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This flashcard set reviews key terms and skills used in the customer service industry. Learn about different types of customer service along with the soft and hard skills required to succeed in the industry.

Customer Service
Ways in which you can satisfy the wants and needs of a customer.

The act of completing an act or service without delay or on schedule.

Example: Delivering an online order within the time frame agreed upon.

The act of being courteous and showing good manners to others in the way you speak, act, or otherwise converse with an another person.
Call Center
The specific department in a company that only focuses on receiving calls from customers (questions, concerns, complaints, etc.) about the service or product.
Technical Customer Service

The specific people in a company who repair products or fix issues for you.

Example: Geek Squad

Customer Service Station
An area in a store or business staffed with employees who can help customers solve problems, answer questions, or assist with their shopping needs.
Soft Skills
The interpersonal skills that give you the ability to interact with customers in a situation. These skills aren't usually tangible and can be difficult to measure.
Examples of Soft Skills
Communication; Active Listening; Positive Attitude; Empathy; Accountability; Sense of Humor; Problem Solving
Hard Skills
Specific abilities or qualifications that can be taught and measured.
Examples of Hard Skills

Knowledge of customer service industry

Typing and technical skills

Software system skills

Time management skills

Multitasking skills

A close relationship built on trust and understanding each other's ideas and/or feelings.
Active Listening
A way to listen and respond to another person by giving your full attention and hearing what they have to say before formulating a response.
The ability to put yourself in another person's position and understand how they are feeling.
Problem Solving
The ability to find a solution for a customer to increase their overall satisfaction.
Communication Skills

The ability to express your thoughts in a clear, effective manner.

Example: speaking clearly, efficiently, and politely.

Customer Satisfaction
The customer is happy with the product or service they received. This is important because it provides the business the ability to use the data to improve in the future.
Reflective Listening
The act of listening to someone to understand their idea and then confirming what you heard by restating back to them.
The act of showing you want to help the customer in meeting their needs.

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