Understanding Contract Law Chapter Exam

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Question 1 1. What is consideration?

Question 2 2. What determines quantum meruit?

Question 3 3. Sam was reading the classified ads and noticed a horse for sale. He called the owner and asked about the horse. Happy about the response, Sam said, 'I will give you $50 for the horse.' Who is Sam in this negotiation?

Question 4 4. Mary decides that she wants to purchase a zippy new scooter so she visits Joe's Used Scooter Shop. After a lengthy discussion with his customer, Joe draws up an executory contract which Mary happily signs and becomes the proud new owner of a scooter. Which of the following situations BEST describes why an executory contract was used for the sale of the scooter?

Question 5 5. Which is necessary to form a contract?

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Question 6 6. Mabel asked Sally for a ride to the mall. Sally was happy to take her. When they returned home, Mabel said she would take Sally to lunch the following day to thank her for the ride. Sally showed up at noon with her appetite, but Mabel refused to take her to lunch. What will likely happen?

Question 7 7. Dennis told his coworkers that if he wins at the casino, he will, in his own words, 'help them out financially'. What can this be considered as?

Question 8 8. Paul offered to sell his home to Desmond for the sum of $250,000. However, by the time the paperwork was completed, Desmond had passed away prior to the transaction. Can this contract be terminated?

Question 9 9. Benny wants to sell his old fish tank. Now that he acquired a cat, it seemed less than responsible to leave his fish alone with the feline. Doogie liked the tank and made an offer of $100 by email. Benny accepted the offer and sent a formal contract to Doogie via fax machine. Doogie crossed out the $100 price and changed it to $20 and sent the fax back to Benny. Do they have a contract?

Question 10 10. Samantha and Terry contracted for the sale of a unicycle. Samantha paid Terry $10, and Terry handed over the unicycle to her. What type of termination of contract occurred?

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Question 11 11. Margaret promised her church a new building to house a library and said she would pay for it. The pastor bought shelving, books and hired a librarian. Unfortunately, Margaret rescinded her promise. What is the most appropriate next step that the pastor should take?

Question 12 12. For a bilateral contract to be valid, there must be consideration. What is consideration?

Question 13 13. When roommates enter into a lease, which type of lease agreement would they prefer?

Question 14 14. When two parties discuss key understandings about the purchase of real estate that is non-binding, what is this called?

Question 15 15. The mailbox rule applies to which of the following?

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Question 16 16. Mabelle arrived at the clothing store with a very specific pink flowered dress in mind. When she asked for the dress in a size 18, the clerk broke the news that it was unavailable at the time. But the clerk offered to order it for delivery the next day. Mabelle agreed and made a plan with the clerk to return the next day. What type of contract did they enter into?

Question 17 17. Ethel, owner of Biddy's Bonnets, needed to purchase a few cases of straw hats for an upcoming event. She faxed a purchase order to Island Top Hats, a company with whom she often does business. They received the request and immediately shipped Ethel's order. Why does the Uniform Commercial Code deem this to be a legal transaction?

Question 18 18. Which of the following is NOT an element of an expressed contract?

Question 19 19. In Labriola v. Pollard, which legal issue finally settled the case?

Question 20 20. What is restitution in a quasi-contractual judgment called?

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Question 21 21. If the court decides that mutual assent exists, what right does the plaintiff have?

Question 22 22. Penelope wants her curly locks to be straightened for her big date with Julio. She makes an appointment with New Look Hair Salon. After washing, drying, and ironing, Penelope's hair looks as straight as a pin! Thrilled with her new hairdo, she promptly pulls out her credit card and paid her bill. What type of contract did Penelope have with New Look Hair Salon?

Question 23 23. What is a promisor?

Question 24 24. Rachel decides to sell the dress that her daughter wore to last year's prom to her friend Joan for $300 so her daughter can wear it to the upcoming winter formal. Joan accepts Rachel's offer, and they pick a place to meet to make the exchange. This is an example of which of the following?

Question 25 25. When Justin collapsed after a workout, he was lucky that a doctor was on hand to help him. The doctor provided immediate medical care and sent Justin the bill afterwards. Justin refused to pay because he did not ask for medical care from the doctor. Justin is obligated to pay because:

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Question 26 26. John saw an ad for a new car in Sunday's paper. He noticed the model that he was most interested in started at $15,000. Does John have a valid offer?

Question 27 27. Sally sells seashells by the seashore. A large souvenir company asked Sally to ship them several conch shells with their logo hand-painted on each one. She gave them a price of $10 a shell. The next day, she delivered the painted shells. The company refused the shipment claiming they were able to locate a cheaper version overseas. What can Sally do?

Question 28 28. Hector was supposed to watch Derek's dog for the weekend for a fee of $50. The plans were made, and the contract outlining Hector's responsibilities was signed. On the way over to Derek's house, Hector received a phone call from Derek informing him that his dog fell ill and would need to be hospitalized over the weekend. What type of termination occurred?

Question 29 29. Which is NOT an element the court will recognize as a cause for promissory estoppel?

Question 30 30.

Harry is known for drinking way too much and way too often. In fact, he might even be an alcoholic. After several beers, he decided to post an online ad to sell his car for $100.00 to the first buyer who shows up at the bar. He meant to say $10,000 but he was a bit tipsy when he typed the ad.

Billy Bob showed up with a hundred dollar bill and demanded the car. Harry refused to sell it. Did an enforceable unilateral contract exist?

Understanding Contract Law Chapter Exam Instructions

Choose your answers to the questions and click 'Next' to see the next set of questions. You can skip questions if you would like and come back to them later with the yellow "Go To First Skipped Question" button. When you have completed the practice exam, a green submit button will appear. Click it to see your results. Good luck!

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