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Prepare for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) at your pace, from the comfort of your home. Through Study.com's vast library of online video lessons, as well as practice and study guides, you can get ready to perform at your best on the day of your MCAT exam.

How It Works

  • Choose an MCAT prep course: We offer nearly 500 instructional videos designed for MCAT prep. They help you get ready for exam questions covering physical and biological sciences, verbal reasoning and problem solving.
  • Watch fun instructional videos: Log on at your convenience and review such topics as cell structures and cycles, genetics and bodily systems. Our video lessons are short and offer practical examples so that you can easily grasp and retain the content.
  • Test your knowledge: Throughout your studies, take quizzes and complete practice exams to see how well you've grasped the material. Repeat the tests as many times as you'd like until you know you've nailed the content.
  • Get help from our expert instructors: Our experienced education professionals are just a click away to answer any questions you might have.

Who Our Courses Are For

  • College students who are interested in applying to medical school
  • Students who need a fast-paced prep course with easy-to-grasp instruction
  • Students who learn well with visual content reinforcement
  • Students who prefer digital learning versus traditional study guides

Why Our Courses Work

  • Bite-sized, engaging videos: Most MCAT video lessons are less than 10 minutes long and incorporate instructional graphics and visual learning aids designed to help it all sink in.
  • Review your progress throughout the course: Forget about dog-earing a page in a study book. Instead, log in to your personal dashboard and quickly see what videos you've watched and which quizzes you've already taken.
  • Experienced instructors using real-world scenarios: Our instructors are experts in their respective fields. They've developed practical lessons designed to help you easily grasp key concepts.
  • Access all MCAT topics: Review all courses as many times as you'd like. All content is available for one affordable monthly subscription.

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