Wisconsin Teacher Certification Examinations Courses

Like all states, Wisconsin requires its public school teachers to be certified or licensed. In order to do that, candidates have to successfully sit for certain qualifying exams. Our array of study guides can help you clear the final hurdle on the path toward your teaching career.

How It Works

  • Select one or more exams:Depending on your needs, you can select from our vast array of study guides that range from the basic skills of the Praxis I exams through the pedagogy and subject matter of the Praxis II exams.
  • Use your eyes and ears:Our enjoyable videos are designed to disseminate information in a manner that's efficient and engaging.
  • Act as your own tutor:By way of the practice quizzes that accompany the lessons, you can monitor your progress and pinpoint areas that might need some work.
  • You are not alone:Should you encounter any sticking points, our qualified instructors are at your service to answer any and all questions.

Who Our Courses Are For

  • Recent college graduates who want to become public school teachers in Wisconsin
  • Individuals looking for a career change
  • Teachers who want to add a new subject certification to their resumes
  • Teachers from another state that might not practice reciprocity with Wisconsin
  • Private school teachers wishing to qualify for a similar position in the public school system

Why Our Courses Work

  • Your time is your own:It's entirely up to you if you view just one video a week or ten a day.
  • Learning never stops:You can enhance your portfolio by sitting for additional certification examinations for which our study guides can help you prepare.
  • Easy to monitor your progress:The practice quizzes can help you gauge your understanding of the material, letting you know where remedial work might be called for.

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