11th Grade Non-Fiction - Speeches: Homeschool Assignment

Instructor: Megan Sarkisian
Students identify the intended audience of and rhetorical devices used in a political speech, then compose a 500-600 word speech of their own that either concurs or disagrees with the original speaker's position using similar rhetorical strategies.

Assignment Instructions for Students

Find a political speech and identify/annotate the following:

  • The audience being addressed
  • As many rhetorical devices as you can find that the speaker used to improve the persuasiveness of their argument, such as hyperbole, anaphora, anecdote, metaphor, symbolism, imagery etc.

Then write your own 500-600 word speech in response, either arguing in support or against the original speaker's position. You should use at least some of the same features as in the speech you examined, but of course your language should be completely original.

Assignment Rubric for Parents

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