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Antigone Character List & Flashcards
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Get ready to go back in time into Ancient Greece. The creator of this play, Sophocles, was one of the greatest thinkers of his time. When he wrote 'Antigone', he created characters that embodied certain strengths and weaknesses common to all people, like pride, devotion, and compassion. This flashcard set will help you learn about the crucial characters in this play and the roles they played. As you learn about these characters, you will also see how they represent certain archetypes, i.e. common characters that represent specific emotions or traits.

The daughter and step-sister of Oedipus (yes, you read that right). She defies the king Creon's edict to let her brother's body rot and buries it.
The king and ruler of Thebes. When Antigone's brothers die in war, Creon orders one body honored and the other defiled because one was loyal and the other a traitor.
Antigone's sister. She refuses to help Antigone bury her brother, but tries to take the blame later when Antigone is caught.
The son of Creon and Antigone's fiancé. He defends Antigone when she is caught, and gets so angry he tries to kill his father but ends up killing himself.
Affectionate maternal figure for Antigone and Ismene who takes care of them in every-day tasks.
Chorus of Theban Elders
The council of elders in Thebes who advise the king Creon in many matters throughout the play.
Sentry / Watchman
The one to tell Creon that Polyneices was buried against his orders. He is sent and captures Antigone who is responsible for the burial.
King Creon's wife and the mother of Haemon. She commits suicide after learning about Haemon's death, cursing Creon with her last breath.
A blind prophet who visits Creon to warn him that his actions against Polyneice and Antigone go against the wishes of the Gods.
The brother of Antigone and son of Oedipus who fights against his brother Eteocles and dies in the process. Creon pronounces that his body should be left to rot.
The brother of Antigone and son of Oedipus who fights against his brother Polyneices and dies in the process. Creon calls him a defender of Thebes and buries him with honor.
The writer of the play 'Antigone.' One of only a few Greek writers of Greek Tragedies whose plays survived until today. Also wrote the play 'Oedipus.'

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