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About the GMAT

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a comprehensive business examination that's administered by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). By passing the GMAT, you'll prove that you have the business knowledge necessary for graduate business programs and jobs. Over 2,300 business schools around the world consider GMAT scores as part of the admission process for MBA programs, and employers may also look at a candidate's GMAT scores during the hiring process.

The GMAT consists of four sections, and you can choose the order in which you'll take them. The Analytical Writing Assessment takes 30 minutes, and it contains one analysis of argument topic. The Integrated Reasoning section also takes 30 minutes, and it will ask you 12 questions pertaining to multi-source reasoning, graphics interpretation and analysis. The Quantitative section has data sufficiency and problem solving questions, and you can expect to answer reading comprehension, critical reasoning and sentence correction questions on the Verbal section. The total duration of the GMAT has traditionally been 3 hours and 30 minutes; however, starting in mid-April 2018, the exam's Quantitative and Verbal sections will be streamlined, thus reducing the total exam time by a half hour.

The exam is available throughout the year; however, admission deadlines vary by school. Be sure to check with the institutions to which you want to apply in order to ensure you meet any GMAT testing deadlines. You'll be able to find a nearby GMAT testing center and register for the exam through the official GMAC website. After taking the test, you'll receive a detailed score report for each section, as well as an overall GMAT score. You can then send your GMAT scores to your desired business schools. If you wish to retake the GMAT, you can do so up to five times per year and once every 16 days. Note that you can only take the GMAT a maximum of 8 times total.

To start getting ready for the GMAT, take a look at our GMAT test preparation courses:

About GMAT Courses

We've created a variety of resources that are aimed at making your GMAT studying experience flexible, simple and effective. Our GMAT test preparation courses are aligned specifically with the information that appears on the test, so you can be sure you're only studying the information you'll need to know. The courses are taught by expert business instructors who use a simplified, direct and engaging teaching style. This instructional approach helps you quickly take away important business terms and concepts as you watch short and informative video lessons.

Each video lesson comes with a transcript that you can follow along with or print out for offline study. To help you reinforce your understanding of the information, we've included lesson-specific quizzes and comprehensive chapter exams. Take these self-assessments as you work through each chapter to retain your knowledge and commit important terms to memory. You'll get immediate quiz results that show you what you got right and which questions you missed. If you get a question wrong, your quiz will navigate you back to the point in the lesson that discusses the topic you need to spend more time studying. By working through the courses in this manner, you'll be solidifying your understanding of the GMAT concepts that you'll likely encounter on your exam date.

Be sure to take advantage of our fully dimensional GMAT practice tests. Designed in the format of the actual test, these practice exams offer you a way to see how prepared you are. If you get stuck on any particular concept, try the Ask the Expert feature. This feature allows you to submit questions to our expert instructors whenever you need extra help. We also want to make sure you stay on track, which is why we've made the course materials available 24/7 and accessible on any device that has an Internet connection. The mobile app even allows you to prepare for the GMAT when you're on the go.

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