SAT Exam Courses

We have numerous courses and online learning resources, including video lessons and practice tests, that can prepare you for the SAT exam. Choose from general SAT prep or subject-specific courses for SAT preparation in such areas as physics, chemistry, literature or biology.

How It Works

  • Choose an SAT prep course: Select practice and study guide courses based on your learning needs. Prepare for one part of the SAT exam or individual SAT subject tests.
  • Watch engaging video lessons: Our videos offer helpful and fun graphics designed for you to quickly and efficiently grasp SAT topics. What's more, each video averages 10 minutes or less, so you're never overwhelmed with content.
  • Test yourself with practice quizzes and exams: You can take practice assessments to see how well you're understanding the content, and you can take these as often as you'd like until you're sure you're ready to sit for the SAT exam.
  • Get help from experienced instructors: Our expert instructors are on-hand and ready to answer any questions you might have.

Who Our Courses Are For

  • Students preparing for the SAT exam
  • Students who want an alternative to traditional SAT tutoring
  • Students who want SAT prep that's self-paced
  • Students who prefer learning in an engaging online atmosphere rather than through dry textbooks or SAT exam prep books

Why Our Courses Work

  • Convenient access: You can easily access our online learning resources through any mobile device, including your laptop, tablet or cell phone.
  • Practical instruction: Our team of highly skilled instructors use real-world examples to help you grasp key topics.
  • Progress tracking: Once you sign up, you'll be given a personal dashboard so that you can monitor your learning. When you log in, you'll be able to see which courses and lessons you've completed so that you can quickly pick up where you last left off.
  • Take one course or many: Your affordable monthly subscription allows you to take any of the courses we offer, which means you can study for one part of the exam or several, as often as you'd like. In addition, after you're done preparing for the SAT exam, you can also prep for the ACT or learn about topics that are often presented on standardized tests.

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