MOS - Microsoft Office Specialist Courses

Earn this widely recognized industry certification with a little help from our Microsoft Office tutorials. Each course includes illustrated video lessons, matching transcripts and self-checking quizzes designed to help you go into your certification exam fully prepared.

How It Works

  • Choose a course: We offer self-paced tutorials that can teach you how to use Microsoft Office applications like PowerPoint and Excel.
  • Watch informative video lessons: Entertaining videos include step-by-step instructions for performing basic and advanced functions with the software application you're studying.
  • Check your understanding of the material: Use lesson quizzes, chapter quizzes and a practice final exam to determine when you're ready for your certification exam.
  • Get help from our expert instructors: Our experienced instructors are available to answer all of your Microsoft Office questions.

Who Our Courses Are For

  • Individuals looking for a resource they can use to review Microsoft Office applications at a glance
  • Adult learners who would prefer a self-paced course of study
  • Professionals trying to enhance their resumes

Why Our Courses Work

  • Visual learning: Lessons include plenty of visual illustrations to help you get a firm grasp of the menus, icons and commands you'll need to be familiar with on your certification exam.
  • Expert instruction: Our instructors use a teaching style that makes the material approachable for novices as well as students who are already familiar with the applications being discussed.
  • Progress tracking: Finish coursework in time for your testing appointment with a tracking feature that shows you how many lessons and quizzes you have left to complete.

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