10th Grade Assignment - Summer Reading & Goal Planning

Instructor: Colleen Rivera

Colleen Rivera holds a bachelor's degree in English and a master's degree in special education. She has 25 years of teaching experience.

This assignment will guide students in planning a summer reading list. At the same time, students will make a plan to foster the English skills that they will need in order to be prepared for 11th grade. A rubric is provided for assessment. Updated: 01/12/2021

Assignment Explanation & Topic Overview

Avoid the summer slide by practicing important English skills. This assignment will help students to plan and prepare for 11th grade English by continuing to practice and polish their reading, writing, and comprehension skills during the summer. 10th Grade English Chapters 2 - 21 may be helpful as a reference for this assignment.

Key Terms

  • Structure: How the elements of a story are organized
  • Character: Any person, animal, or figure represented in a literary work
  • Setting: The context in which a story takes place, which includes the time, place, and social environment
  • Theme: The underlying message or main idea in a literary work
  • Plot: The sequence of events that make up a story
  • Foreshadowing: The hints that a writer gives about what will happen later in the story
  • Flashback: A literary device that interrupts the timeline of the story to take the reader back in time to past events
  • Symbolism: A literary device where one object, person, or situation is used to represent something else
  • Inference: Using clues in the text to draw logical conclusions
  • Point of View: The author's perspective
  • Thesis Statement: A sentence that clearly gives the main idea
  • The Writing Process: The steps of prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing
  • Quoting Sources: Giving credit to the original source of information
  • Informative Writing: Writing that has the purpose of educating the reader

Instructions for Students

You will create a summer reading plan by choosing what you will read and how you will interact with the reading to deepen your understanding of it in order to prepare yourself for 11th grade.

Choosing What to Read

Choose one in each of these categories. Suggested authors are listed.

  • Novel: Ray Bradbury, Harper Lee, John Steinbeck, Amy Tan, Marcus Zusak, Franz Kafka, Julia Alvarez, Michael Shaara, Homer
  • Short story: Nikolai Gogol, O. Henry, Tillie Olsen, Shirley Jackson, Charlotte Perkins Gilman
  • Poem: William Shakespeare, John Donne, Percy Shelley, Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickinson, A. E. Houseman
  • Play: William Shakespeare, Henrik Ibsen, Tennessee Williams, Eugene Ionesco, Athol Fugard
  • Video/movie based on a novel, short story, or play: any of the above authors

This will give you a total of 5 items to cover over the summer. You should be able to find all of your items by searching the internet.

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