11th Grade Staging a Play: Homeschool Assignment

Instructor: Megan Sarkisian
In this assignment, students select a dramatic work with which they are familiar and find two adaptations (for the stage, television, or film) in which they will analyze the opening scene in terms of characters, setting, and other staging choices by the director. Students compose an essay discussing these choices: why the director has made them, how the contribute to different effects for their intended audiences, and which choices the student might have made differently to improve the effects.

Assignment Instructions for Students

Choose a dramatic work you have studied. Find two examples of different adaptations of that play (it could be an adaptation for the stage, television or film). Watch the opening scene (the first 5-10 minutes) and consider the director's choices in terms of characters, setting and other aspects of staging. Write 5-6 paragraphs explaining these choices - why do you think they have chosen to tell the story in this way, and how do they contribute to creating different effects for their respective audiences? What choices would you have made differently and how would they have improved the effect?

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