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The world is full of incredibly diverse birds. They differ greatly in their physical and behavioral characteristics. One way to identify their broad characteristics is to understand what order and species they belong to. This flashcard set will solidify your knowledge of the characteristics connected to each order and provide several examples of birds in each order.

A biologist who classifies living things into categories.
Linnaeus's system of classification
This system has seven levels of classification. They are (from most broad to most specific): Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.
Number of bird orders
There are 23 orders of birds.
An order of birds that is commonly found around bodies of water; this order contains 140 species of waterfowl, like ducks, geese, and swans.
Birds in this order are meat eaters. Most are talented hunters, but Falconiformes also includes vultures, who are scavengers.
Examples of birds within the Falconiformes order
Eagles, vultures, hawks, and osprey
This order contains owls, which are known for their 270 degree head rotation and stealthy flight.
This order is comprised of nearly half of all species of birds. They are commonly referred to as song birds and perching birds.
Formula for naming a bird species
Genus name (capitalized) + species name (lowercase)
Describe Sterna paradisaea
The Arctic tern, or Sterna paradisaea, eats fish and bugs. It is believed that these birds travel over 25,000 miles from Antarctica to the Arctic annually during their migration.
Describe Uria lomvia
Commonly known as the thick-billed murre, this species is a sea bird that dives to hunt for fish.
Describe Mellisuga helenae
Mellisuga helenae is also known as a bee hummingbird. This tiny species weighs less than a penny.
Identify the order of the pygmy owl.
This is a pygmy owl, falling into the Strigiformes order.
Identify the order of the peregrine falcon.
The peregrine falcon or Falco peregrinus belongs to the Falconiformes order. This species is the fastest known bird, flying over 200 miles per hour when it dives to hunt.
Identify the order of the blue jay.
The blue jay or Cyanocitta cristata belongs to the Passeriformes order. They live in North America and are known for their unique noises.
Identify the species name of this bird.
This is an ostrich, or Struthio camelus. They eat both meat and plants, making them omnivores.
Identify the order of the ducks.
This is a pair of green-winged teal ducks, or Anas carolinensis. They belong to the Anseriformes order. The male contains more color than the female.
The group between class and family when classifying living things
The most specific classification of a living thing
Identify the order of the bald eagle.
The bald eagle or Haliaeetus leucocephalus belongs to the Falconiformes order. They are avid hunters and have a diet consisting of many varieties of fish.
Identify the order of the snowy owl.
This snowy owl or Bubo scandiacus belongs to the Strigiformes order. The snowy owl uses its pointed talons to hunt prey.
Identify the order of the house sparrow.
The house sparrow or Passer domesticus belongs to the Passeriformes order. They are found all over the world and are extremely adaptable.
Identify the order of the turkey vulture.
The turkey vulture or Cathartes aura, belongs to the Falconiformes order. They are the most common vulture.

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