The Psychology of Employee Engagement Flashcards

The Psychology of Employee Engagement Flashcards
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This set of flashcards was carefully constructed to help you review information relating to employee buy-in. You'll find cards that address the definition of employee engagement and its positive effects on both employees and organizations. You can focus on the importance of autonomy and organizational commitment to the success of the employee engagement process.

Employee engagement surveys are also covered by the flashcards in this set, along with their online usage. Additionally, you can use these cards to go over job attitude classifications, including:

  • Job-doer
  • Job-lover
  • Job-hater
Employee Buy-In

The willingness of workers to accept their company's goals and mission. This is characterized by commitment to the company's mission.

Building Employee Buy-In

Companies can accomplish this by showing employees that their work matters to the company's overall mission. They should match jobs to personal goals and praise workers.

Employee Engagement Survey

This tool can provide you with insight into your workers. It is also your best choice for gauging the engagement of workers.

Electronic Employee Engagement Survey

This specific type of engagement survey provides companies with the most efficient method of finding out how engaged workers are.

Positive Employee Engagement

We see this when workers care a lot about their jobs. This can raise profits, increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs associated with employee turnover.

Employee Engagement: Affected Areas

Encouraging this facilitates better interpersonal interactions and raises employee interest in the company. It also helps workers develop into leaders.

Job Attitude Classification: Job-Doer

These workers don't have strong feelings one way or another about their work. They complete their work without a high level of engagement.

Job Attitude Classification: Job-Lover

Workers who really enjoy their jobs. These individuals fit in well and aren't bothered by any issues.

Job Attitude Classification: Job-Hater

The kind of worker who isn't happy about his or her work. There are a wide range of reasons for people to develop this emotion.

Organizational Commitment

Businesses demonstrate this when they show they care about the well-being of their employees. This may involve offering vacation plans or other benefits.

Employee Engagement: Autonomy

This factor relates to how much control a worker has over his or her job. Increasing this will actually raise levels of engagement for the employee.

Employee Engagement: Results for Employees

Workers who experience this are likely to have higher levels of vitality and energy due to the emotional connection they have developed.

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