MTLE - Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations Courses

Find study guides that can help you prepare for one or more of the Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations. Our easy-to-follow videos get to the point quickly and in an enjoyable manner and can help you embark on your teaching career straight away.

How It Works

  • Choose one or more exams:You can select a study guide that can help you with required qualifying exams in basic skills, pedagogy levels or content areas.
  • Use the videos: Sometimes information is easier to absorb if it is presented to you on film rather than by way of the written word. Our video lessons make learning fun and engaging!
  • Track yourself as you go:The practice quizzes with each lesson are specifically designed so that you can monitor your progress and understanding of the subject matter.
  • You're not alone:Should you have any questions about any phase of the lessons, our qualified instructors are here to provide the right answers.

Who Our Courses Are For

  • Recent college graduates who want to be licensed to teach in the Minnesota public school system
  • Established public school teachers who want to add certification in an additional content area
  • Established teachers who wish to add a pedagogy level
  • Private school teachers who want to teach at a public school

Why Our Courses Work

  • Learn while you earn: The way the courses are delivered allows you to study at your convenience while you keep your regular job.
  • Broaden your horizons:You prepare to expand your resume by qualifying in additional subject areas or education levels.
  • Total access: Your single subscription allows you access to all subjects.
  • Set your pace and place:Because our courses are accessible by way of home and mobile devices, you can take us with you to participate wherever and whenever you like.

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