11th Grade Assignment - Narrative Essay

Instructor: Lindsey Seril
After selecting five possible topics for a narrative essay, students use brainstorming tools to plan out each possibility, including specifics about dialogue, description, and sensory details. Students write a full narrative essay on one of the topics using the literary technique of frame narrative to structure their story.

Assignment Instructions for Students

1) Create a list of five possible topics for a narrative essay. Remember, a narrative essay is essentially storytelling. Think about stories from your life that you like to tell other people. These would make great topics for your narrative essay!

2) For each of the five topics, brainstorm what you would include in your essay through a technique such as mapping, webbing, or freewriting. Include details around dialogue, pacing, description, and sensory language.

3) Following your brainstorming session, choose one topic to complete in full.

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