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Did you know that there are 10,000 species of birds! While birds may appear to be simple creatures, in fact, there is a lot to know about them. This set of flashcards will help you identify their similarities and differences, understand terms like tomia, and be prepared for any test on birds.

This happens when large birds are chased away by smaller birds, often to protect the smaller birds nest
Traits of a bird
Birds have 5 unique characteristics. They lay eggs and have beaks, feathers, wings, and a special skeleton.
Identify this bird:
Geese have soft feathers, which help keep them warm. Some pillows, blankets, and coats are even stuffed with their feathers.
All bird species fall into this classification of vertebrates.
Sharp ridges found along the edges of bird teeth that function as teeth
The clear part of a bird's egg, also known as egg white
Some birds, like bald eagles, mate with the same bird for their entire lives.
This process can take a few days or a few months. It makes sure that birds' eggs are the correct temperature so chicks can develop properly.
These birds only eat insects.
This is the waste that birds excrete and people use for fertilizer. During the War of the Pacific, opposing forces fought for control of these deposits.
The term for animals or birds that are most active during the night
Beak or bill
The 'mouth' of the bird: it has a coating of keratin and is made of bone. A bird's diet may be determined by the shape of this.
Identify the following type of beak:
Hooked beak: birds like eagles, owls, and hawks have sharp beaks shaped like a hook that are used to tear and rip apart meat.
Identify the following type of beak:
Cone-shaped: this type of beak is found on the strong beaks of seed-eating birds, like cardinals.
When birds, such as chicks, are born they are immobile, blind, and helpless.
Social monogamy
Some birds, like robins, have a mate for only one season of breeding. Or birds may have their mates for only a few seasons.
Some birds, like hummingbirds, hover and help the environment by spreading pollen.
Composition of bird eggs
Calcium: The shell of bird eggs are hard because of this mineral that builds bone.
Adapted skeleton
Birds can fly because their skeletons are structured with hollow bones that makes them lightweight.
Beneficial biological control agents
Birds that eat insects are often called pests, like beetles and grasshoppers.
Domesticated birds
These birds are important to the economy. Humans eat the eggs and meat from birds like turkey and chicken.
These come in different forms, such as mounds, cups, plates, and domes, and are built by birds to protect their eggs.
Found on all birds but are shaped differently. For example, falcons have pointed and narrow wings that help them fly fast.
This is the main way birds travel, although 60 species do not do this. Flying causes birds to have high body temperatures and respiratory rates and requires a lot of energy.
Identify this bird:
Albatross: They create nests called scrapes.
Identify this bird:
The ostrich is a flightless bird that is 9 feet tall and has 'heavy bones' to help it run fast.
Identify the following feathers:
The colorful male peacock feathers attract female peacocks.
Identify this bird:
Penguin: these are flightless birds with marrow containing bones to keep them warm and wings like flippers to help them swim fast.
Identify this bird:
Songbird with oval-shaped wings.
Identify this bird:
Duck: it has a flat beak or bill to grab food out of the water.
Identify this bird:
When male birds, like chickens, mate with many female birds
Full development in a bird
Identify this bird:
Birds that eat fruit
Identify this bird:
Identify this bird:
Parrot: these birds can repeat human speech and are sometimes kept as pets.
Identify this bird:
Identify this bird:
Identify this bird:
Identify this bird:
Bald eagle
Identify this bird:
Identify this bird:
Identify this bird:
Grosbeak, which eat pest insects
Identify this bird:
Identify this bird:
Identify this bird:
Identify this bird:
Identify this bird:

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