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This flashcard set was designed to test students on information related to genetics. Various subjects that will be covered include dihybrid cross, recessive traits, homozygous alleles and phenotypes.

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DNA sequence of genetic material found on a cell
Observable physical properties found in an organism
Heterozygous genotype
There are two different alleles present
Homozygous genotype
Where the locus has the same two alleles
Mendel's Law of Segregation
Alleles of a locus segregate into different gametes where inheritance takes place for dominant and recessive traits
Homozygous alleles
Two alleles that have the same information for a trait
Two separate versions of the same exact gene
Specific location on a chromosome used as a reference for where a gene is found
Recessive trait
A trait that is not expressed when the alleles / genotype are heterozygous
Dominant trait
Trait that emerges when there's a heterozygous genotype, and is only seen when two copies of the gene are there
Percentage chance offspring will have the same trait that both parents possess
Dihybrid cross
Cross between parents who are heterozygous on different areas of a trait
A cell that has two complete sets of chromosomes
Mendel's Law of Independent Assortment
Occurs when alleles found in one gene sort the gametes separately from the alleles of another gene

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