battery?

Question 23 23.

Assault and battery contain which elements:

1. Physical touch that was harmful and offensive

2. The touch was intentional

3. The act was committed with force (a deadly weapon) that would cause serious bodily injury

4. Defendant had the ability to apply deadly force enough to cause serious injury

Question 24 24. Tammy is an accountant. Her main competition works around the corner from her office. She wants to take some of the clients from the other accountant during tax season, so she decides to place detour signs that route all traffic to Tammy's office. Her competition does not get any tax customers for several days. Which tortuous behavior has occurred?

Question 25 25. Pierre is a wine snob. He purchased fine wine from all over the world. One day, the police came knocking on his door and ordered him to turn over a particular bottle. It had been stolen years before in a heist. They also took Pierre to the police station for questioning. What tort action occurred here?

Page 6

Question 26 26. Placing a spider in the desk drawer of an arachnophobic may seem like a funny prank. But if it causes the victim severe panic, you just may be liable for _.

Question 27 27. Let's say I'm at Ned's house, trespassing. I'm in the backyard, and I accidentally fall into a large hole. I'm injured and would like to sue Ned. What standard of care did Ned owe me, and did he fail to fulfill that duty?

Question 28 28. Brenda was using a curling iron on Amanda's hair. As Brenda swiveled the chair around to get to Amanda's bangs, she accidentally burned Amanda's neck. Amanda was so upset with the burn mark she decided to sue Brenda for assault and battery. What will most likely happen in this case?

Question 29 29. In law, what are damages?

Question 30 30. Harvey decided to try skydiving. When he finally mustered up his nerve to jump out of the plane, he did not know how to pull the parachute cords. He saw a highway below him as he fell to earth. To avoid it, he flapped his arms until he reached a residential area. He descended upon Mrs. Blum's prune tree. She wants him to pay damages and be punished for his crime. What will likely happen?

Torts in Business Law Chapter Exam Instructions

Choose your answers to the questions and click 'Next' to see the next set of questions. You can skip questions if you would like and come back to them later with the yellow "Go To First Skipped Question" button. When you have completed the practice exam, a green submit button will appear. Click it to see your results. Good luck!