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The novel Wuthering Heights, by Emily Brontë, is filled with dark, brooding, emotional, angry, and interesting characters. The relationships between the members of the Earnshaw and Linton families are tumultuous and exciting. Heathcliff and Catherine have a love story at once forbidden and undying. However, the supporting cast of characters in this book is not to be missed, so flip through this deck and discover everyone you meet on the moors at Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange.

This character vacations for a few months at Thrushcross Grange, when it is owned by Healthcliff. He begins as the narrator of the story, but that role is then taken up by Nelly Dean, the maid.
Mr. Lockwood
The name of the family who reside at Thrushcross Grange and raise their children Edgar and Isabella in this home.
The Lintons
The principal family in the novel Wuthering Heights who live on the estate for which the novel is named.
The Earnshaws
Adopted by Mr. Earnshaw as a young boy, he resides in the Earnshaw home but is never truly considered a member of the family.
The Earnshaw's daughter, who falls in love with her adopted brother and is the heroine of the novel Wuthering Heights.
Catherine Earnshaw
The Earnshaw's son, who has feelings of hatred for his adopted brother as well as for most other characters in the novel Wuthering Heights.
Hindley Earnshaw
The Linton's son who married Catherine and is the father of Cathy and the brother of Isabella.
Edgar Linton
The character who is in love with one man, but must marry another because of social rules in the Victorian period and pressure from her abusive brother.
Catherine Earnshaw
Although he is in love with Catherine, Heathcliff marries this woman and treats her horribly. Together they have a son, Linton.
Isabella Linton
The Linton family daughter, sister to Edgar, and sister-in-law to Catherine.
Isabella Linton
Heathcliff and Isabella's son, who is often in poor health and treated badly by his father after his mother's death.
Linton Heathcliff
Edgar and Catherine's high-spirited daughter and cousin and eventual wife of Linton.
Cathy Linton
This character is intelligent, sulking, brooding, and self-absorbed, traits attributed to the works of Lord Byron, a poet during the Romantic period work.
Of the two main families in the novel Wuthering Heights, the Earnshaws and the Lintons, this family was the most civilized and refined by society standards.
The Lintons
The marriage of Catherine and Edgar is so upsetting to this character that vengeance seems the only answer.
During a snowstorm on the moors, this character must spend the night at Wuthering Heights. During the night, he sees a vision or the ghost of Catherine. Terrified, he leaves as soon as possible.
Mr. Lockwood
The maid who shares the stories of the Linton and Earnshaw families with Thrushcross Grange's tenant, Mr. Lockwood.
Nelly Dean
This narrator of Wuthering Heights is known as an unreliable narrator because she lets her opinions and the opinions of other people in the story impact the true facts of the tale she tells.
Nelly Dean
The elderly servant at the Wuthering Heights manor who uses religion to shame, punish, and ridicule the other characters in the story.
This character spends a good part of his life being abusive to Heathcliff. In the end, however, alcohol and gambling overtake him and allow Heathcliff many opportunities for revenge.
Hindley Earnshaw
Hindley's son, who must live with Heathcliff and take his abuse after his alcoholic father dies. He is the nephew of Catherine and cousin of Cathy.
Hareton Earnshaw
Nelly Dean cares deeply for these two characters, who eventually marry at the end of Wuthering Heights. Both of their mothers died in childbirth and Nelly is given the task of raising them.
Hareton Earnshaw and Cathy Linton
Besides Mr. Lockwood and Nelly Dean, this character serves briefly as narrator. She shares bits of gossip with Nelly that she hears during her visits in town and while working at Wuthering Heights.

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