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Deciding on a career path is a daunting task. Aptitude tests can help you determine how to proceed on that path. Whether you're a high school student, college student or professional, our stable of courses can help you prepare for various aptitude tests.

How It Works

  • Choose a course: We offer courses that can prepare you to sit for a variety of exams. These include SAT, AP, Accuplacer, GRE, MCAT and Praxis exams.
  • Watch videos: The videos that go along with each lesson bring the material to life in a fun and engaging manner.
  • Test yourself: The quizzes that follow each lesson allow you to monitor your progress and bolster your confidence before you sit for the actual exam.
  • Get help: Our expert instructors are ready to answer your every question.

Who Are Our Courses For?

  • High school students preparing to sit for an AP exam
  • High school students preparing to enter college
  • College students preparing to enter graduate school or medical school
  • College graduates preparing to sit for Praxis exams, in order to qualify as a teacher

Why Our Courses Work

  • There's no rush: Take your time to make certain you understand each lesson before you proceed. You get to set the pace that's most comfortable for you.
  • Repetition is the mother of learning: If you think you need some material reinforced, you're free to repeat lessons until you're satisfied.
  • You leave tracks: You have a personal dashboard that allows you to keep track of what you've covered and how far you have to go.

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